Chatterbox: Down to Earth

I have calculated that there are 11,881,376 possible CAPTCHAS. Therefore, there is a 1 in 11,881,376 chance that your CAPTCHA is saying the same thing as a previous CAPTCHA. If there have been more than 11,881,376 comments or posts, then at least one CAPTCHA will have said the same thing as another.
Note to captchas: your sayings are unique! 
submitted by Golden Lion Tamarin
(June 20, 2022 - 4:04 pm)

@Admins, thank you for the quick posting!


Also, could you please remove the "..." and make it something like: "CAPTCHA probabilities"? 


You're welcome, Golden Lion Tamarin. I cannot directly edit a post, only the comments. However, your note here will help explain what you meant to say! - Admin

submitted by Golden Lion Tamarin
(June 20, 2022 - 4:43 pm)

Cool! But, also, way back when in olden days (more like before either 2020 or 2019) the CAPTCHAs only had 4 letters, so it won't be exactly the same.)

Speaking of CAPTCHAs, Inkling says <<izeex>> I think she's attempting a (horrible, really) French accent. So like, "I see X"? X? Oh, you mean the character in Magnus Chase?

submitted by Rainbow, age 12, The night sky, she/they
(June 21, 2022 - 3:25 pm)