Random AE Thread!

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Random AE Thread!

Random AE Thread!

So, idk about you lizards, but I love my AEs so much that I just have a ton of little things everywhere about them. Fun facts, doodles, random POVs, animatics, aesthetics, ETC. So! Here's a thread. Put whatever, as long as it's AE related!

There might be RPing. There might be diary entries. There might be overly detailed run-downs of my AE's horrible mental state and trauma. There might be shipping. Whatever you feel like!

Have fun <3 

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I'm the only person posting on this thread but I don't care lol


>I don’t like getting up early, but sometimes I do. Like today. Oliver was already up, and already watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I walked downstairs. I didn’t acknowledge it, rather I walked into the kitchen and started watering the plants and feeding the CAPTCHAs. General Gumdrops and Aria were quiet for once, only muttering the word “pgcbx”.<

>I then made myself a bagel and some tea, and sat next to Oliver on the couch. I don’t care much for the show, but I like Oliver’s company, especially in the morning. At that time, he isn’t too hyper but is still happy and excitable. He always looks so excited when watching or reading something he likes.<

> “Dawn!” He said to me at one point, “LOOK!” I looked at the TV and saw a large turtle-like person fighting another, with some sort of red glow around their hands. “HE HAS POWERS!”<

>”>Wow.<” I said, not really knowing what it was. “>That’s…<”<

>”SO COOL!” Oliver flopped back onto the couch and smiled.<

>The rest of the morning was quiet, save for Oliver gasping or squealing a few times. After I finished my bagel, I went back up to my room and got dressed. I think I need to start getting out my heavier winter clothes.<

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Ah yes. My dearest darlingest AEs! Now here, let's see...

- So, just a fact about all of my AEs. Yes, they're AEs. Sorta. To me, they're more of OCs. I can't really see parts of my personality being shipped or anything. Kinda a weird thought. So they're OCs. All of my OCs are already parts of my personality, though. I mean, you gotta make them, sooooo...

- All of my AEs, at the moment, are ageless. I can see them with ages. Obviously Ever would be 14 and Ellerie would be 16. Meg would probably be 10 and Shawn might be 13.

I guess I should do some individual stuff...

- Shawn... uh... nope there's nothing interesting about him. He's kinda boring. Well, except how overprotective he is of Ellerie. She doesn't usually mind but if he found out she's shipped...

- Ever. I feel like Ever is like... the opposite of Ellerie, I guess? The two are VERY similar. But Ellerie has like- oh wait I can't spoil that.

- But Ellerie has like past trauma. Idk what exactly, though.

-MEG. Oh goshie goodie darn I love Meg. I love them all, but I have a soft spot for her. I think she takes responsibility over her siblings. It's cute and kinda sad.

I don't really know what else to add. None of this is interesting, I guess my AEs are open books.

Kinda underdeveloped too.

WeLl I'll shuffle play songs like Writing did and do the AE thing!!! Honestly, that was a very cool idea! But does Writing ever have any bad ideas? Highly doubtful.

- Good For You (Dear Evan Hansen): Well this is Meg. But it's a three person song, so Meg would sing as Heidi, Shawn as Jared, and Ever would be Alana. They'd probably be singing about Ellerie :')

- Mr. Brightside (The Killers): Ellerie, but maybe Ever too.

-Only Us (Dear Evan Hansen): Ellerie 100% Shed sing any of Zoe's songs from Dear Evan Hansen (that includes Requiem)

- What Would You Do? (Tate McRae): Meg cause she's... Meg

- Give Your Heart a Break (Demi Lovato): Maybe Shawn??

- you broke me first (Tate McRae): Meg, but I can only see Ellerie singing it

-30/90 (tick...tick...BOOM!): Deinfitely Ever

-Million to One (Camilla Cabello): ELLERIE! 

- King of Anything (Sara Bareilles): Me. *hair flip*

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Now I wanna do the playlist thing...

Matilda by Harry Styles: I can picture Indy listening to this

4EVER by Clairo: Quinn would be vibing to this

Patient Zero by Aimee Mann: Rogue, definitely

Sofia by Clairo: Vo would be screaming the lyrics

Pretty Girl by Clairo: Quinn would listen to it, but I could picture Indy singing it softly 

Remember When by Wallows: Quinn and Rogue 


The amount of Clairo songs I have on here is obnoxious. I think I have a problem- 

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I'm bringing this back.

because I love it.

ok SO My AEs all are musically inclined. So here's what they do musically:

Meg: Bass

Ever: Drums/vocals/dance

Ellerie: guitar/vocals

Sun (yeah he's sun again now): he plays everything but is best at guitar but when they play as a band he plays piano or rhythm guitar. 

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I might post on this later when my AEs have got some names (see my thread on CaC for explanation of THAT mysterious remark :) ). In the meanwhile, top!

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I finally have AEs after being on here for a while. I only have two, though, and one isn't very developed. All I know is he is Scottish and I know his name.

AE 1


Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Aro/Ace (no shipping)

Age: Looks like she's seventeen human years old.

Species: Elf

Appearance: Looks like a human teenager. Short boyish haircut, blond hair, green eyes, tall.

Personality: cheerful, bouncy, sarcastic, snarky, stubborn. Has a very dark sense of humor. Has a British accent. 

She speaks in italics. Say hi, Bryony.


Because I said so.


Fine. I'm not going to argue with you.


AE 2


Pronouns: He/Him

that's about all I know about Fenwick currently. Also, he speaks in bold.


I also have a CAPTCHA, Arctic. They/He, snow leopard, kinda an introvert. They say <zraon> 

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