Check-in thread

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Check-in thread

Check-in thread

This thread is for the sake of people's mental health. We all need a check-in when we're stressed or busy, to know where we're at. Trust me, my parents and grandparents are all therapists. So here's a check-in form:


How are you?:


What have you been up to?:

Is any of that stressing you out?:

Five things that happened today that you appreciate: 

Okay, there it is! I (as myself) will check in at one point after this thread goes up! 

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(July 13, 2022 - 6:11 pm)

okaay i probably need this

Name: i'd rather not say rn

How are you?: meh, leaning toward bad

Why?: i'm on a vacation at the lake with my younger cousins which would be fun but a couple things have happened. first, for some reason, i can't deal with loud noises for some reason and my cousins are the loudest people i know. they're pretty young and never stop making some kind of noise and they yell a lot and yesterday i think i had a panic attack because of it. then also today i was at the lake on an inflatable raft thing with my brothers that was connected to a pontoon boat that my dad was driving, and he drove really fast and flipped us over and i landed on my ear and my head still hurts even though it's been an hour. i told my mom but she said it's fine, but i don't feel fine.

What have you been up to?: yesterday we went kayaking and today we went tubing with the boat mentioned before. along with mentally, i'm not feeling great physically because i have a really bad sunburn basically everywhere and as i said before my head really hurts and my ears are still ringing.

Is any of that stressing you out?: very much yes

Five things that happened today that you appreciate: my older brothers were really nice and made sure i was okay when we fell off the raft even though it hurt them too, i almost got a bullseye playing darts, my brothers were really fun to hang out with in general on the boat today, i didn't panic at all today even though my cousins were loud and i couldn't go anywhere quiet, the t-shirt i'm wearing rn is really comfortable ig

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(July 14, 2022 - 4:19 pm)

Name: Red Starlight

How are you?: I'm... okay

Why?: I feel disgusting because my family eats out a lot and I'm struggling with body image. I keep working out but I don't know if it's working because I'm not losing OR gaining any weight. But I do love working out and am having fun with it. My best friend is out of town and my parents are going out of town this weekend.

What have you been up to?: Day camp, lots of exercise, worrying

Is any of that stressing you out?: Yes

Five things that happened today that you appreciate: My grandpa bought us tickets to see Love and Thunder, I got a solo in a singing exercise we did at camp, I came up with an idea for a play that my friend really liked, I worked out a little bit, and I had an idea for a scene in my acting camp that my group performed and the teacher loved

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(July 14, 2022 - 8:33 pm)