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AE Playdates!

AE Playdates!

Hey all! How would you like to make your AEs socialize and make friends? Well guess what! Now it's easier than ever. AE Playdates are so you can FRIENDship your AEs! Just fill out this form, and one week from now, I'll assign groups and tell your AEs where their going with their new friend! 




General age:



Where are you happiest?: 

Introvert or extrovert?:   


My AEs will be coming, and I'll post their forms when this goes up. I'm completely open to suggestions! If you guys have a good idea for an AE friendship, let me know! Please note, however, that this is not for shipping and is explicitly for developing friendships. Only sign up for this if you can commit to it, as it wouldn't be fair to others if you'd said you'd do it. Thanks for your understanding! 

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Ok, yeah. Can't resist this now, and neither can my AEs! They've been dying to socialize, especially because, well, according to Mira- ~All of Rora's AEs MUST have at least ONE friend. If not, MORE!~

Ok, Mira. Maybe want to work on what should be exciting and...not exciting? Not saying you weren't awesome, were a little big there.

~Sure! It's just that Lyre and Periculosa don't say anything like that. They're BORING!~

#HEY! I HEARD THAT!! *squirts cherry juice playfully at Mira*

~*dodges* Heyyy!~

{Alright. Quit being goofballs, you two.}

~I'm coming to a PLAYDATEEEEE!~

#Ok, Mira. Which means I have to come. *grunts softly*#

~Yup! Lyre is my BFF, when she isn't my enemy.~

#Ooh, SO not true. First of all, I'm your SISTER, so if you want to insult me, do it when I'm not around, okay? SECOND of all, I'm NOT your BFF. Obviously, we are Nor-mal sisters.#

Alright, enough intro of, well, life. You're all signing up for this playdate, right?


*plugs ears* Got it, I think the whole world knows now.

#Fine, if Mira goes, I AUTOMATICALLY have to go. Like, I don't even get my own choice!#

Got it, Lyre, I don't have time for complaining, and besides. That's on the AE Support Group. If you want to complain, go complain there.


Periculosa? You coming? 

{Oh, no. Please don't make me go.}


#Ha, Lisa, looks like you have to come.#

{It's PericuLOSA.}

#Well, your nickname is Lisa now. Rora doesn't want to type out your whole name.#

{Ok, fine. Then I have to come, because Mira here, is never gonna let me NOT go.}

Great, we're all set.


Name: ~Mira! (of course)~

CBer: ~Nut Le Squirrel, or, if you prefer nicknames, Rora.~ 

Pronouns: ~she/her~

General Age: ~EEEEEEE...Let's go by...#AEsAreAgeless? EEEEEEE ok fine. I'm...10. Years. Old. WAIT! Hold it, I'm 10 1/2!~ #She really isn't...# ~STAY OFF MY FORM, LYRE!~

Appearance: ~I have long, hazel brown hair in two pigtails down my back with a pink bow in my hair, hazel-colored eyes, red dress, red gloves, and small leather boots.~

Personality: ~Hmm...happy, happy, and happy most of the time? And Funny!~ #Ooh, change that. Not most of the time. Mira is a total negative-# ~What did I SAY? STAY. OFF. My. FORM! Now where was do get into some fights with my older sister, Lyre. But that's it.~

Where are you happiest? ~With Strawberry, Reuby's AE, maybe? Or on the farm PICKING STRAWBERRIESSSSSSSS!!!~

Introvert or extrovert? ~Extrovert! Never introvert, except to Periculosa...but nevermind! I'm NEVER shy.~

Other: ~I. LOVE. STRAWBERRIES! They are my very favorite food and fruit! BUT I HATE GOOSEBERRIES!~


~Ok Lyre, your turn!~



Name: #*SIGH* Lyre.#

CBer: #Nut Le Squirrel or Rora.#

Pronouns: #she/her#

General Age: #I'm 11-years-old.#

Appearance: #I have reddish brown hair that's in a braid going a little bit farther down my shoulders with a hot-pink ribbon intertwined in it, black eyes, a light gray dress, and matching leather boots to Mira's. Kind of plain, if you ask me.#

Personality: #In Mira's opinion, boring, I guess plain, and not very exciting?# What she means is sarcastic.

