Halloween costume ideas?

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Halloween costume ideas?

Halloween costume ideas?

Does anyone have Halloween costume ideas? October is approaching (and Inktober oh my gosh no) and I like to start planning around now. Googling costume ideas always results in the most generic things ever, and I thought y'all would probably have better ones. Has anyone decided what they're going to be for Halloween? Is it too early for this? xD

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Im gonna be princess bubblegum from adventure time :) so id probably suggest something from a cute cartoon show like the owl house or steven universe. I decided on what i was gonna be in august, so id say its not that early lol. Also inktober omg! I cant wait.

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I am going as Toga (From My Hero Academia). I don't know if what that show is. It's one of my favorite animes. I would suggest going as someone from your favorite show or book. You don't have to look like them to the max, just follow your instincts (and you budget)

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I actually recently got an idea. If you play a game where you can make characters, you could dress as one of them. I actually want to go as my Stardew Valley Farmer, so i would need blue hair and hopefully i made her with green eyes, not red. But then we would need to play again to see them. I could dress as a Stardew Character though. Like my wife, Sophia. Or Emily. Or Leah. Or someone else. IDK. But you could also dress up as your CB appearence if it is different from your actually appearence. I also didn't read the other person's post, so sorry if i said any of their ideas. 

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It's not too early for me! I start planning my costume in August. :) I'm going to be Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson.

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I want to be Terry the Earthblood Elf:D

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(September 23, 2022 - 8:43 am)

Does anyone have any unique duo costume ideas? Me and my friend are going together and we have some ideas but none of them seem right. Also like Lupine said googling ideas for duo costumes results in things like salt and pepper or ketchup and mustard that are super boring. But everyone else's costumes sound awesome! 

@Pancake I love both your ideas about the stardew valley characters and the CB appearance! Those are super unique and great ideas.  
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You could do a pun costume and go as green with envy. One of you dresses up head-to-toe in green and the other puts on a name tag and writes "ENVY" on it. 

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Green with envy is clever ;) Going as book/show characters is a good idea, too; you could go as a sibling/friend duo (or hero & villain, maybe) from any books/shows you're both fans of. If you're Harry Potter fans, Ginny & Luna would be cool.

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gay vampire

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Well, you could go as a book character or maybe a food/plant. I have a friend who's going as a cactus and she's basically wearing a green sweater with fake flowers on it and green leggings, which is a pretty cool idea. I'm going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or maybe Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. I don't know. :) 

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That's funny, Kiki was one of my ideas too! Right now I think I'm going to be the Norse goddess of the underworld, Hel, because she's very Halloweeny and I think it would be a fun costume.

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