Pour out your

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Pour out your

Pour out your sorrows here; but do not abandon your first love, the one called Creativity.


Is Climate Change eating at your conscience? Draw a dystopian scene of the future; pull on the observer's heartstrings and make them dread an unchanged future.

Were you left out by your friends or loved ones the other day? Write an tragic Epic or sad song detailing the heartache it brought you.

Are you having a crisis in mental health? Type out a pair of short stories similar to your situation, one with OCs that are doomed to a tragic fate, the other where they are inspired or determined to claw their way out of their unstable state.

Did something horrible happen to a character in one of your favourite shows or books that you just can't let go of? Put pen to paper and imagine what the character would be thinking up until the fateful moment. How would the surrounding cast realistically react? Would you change the way it was portrayed in the original work?


If you have any woes you know not how to express, simply state your quagmire down below, asking for ideas on how to visualize/express it. This is a judgment-free zone, and only sympathy and understanding for those tormented will be tolerated. Please do make posts to inspire others during or after you have let go of your obstacles.

Feel free to reassure each other and comfort those who struggle. We all do, and it is no good to let the negative thoughts and feeling coagulate and stick to you forevermore, dragging you down into the Abyss of Despair. This thread is meant for emancipation -- both for you, free of sorrows, and for the negativity that brews beneath your skin and will be given rest through your creative means.

Now, go forth and take part in my ritual of catharsis!


- Yaj'rah, Master of the Cathartic Arts 

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