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you awaken sitting on the fountain.

the fountain? no, that's not right. you've never seen this fountain in your life. it's pretty. it looks like it's made of gold, and the water is so, so blue. 

you become aware of the fact that you cannot seem to remember how you got to this fountain, or this town. you can remember very little, in fact, just some simple things about yourself. you reach into the depths of your mind, knowing this is probably going to cause a gl-gl-gl-glitch-

---STAND BY---

your name is Project 1014-9. if anyone asks you your name, however, you are supposed to say that it is Lola. 1014. Lola. 

Lola is a pretty word, you decide. it is to your understanding that it's usually used as a girls name. does that make you a girl? you do not know. 

you remember how many years you have been alive. how old you are? yes. though mostly they say "this project has been running for..." 15 years. you have been running for 15 years. you are 15 years old. 

you reach up to your neck and feel a small chip in it. you know there are words on this chip. the words say your name, and the name of your Home. 

in your other hand, you hold an origami butterfly. you know it is connected to the person you're here for, but you are not sure how. 

you look down and see you are wearing a purple t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. the sneakers feel strange on your feet, which are used to being bare. the jeans are a size too small. and you do not like purple. 

your hair is long and straight. it is red. that is all you know about your appearance. if you wish to learn more, look for a mirror. 

---STAND BY---

you are famished, and know there is money in your pocket. you walk into a cafe near the fountain and order something called pan-cakes. you hope they taste good. 

while you are sitting at a table and waiting for your food, someone walks in. a beautiful girl. she is about your age, with long brown hair in a braid and brown eyes. she wears a white sundress and sandals. she orders her food and sits at a table across yours. she is carrying a purse, from which she pulls small, square sheets of paper with pretty patterns on them, and begins folding on of them until it suddenly resembles a stag. origami. you look down at the butterfly in your hand. something clicks in your brain. this girl's name is Olive Francis, though soon it will become 1015-6, if you do your job right. and you know that you have to do your job right.

what do you do now?



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Um. What is this supposed to be, Darkvine???

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i'm not Darkvine, and in response to your question, it's just a story idea i thought would be fun for everyone to work together on. a bit like a roleplay, or maybe a castle? based off the decisions you make, i'll continue the story and take it in a different direction. so you could say "we should do..." and then i'll tell you what happens after you do that. 

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Ooh, this sounds like an amazing start of a Dystopian novel...or a roleplay...? I don't know :)

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I walk over and take the empty seat at Olive's table, and complement her origami skills. 

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:0 um

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you stumble over your words as an unknown force lures you over to the table Olive is sitting at. "h-hello, you are v-very good at origami," you say.

Olive gives you a funny look, and you realize you were speaking Italian. "s-sorry," you say in English. "I said you were g-good at origami." 

she gives you a sweet smile. she's so pretty... "thank you very much," she says, extending her hand. what for? you wonder. another unknown force makes you grab her hand and shake it up and down. "I'm Olive," she says. 

"I'm Project--I mean, I'm Lola." 

she gives another funny look, but it quickly turns into another smile. "you new around here?" 

you pause. "um, yes?" 

she laughs. her laugh is like a song. you hope you can make her laugh again sometime. 

"are you going to Greenwood when school starts again? maybe we'll be in the same class!" 

Greenwood? school? you are very confused. you reach into you mind, and another gl-gl-gl---



suddenly Olive is shaking you. "omigosh, are you okay?" 

"y-yes," you say. "and, uh, no, I will not be going to Green...hood... I am..." you desperately search your mind for any excuse you can make to avoid explaining why you do not go to school. "I am going to homeschool!" 

she looks disappointed, but smiles again. "well, maybe I'll show you around town sometime." 

what do you do next?

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I can't help myself, I'm so interested!

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This is cool and I'm sad it's dead, maybe @stand by's still around? If so, then I nod. 

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you nod a little, liking the idea of seeing Olive again. she grins. "how about tomorrow? we could meet at the fountain." your heart flutters a little as she stares into your eyes. you nod again. 

your pancakes arrive. "w-want to sha-are?" you offer. Olive nods, and you both dig in. pancakes, you discover, are fluffy and sweet. 

"thanks for sharing your pancakes with me!" Olive says cheerfully, grabbing her purse. "I have to go, but I'll see you tomorrow. let's meet at the fountain at 11:00, okay?" 
"yes," you say, wondering what that means. Olive floats out the door, and you stare after her dreamily.
it seems as though you are completely unprepared for Project 1015-6. 
there's the end of part one! great job. part two will be out shortly, if anyone is interested. 
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Yay! I'm glad this is back. It's really well written and I love the foreshadowing.

Are we supposed to guess who you are?

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We're interested :)

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