Chatterbox: Down to Earth



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(September 6, 2022 - 11:55 am)

same? i've spent literally an hour on math hw and i'm breaking down mentally :')

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(September 6, 2022 - 5:57 pm)

My brain gets very bad wifi when I do math.

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(September 7, 2022 - 2:41 pm)


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(September 7, 2022 - 3:25 pm)


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(September 7, 2022 - 3:25 pm)

Well, on the bright side, math is so useful (if that helps you feel any better...)

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(September 7, 2022 - 3:59 pm)

Math is so hard! You would think they could make it easier for us!

submitted by Flamarestii
(September 7, 2022 - 4:45 pm)

Ughughughugh maaaaaaathhhhh
Luckily, because yesterday was my first day of school and we didn't have math today, I don't have any math homework yet. Or any homework yet, for that matter........ But I'm defintetly NOT looking forward to it.

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(September 7, 2022 - 4:55 pm)

doing algebra 2 this year :')

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(September 7, 2022 - 6:52 pm)


math doesn't exist.

ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. if we are quiet it will go away. 

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(September 8, 2022 - 6:04 pm)

@Pancake, you literally just read my mind, LOL.

Yeah, first day of school for me was today... *Sigh* Summer goes by too quickly...

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(September 8, 2022 - 12:58 pm)

Math is tourtre...for me...and it is waiting for me around every corner. My brain shuts off...I can not do any math problems....it haunts me

submitted by Reuby Moonnight
(September 8, 2022 - 4:35 pm)

I like math, but I hate math.

Does that make any sense, because it doesn't to me. 

submitted by Rora
(September 8, 2022 - 6:38 pm)

Yea, it makes sense. I'm there too.

I absolutely love algebra, and the basic operations are alright, as well as graphing, scientific notation and transformations. Even trigonometry isn't that bad after you get familiar with it.

But then I remember just how absolutely confusing some maths classes are and I go back to never ever wanting to deal with any of this again...

submitted by Jaybells, Lost, somewhere
(September 9, 2022 - 2:31 pm)

Yes! I totally feel you. Algebra and trig are good, and graphing looks so satisfying when you're done, but some classes are just ughblehk. Like my class right now—we're supposed to be learning statistics but our teacher isn't very good and I really don't like statistics and it's kind of boring... also who invented geometry proofs? Geometry is okay, like solving the problems and stuff, but once you get to actually sharing your work in a way that makes sense and showing every single step... ew.

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(September 9, 2022 - 7:10 pm)