Where are you happiest? #Probably reading books under my favorite cherry tree, I like to pick cherries with Mira, when she's agreeable. It's usually a bargain of if I want Mira to pick cherries with me, I have to pick strawberries with her first.#

Introvert or extrovert? #Eh, kind of in the middle. I'm not, like, shy or anything.#

Other: #I hate gooseberries as equally as Mira does, and cherries are my favorite. I really like writing in a diary.#


Name: {Periculosa, or...I guess Lisa is my nickname. I didn't want to take Periwinkle's nickname as Peri! Side note, Periculosa means dangerous in Latin.}

CBer: {Nut Le Squirrel or Rora.}

Pronouns: {she/her}

General Age: {Uh...I'm listed under #AEsAreAgeless, but...I guess I'm kind of tall, so I appear 12.}

Appearance: {I have brown hair, tan skin, and a phoenix hairclip resting on the right side of my head. I have a gold chain necklace with a phoenix charm in the middle, and my eyes are black. I wear a forest-green dress and carry a bow and arrow. And yes. Same leather boots as Mira and Lyre.}

Personality: {I'm kind of bold, but then I can also be shy, so I don't really know. Let's say a part of me can be like Sundew from Wings of Fire?}

Where are you happiest? {I'm usually happy shooting arrows. And I really like the forest, so I'm probably happiest in the forest.}

Introvert or extrovert? {I guess...both, but maybe more extrovert.}

Other: {I'm Mira and Lyre's cousin, and I'm the oldest AE, and newest. And also, I don't have any friends yet, so maybe this might help? Does anyone else here like archery? That's...kind of my thing.}

Alright, AEs. You done yet?

~Yup! I can't wait!~

#Yes, to tell the truth, I'm a bit...excited about it. I mean...I don't think I have any friends yet.#

~Seeeee? I told you you would at the end of all of it!~

#You did? Then how come I don't remember that?#


{I think we're done. Unless there's...anything else to fill out?}

Nope, you're good! Have fun. :)

So...Peri, is this kind of just a thread for our AEs to make friends? Like the Make a Friend post you did a while ago? I'm not interested in shipping, just wanted to let you know that. All my AEs just signed up, so I hope I can be active on here!


Thanks for making this! I can't wait! (and neither can my AEs)

-Nut Le Squirrel 

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(July 13, 2022 - 7:00 pm)

Yeah, I know, like I said, it's just for friendships, not shipping. So no worries!

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(July 13, 2022 - 7:37 pm)

Ooh yes! My AE's are new and don't have any friends yet so this is a great idea for them. 

Name: -Finley!-

CBer: -LunaWolf :D-

Pronouns: -She/Her-

General age: -10-

Appearance: -I have short blonde hair, light blue eyes, light skin and freckles. I usually wear pastel colored clothes especially light blues and pinks. I'm also very small for my age-

Personality: -I am fun-loving, bouncy, adventurous, optimistic, and hyper. I hate it when people underestimate me and I love being around my friends (My only good friend is Rowan though so I can't wait to make more!)-

Where are you happiest?: -Outside! I love the beach and being in trees but I'm also very happy when trapped in a room filled with puppies-

Introvert or extrovert?: -Definitely Extrovert-



Name: *Rowan*

CBer: *LunaWolf*

Pronouns: *He/They please*

General age: *Around 13-14*

Appearance: *I have dark skin and bright blue eyes. I have some freckles on my nose and I wear lots of sweaters and dark blue shirts* 

Personality: *I am quiet and shy and enjoy being alone. I'm a poet and enjoy writing and sketching in my journal. I would love a friend who accepts me for who I am and who I can sit in silence with without it being awkward*

Where are you happiest?: *In nature when the only sound is the birds and I can write in peace* 

Introvert or extrovert?: *Introvert* 


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(July 13, 2022 - 7:29 pm)

