BRACES! I just

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BRACES! I just

BRACES! I just got braces can people give me advice! thanks!
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Congratualations/my condolences.




1) if your teeth hurt, try using your back teeth to bite things. I don't know anything about how effective/useful   tylenol/ibuprofen/whatever is bc I have never used them. (Advice my dentist gave me: what you'd normally take for a headache)

2) bread and carrots will tend to get stuck in your braces. if you didn't get those tiny stick brush things, pipe cleaners can be used to unstick food in a pinch. Personally, I have never broken my braces eating carrot/apple/celery/starburst.

3) if you didn't get any from your dentist/orthodontist, see if you can get some of those loop-y floss threaders. you can try to thread the floss under the wires, but you won't be able to get your back teeth. it's kind of like threading a needle (the floss threader works the same way as a needle threader)

4) use little kid toothbrushes, like the ones for toddlers. the brushes are very small and will brush around the brackets better. Also, you'll probably need to replace the toothbrush every three weeks instead of three months.


Of course, this is what has personally worked for me, so feel free to take this advice with a grain of salt. XD Hope this helps though! 

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Wow, that's epic! My younger sister is getting braces in a few weeks. Maybe I should direct her over here for advice and stuff! :0

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hey thanks for all the good advice!

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1. The first few days, your teeth may feel sensitive so try to eat soft food.

2. Before you leave the dentist's office, check if there's wires that could poke you in your cheeks. If there are, ask your dentist to cut them. If you don't get them cut, put wax that the dentist gives you instead, or else have metal wires scraping you.

3. Use a soft toothbrush (like a little kid toothbrush) for at least the first few days. It may be painful if you have one with a harder bristle. Also follow the flossing directions the dentist gives you and if there are bits of food or wax stuck in hard to reach places, you can use a toothpick or the end of a floss pick.


Good luck! 

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Thank you so much for all the good advice!

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