Berry Produce Stand

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Berry Produce Stand

Berry Produce Stand


You walk over to the stand, thirsty for fruit. Your eyes land on little fruit keychains.

"Hi, I'm Lyre, and this is my sister Mira." The girl at the stand says. "Those are one dollar each, and those blackberries over there are twenty-five cents."

"And we handmade those keychains!" Mira shouts excitedly.

You purchase a basket of raspberries and a keychain. Then you walk home, devouring the raspberries. You quickly tell your friends on the CB about the stand. You tell them it's on Down to Earth Rd., posted by ~Mira~

*awkwardly ends post* 

submitted by ~Mira~, age 10, Rora's AE
(August 10, 2022 - 11:04 am)