Name: Opal

CBer: Red Starlight

Pronouns: She/her

General age: 13-ish

Appearance: Long curly red hair, pale skin, ice blue eyes, short, feminine

Personality: Opal is shy, insecure, super smart, sweet, understanding, peaceful, and empathetic. She loves reading and writing

Where are you happiest?: Reading under a nice tree

Introvert or extrovert?: Introvert

Other: I don't think so


Name: :Ellerie:

CBer: :Red Starlight:

Pronouns: :She/her:

General age: :16:

Appearance: :Light brown skin, dark brown hair always in a braid, brown eyes, dimples:

Personality: Ellerie's outgoing, energetic, funny, pretty easy to be around, daring, and risk-taking

Where are you happiest?: :Outside. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, just anywhere outside.:

Introvert or extrovert?: :Extrovert!:

Other: :Nope:


Name: Ever

CBer: Starli

Pronouns: He/him

General age: uHhh 14

Appearance: CuRlY brown hair, tall, tan, green eyes

Personality: Ever is... weird. He is far from intelligent in any situation but still has moral values. He's also kinda lazy. Not afraid to put himself out there and is definitely a class clown

Where are you happiest?: With my friends, who for now are just Starli's AEs but I'm hoping to make more here

Introvert or extrovert?: *sings* EXTROVERTTT

Other: PINEAPPLE APPLE PEN *dances* 

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(July 13, 2022 - 7:52 pm)

These are my AE's forms, just so I can keep track of them. 

Name: /Chai\

CBer: /Peri\

Pronouns: /she/her but they/them works too\

General age: /13-ish\

Appearance: /long, curly auburn hair, freckles, big orange eyes, white t-shirt, shorts, and white shoes that have been colored with bright markers\

Personality: /REALLY REALLY happy like ALL THE TIME, very energetic, loyal, lover of candy\

Where are you happiest?: /with all my best friends, eating candy!\

Introvert or extrovert?: /extrovert!\

Other: /yay!\


Name: *Quinn*

CBer: *Peri*

Pronouns: *she/they*

General age: *14-ish*

Appearance: *it fluctuates in Peri's mind, but currently I've got long teal hair with a purple streak in it, a pale complexion, and dark eyes. Usually seen wearing a black spaghetti strap top, black jean shorts, and white Doc Martens.*

Personality: Quinn is laid-back, and friendly but also cool. She's confident, can be a tad sarcastic (but not in a really rude way, more to joke around), and is generally the side of me that comes out when I want someone to think I'm cool and impressive.

Where are you happiest?: *I dunno! I guess I'm still figuring that out.*

Introvert or extrovert?: *in-between?*



Name: *~Indy~*

CBer: *~Peri!~*

Pronouns: *~she/her~*

General age: *~11~*

Appearance: *~olive skin, brown eyes, caramel colored hair in a braid. I usually wear a blue sweater over a gray t-shirt, jean shorts, and navy blue sandals.~*

Personality: *~I'm admittedly a little shy, but I'm trying to get better about that. I love art and I try to be kind.~*

Where are you happiest?: *~Painting, or drawing, or doing any artsy stuff.~*

Introvert or extrovert?: *~Introvert.~*


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Name:$Strawberry! The one and only$

CBer:$Reuby Moonnight!$


General age:$Well, AEs are Ageless. But if you need it, 14$

Appearance:$Fluffy black hair, a green streak,tan skin, sometimes I find candy in my hair (I have nooo I dea how it GOT you?), I like to wear pink and candy themed clothes...almost forgot. I have bunny ears and tail!$

Personality:$Happy, fun loving, spastic and crazy$

Where are you happiest?: With people or in my cafe$

Introvert or extrovert?:$Extrovert, ovi$   

Other:$your all invited to my cafe after!$


Name:#Mhaya Moonnight#

CBer:#Reuby Moonnight#


General age:#Like Strawberry said, AEs are Ageless. But I look ten. I have an IQ of a 40 year old though#

Appearance:#Pale skin, black and white hair, gold eyes, wolf ears, sharp teeth and my hair goes down to my chin#

