A pastel colored

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A pastel colored

A pastel colored building catches you eye, on your way to your house. You peer in through the windows..Tables upon tables filled with interestion looking people. Two of them had a wolf with them. One grey the other huge, and black. You jump at the sound of a chiming bell, the door opens and and out steps a girl dressed in a frilly pink apron and a cottagecore dress. Her bunny ears twitched when she saw you. She grabs your hand and pulls you inside.

"Welcome to the Sweet dreams cafe and Lofi Lounge. We enjoy your company, we have a menu chock full of delicious foods and sweets. Over here is our lounge area. We have specil head phones that play any song acording to your mood, there's also a setting for a recomended playlist. And it's based on what you eat from here!"

She tugs you over to a warm, sweet sented room filled to the brim with colrofull bean bags and soft chairs draped with themed blankets. Over to the left of you stands a wall covered by cubbies, wich were stuffed with every pillow and blanket you could think of. The bunny girl pulled you away again. "Here's you table, I'll bring you a menu soon".


This thread is for lounging and happy little conversation with other AEs and CBers. After a converstaion, I'll bring you a treat that matches up with your name, AE or topic!



submitted by Strawberry, age Reuby's AE, Sweetdreams Cafe
(June 24, 2022 - 4:58 pm)

~HIIIIIIIII Strawberry! Yay! You posted the thread! As you can see, me and Lyre just use the name Mira & Lyre on the CB. Well anyway I would like to go to the Lofi lounge! Sounds cool and fun!~

# *spits out cherry pit* Everything's  cool and fun to you, Mira.#

~That's not true! Sorry Strawberry-~

#I sense another of our fights...#


Also I drew Lyre the other day! It was super fun, she wears a gray dress, and has brown hair similar to Mira, but wears it in a tight braid with a burgundy ribbon. Nonsense the Neverword says <rchep>. Rich chip? See? I might as well call you Jibberish, Nonsense. Sorry just talking to my captcha. Who LITERALLY never says a word!

submitted by Mira & Lyre, age 10 & 11, Fighting, as usual
(June 28, 2022 - 11:58 am)

$Hi Mira! Bye Mira!$

submitted by Strawberry, Sweetdreams Cafe
(July 1, 2022 - 6:42 am)

~...Woah...What happened, Strawberry? You were just here, and then you ran back into the cafe?? We're going to be opening a Berry Produce Stand, you just wait! And...we're going to sell tiny berry keychains!~

#Don't get too excited, Mira.#

~Hey! It's supposed to be ~Only Mira Today!~~

#Aw, whatever.# 

submitted by ~Only Mira Today!~, age 10, #Hey!# -Lyre
(July 10, 2022 - 7:29 pm)