*Hi Sakura. I

Chatterbox: Down to Earth

*Hi Sakura. I

*Hi Sakura. I like your name a lot. Our names are both trees :)*

*Takes a nervous deep breath*

*Anyway I'm glad we got matched up for the make a friend thread. We can talk and get to know each other here. Um, I guess, I'll talk to you soon? ...bye.* 

*awkwardly ends thread* 

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Hello Rowan, it's nice to meet you!  You seem like a very peaceful person.  I know Finley is an extrovert, is she annoying sometimes or do you get along well?  My sibling Dion is very chaotic and extroverted too.

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*I'm really sorry I didn't respond until now, Luna was at camp and I didn't see this right away! In answer to your question Finley can definitely be a lot sometimes but that's just just part of who she is. I guess we are sort of opposites but we do get along very well. I'm pretty protective of her and I think she looks up to me in a way... What is your sister like? 

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