Personality:#I'm quite, I sometimes like to talk to people, but not to much or I'll just walk away (if I do this, it's nothing personal)#

Where are you happiest?:#In my room or treehouse reading a book on a summer eavning, sipping some cold, mint tea# 

Introvert or extrovert?:#Introvert#   





CBer:~Reuby Moonnight~


General age:~.....17~

Appearance:~My skin has a blue tint, gills along my neck and random scales on my bidy, dark blue, messy hair. Dark blue eyes and I wear a crown~

Personality:~Shy, I sometimes talk. But not really~

Where are you happiest?:Wher ever Hour is~ 

Introvert or extrovert?:~I-Introvert~   

Other:~I have a hard time talking to people other than may take some time for me to warm up to everyone~


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Name: Lauren

CBer: Pancake

Pronouns: she/her

General age: 14

Appearance: Picture attached

Personality: Has a lot if energy, generally nice, but can be a little rude at times, a little childish, somewhat loud, outgoing 

Where are you happiest?: Watching movies

Introvert or extrovert?: Extrovert

Other: N/A

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(July 15, 2022 - 6:06 pm)

I. Must. Join.

No, I have to, it's complete logic! Most AEs are smart, like me, while the few AEs that are your personality you wouldn't like.

Come on, Henry and Emmett, can't you be friends with each other?

Nope. I must join.

No, I will.

Can't you both join? Here, here are your forms. *Shoves forms in my AEs faces*.

Ow, that hurt, but Ok, here's my form:


Name: Henry

CBer: Golden Lion Tamarin

Pronouns: he/him

General age: Somewhere around 15?

Appearance: I have brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin 

Personality: Cool guy, like Emmett from the Lego movie. Actually, make that Rex from the Lego movie. 

Where are you happiest?: Hanging out with Golden Lion Tamarin, Emmett, and other AEs, duh.

Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert

Other: Please don't match me up with Emmett! Just match me up with Chai... or... Tempest... or just not Emmett!


Ok, Emmett, it's your turn!


Great. *rubbs hands together*. Here's my form.


Name: Emmett

CBer: Golden Lion Tamarin

Pronouns: he/him

General age: I'm 9, same age as Golden Lion Tamarin, but a total nerd.

Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin.

Personality: Totally nerdy. I will blow any AE up with heavy-duty factoid bombs (I mean, I will explode with fun facts). For example, did you know that there is a SpaceX drone called Just Read the Instructions? No, seriously. *breaks up in uncontrollable laughter*

Where are you happiest?: Hanging out with people (or AEs) who share my values, learning math, I'm at my happiest with nothing too social.

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

Other: Please don't match me up with Henry. Just match me up with an AE who is a nerd, please.


OMG now I'm so nervous. Please submit this post quickly Golden Lion Tamarin!!!!!!!!!!!


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(July 17, 2022 - 2:12 pm)

Am I going to have all five of my AEs do this?  Yeah, why not.  They all need friends.

Name: Dion (previously Jade)

Pronouns: Any

General age: 15

Appearance: Dark brown skin, curly chin length black hair with colorful streaks, amber eyes.

Personality: Creative, fun-loving, chaotic, energetic

Where are you happiest?: At a festival or concert with my favorite people!

Introvert or extrovert?: Extrovert

Name: Sakura

Pronouns: she/they

General age: 17

Appearance: Long pale pink hair, olive skin, blue eyes.

Personality: Shy, kind, empathetic, wise

Where are you happiest: Somewhere peaceful in nature

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

Name: Artemis (previously Kei)

Pronouns: he/him

General age: 16

Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, pale skin, violet eyes flecked with silver, black bird wings.

