-Hi Lauren! Hi

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

-Hi Lauren! Hi

-Hi Lauren! Hi Dion! I'm so excited that we got matched up for the make a friend thread!! We are gonna get along GREAT I just know it. So I suppose I should start this thread with a question or something to get the conversation started. Let's see... what do you guys like to do for fun? Lauren you said you like watching movies, what is your favorite? Movies are great and I have lots of favorites but I will let you talk first because that's what Rowan says is the nice thing to do. And Dion! You said you like festivals and concerts? Festivals are so exciting! Anyway I should probably post this thread and stop rambling but I can't wait to get to know you both :D Talk to you soon! 

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Be nice.

-I will! Anyways, hi! I'm Lauren! i like all movies, so i can't decide on a favorite. What are your favorite colors? Mine is orange. Do you guys have any siblings?- 

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-Oooh I like lots of colors! My favorites though are probably light blue and light pink tied. Orange is good too though, it's a happy color! I don't have any siblings but Lunas other AE, Rowan, is like my honorary brother. Do you?- 

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-I have one sibling right now! Her name is Jade and she's a little bossy, but otherwise she's pretty nice. I also like orange flavored stuff. I hate lime flavored stuff. It just tastes awful! Diamond is kinda like my mom, but she isn't. She is nice though!-


-I have no idea what you mean!- 

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Hi Lauren and Finley, I'm excited to meet you!  Besides going to concerts and stuff I like art a lot, especially painting.  As for my favorite color, I can't choose!  I like them all so my answer would probably be rainbow, haha.  Do you all have a favorite season?  Mine is summer.

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(July 26, 2022 - 9:51 am)

-Nice to meet you Dion! My favorite season is summer as well!! I love the nice weather and swimming and playing outside and everything basically about summer. And I agree rainbow is a great color :D- 


Just so you guys know I'm going to a no technology summer camp for five days so me or Fin won't respond right away :) 


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-I like fall best. Especially late fall. I also like Winter!-

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-Hi! Lunas back from camp so we can talk again. Fall is a good season too, it's very colorful! Ooh I have another question! What animal to you both like best?-

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-I love bears! Also hawks. What do you guys like to do om weekends?-

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