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Hi everyone! It's me, Shining Star! I'm sorry for being super inactive for a while. There has been SO much going on, and I've missed the CB but it's just been SLAMMED.

I think I started being inactive around the time I got back from camp, because that's the time it started getting super busy. To begin with, I got asked to run our community's newspaper. WHAT THE HECK. And I don't mean the little newsletter I've been running—although that is pretty awesome (and busy). I mean the full-on newspaper. Quarterly news stories, photos, obituaries, advertising. I guess they were so impressed with what I'd done with my newsletter that they thought I'd be a good person to take over the publication, or become the editor at least. I'm not totally sure why they thought I'd be a good choice—but it was a pretty big compliment!

Anyways, that took up a bunch of time, since I had to figure out how to respond. I decided it was too big a task to take on, so we ended up forming a team: the owner of the newspaper, me, my mom, and one other lady. We're going to run it together.

We also got a new cat! That was major. She kind of just turned up on our porch. Originally we meant to find a home for her but we ended up falling in love with her and decided to let her stay. Here name is Lynx, and she's about three months old. I spent ages searching for a home for her before we decided to keep her. 

I also wrote a 200-page fanfiction that took me about two weeks—not including major editing. I'm really proud of it, but I basically speedran (ha!) it, doing mostly that for two weeks. So not a lot of time for other stuff.

And I've been trying my hand at animating. This takes way more dedication and work than Halfy makes it look. I also don't have a stylus yet, so I've been animating with my computer's mouse—ouch! Hopefully I get a pen soon. 

ALSO, my parents are finally recording their music, after two years of waiting for COVID. We go to the recording studio a lot, play music all day, and then come home usually after sunset, exhausted. Then I knock out for most of the next day. The other day we got back after midnight!

I recently went to another island to visit my grandparents for a week. It was incredible. I made a vlog of the whole thing that I haven't put together yet. Anyways, it was super fun, and we did a ton of stuff! SO FUN.

Not to mention I've been working on my newsletter. That takes a lot of work. 

Another thing—my fourteenth birthday is in slightly less than a month! October 8th. I will be old enough to get a job! Exciting! The school that we're connected to (I'm homeschooled but they're the ones we send the report to and whatnot) has this program for kids where they can propose a project they're doing to help the community, and then they get payed for it, so I might do that. :)

Anyways, I will hopefully be a lot more active again! What's everyone been up to? How are you guys, Admins?


Shining Star 


What an exciting list of updates! I'm sure you will do a wonderful job editing your community newspaper. I am doing well and looking forward to cool fall weather. Last weekend I went to an art fair in my neighborhood, which was lots of fun. Please give Lynx lots of pets for me. - Admin

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Hi, Shining Star! I'm a new CBer, I just joined about a week ago. I was actually wondering what had happened to you because I've seen some of your posts from earlier, but I hadn't seen any recent ones... I'm glad you're back!

It's impressive that you got asked to run a newspaper!!! And it's so nice that you got a cat. :)

Anyway, welcome back and I look forward to seeing you around!

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Hi Poinsetta! Awesome to meet you! I love your CB name.

Yep, things have been crazy, but my life is finally calming down a bit so I should be posting more often; I'm glad to be back. I've missed my CB home and community. :)

Thanks! I hope we can get to know one another! 

CAPTCHA says: igfkh. I guess, and then I won't transalate the rest :| ;) 

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Hello again! I also hope we can get to know each other! What kinds of things are you interested in? My interests include animals, writing stories, and learning about other cultures.

Looking forward to seeing you around!

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nice thread! (CAPTCHA says udadx. Does it mean You, Dad, are x?)

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Hiii Star! Wow, your life sounds so interesting- congrats on the newspaper, that sounds like a huge responsibility but also pretty fun. And wow, a 200-page fanfic?? I cant even write a 20 page one lol. And a newsletter too?? I'm about a year and a half older than you but it seems you've done more than I have in the past few months than I have in the past few years! 

Congrats on the cat! It's cool that she just kind of showed up at your house- that's how I got my parakeet; he was just kind of flying around and we lured him inside (RIP Romeo). Also, your parents make music? That's so cool! It sounds like there's a lot of creativity in your family :)

Anyway, I'm glad that you're back and I hope everything goes well! <333

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Yayyy! Welcome back Shiningggg!!! <3

Happy almost-birthday, too! Congrats~ 

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