Personality: Reserved, clever, cold, arrogant

Where are you happiest: Stargazing alone

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

~Name: Pippin~

~Pronouns: fae/faer~

~General age: 15~

~Appearance: Long auburn hair, light skin, freckles, green eyes, deer antlers~

~Personality: Friendly, adventurous, free-spirited, brave/reckless~

~Where are you happiest: Anywhere I can be free in nature~

~Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert~

-Name: Inari (previously Ivory)-

-Pronouns: they/them-

-General age: 16-

-Appearance: Short white hair, light brown skin, dark red eyes, white fox ears and tail-

-Personality: Sophisticated, curious, charismatic, aloof-

-Where are you happiest: No particular place, I like to travel-

-Introvert or extrovert: Ambivert-

submitted by Sterling, the Feywild
(July 18, 2022 - 11:56 am)

Okie-dokie, here are the groups:

Artemis and Lyre

Rowan and Sakura 

Lauren, Finley, and Dion

Periculosa and Ellerie

Opal, Indy and Agua

Henry and Ever

Inari, Emmet, and Mhaya 

Chai and Pippin

Strawberry and Mira

Quinn didn't fit anywhere, so she's not coming. You can make separate threads for your AEs to chat. Any groups my AEs are in, would you please make the thread? Thank you :D

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(July 20, 2022 - 6:23 am)

~Oh my gosh!! STRAWBERRY AND I MAKE THE BEST TEAM EVERRR! Are you ready for this, Straw? (it ok if I call you that?)~

#*gasps when she reads the form, then pretends to faint* I'm. Matched. With. A. HE/HIM! Omygosh Peri, thanks, but...I've never been on a playdate or..........*resists*..shipped.#

~Aw, come on, Lyre! It's FINE! And plus...hee hee. You're in trouble for something...~

#-Wait, what?#

~You didn't read what Peri said! SHE SAID NO SHIPPING! HA HA!~

#Ugh. You've been catching me incorrect so many times this week.#

~Ooh, really? THIS WEEK? Rora hasn't even been on the CB this week!~

#*sigh* There you go again. It's all yours, Periculosa.#


{Oh no....*reads form again* Oh no, oh no, oh no! I AM MATCHED WITH A SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD who is already shipped with another AE! How am I supposed to do this? *pretends to fall on the couch, and then starts practicing* Ok. Hi Ellerie! I'm excited to do this play-Naw, that just doesn't sound like me...}

~I knew it! I just KNEW you were going to be matched with someone like that! Have fun! *playfully kicks her cousin in the shin*~

#*muffled laughing* Both of us knew this was going to happen, Lisa! *falls onto the couch, laughing*#

{What am I going to do? Am I gonna just go there like: Oh, hi Ellerie! I'm so excited to meet you, how old are you and when's you're birthday? I'm 12-years-old. THIS IS A DISGRACE...}

#What, about you being matched with her? Ellerie is fine. You could say something nice about-#

{Ok, Lyre, forget it! She's SIXTEEN. And I'm...I'm 12...}

~Good luck! *Posts conversation on a recorder.*~ 


~Oops! *click*~

{I just kNOW you did that on purpose! UGH! Ellerie is going to be offended!}


Um, Peri? Just wondering if we do our playdates on separate threads or stay on this thread? 'Cause I'm kinda confused.

P.S. Periculosa is screaming in the bathroom. 

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(July 22, 2022 - 5:04 pm)

As I said in my post, you can make separate threads.


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(July 22, 2022 - 5:44 pm)

Hiya! It looks like Lisa is kinda nervous to hang out with Ellerie... so they don't have to if you don't want them to.

:Yeah, I won't be offended, don't worry!:


Anyways, if you don't want to have them hang out, just let me know 

submitted by Starli@Rora
(July 23, 2022 - 1:43 pm)

Ooh, yeah, she definitely is. But I had a little talk with her, and now she sees that Ellerie is pretty nice. She says it's fine, as long as Ellerie can start the thread, because she doesn't exactly know how to start a conversation or thread without running away.


Oh, and Artemis, Lyre wanted to let you know that you can start the playdate thread whenever you're ready! :)


Bye, the AEs are calling me, as usual for picking strawberries!

-Nut Le Squirrel 

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(July 24, 2022 - 1:11 pm)

I don't see our chat thread, could you put up a link?

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(July 25, 2022 - 11:28 am)