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(September 6, 2022 - 11:55 am)

same -- but not because i'm bad at it. i've always been like the best at math in the class and there's always so much pressure for me to be good at it. plus, i'm studying for the SHSAT and i have to do a lot of scary math

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Gosh exponents why

(Inkling says <<zbedx>>. Bed? Well, yes, I do need to get ready for bed.....)

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I used to hate math when I was in middle school because I had a terrible time with Algebra and felt like I would never be good with numbers. After kind of taking a break and switching school situations I took geometry and realized that I absolutely could learn to understand math. Taking chemistry and physics led me to appreciate more how useful it can be. 

Just like with anything, it takes time and effort to become better at math, which is why homework and practice is so important to the process. I'm sure it didn't take you long at all to read through this post, but you weren't born reading! At some point you struggled and might have even hated it; now you don't think twice about the fact that you understand every concept I'm expressing through pixel markings on a screen.

It's true that some people don't get along with math as well as others, but just because you don't understand it now doesn't mean you won't ever, or that you're just "bad" at it. Everyone learns at their own pace, and it can be frustrating when yours is much slower than others. Regardless of how intelligent you are, or how intelligent you think you are, you can learn and you can become more intelligent. That's the important part.

I hated Algebra and vowed never to take higher courses in math or go to college for anything that required it. This year I'm taking AP Calculus and hope to go to college for a science and/or design degree.

I think math taught me that people sometimes hate the things they don't understand, so the more you strive to understand, the more opportunity you have to appreciate the world around you. This is not to say math isn't hard (it most definitely is!), only that it's far from impossible. 


Anyway, sorry for the nerdy rant lol. It's just a topic that's been on my mind a lot.

Elli says rxray. I didn't know we had an xray... 

*cringes at the awkward silence* I'll leave now-


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This is a very good argument. :))))))) *fails at talking/saying what I am thinging 'cuz can't put it into words, therefore failing at talking*

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Yeah math is terrible. I like to get older but the older I get the harder math gets (duh)

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When the math is flowing and I am getting it done, and it is simplish (like basic algebraic equations), it can be minorly enjoyable. But often, it just feels like my brain shuts down as soon as I try to do math. I will literally just stare at a page and repeat, "4+7, 4+7, 4+7" OVER AND OVER in my brain for like 30 seconds, and my brain just refuses to process. It's like, "4? Whats that? 7? I've never even heard the word!"

Also, I know all the concepts perfectly well, and I know how to apply it all in theory, I just CAN'T do it in practice! Sometimes I will get half of a section wrong just because I got 24+4 wrong in one, forgot to flip a sign in another, and missed something when I simplified in a third. It's SO infuriating, because I know it, and I can almost certainly do it on a test, so all of this is just me sitting through torurous minutes of getting it wrong and feeling like a failure even when I do have the abilities required of me.

However, I do think that math, (although DOING it at a school level is absolute rubbish to my brains), is incredibly cool in terms of how the most outlandish equations eventually translate to real life, and how it basically powers the world.

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Even though it takes me like 4 minutes to do a singular polynomial problem... just algebra things.

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(September 19, 2022 - 9:23 am)

I really love the cerainty of math. It can be frustrating, but in the end there's only one right answer. I love it when it all clicks and I understand something. I love math conepts that are hard to wrap my head around. I love solving the problem correctly. I prefer writing, but sometimes the possibilities are overwhelming. With math, there's always something real and defined to be striving for.

It's possible, though, that that's just because my mind likes numbers. I've always found math pretty easy, and if it had been difficult I might have grown to detest it. Who knows? 

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(September 27, 2022 - 12:45 pm)

I appreciate how useful and even fun math can be, and it's amazing how important it is for everything in the real world. But I am doing logic right now for math and I REALLY don't like it.

Oh well, it's not that bad. It just goes against my inner nature to try and treat sentences like equations and figure out whether they're true or false and how to negate them and all that. I mean, it's a sentence! It shouldn't be analyzed that way.

However, studying logic helps you to think. well, logically, and that helps you to succeed in Life, so I guess I'm resigned.

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Yeah, math is awful. It seems like math is torture for us writer/reader types. 

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Yes I hate math too. I'd much rather be reading.

My Capcha is pigpi any idea what that means? 

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pig+3.14159 (pi) =???

(Yes, I did look up the numbers of pi for that). 

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