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Daydream Thread! What

Daydream Thread! What are your daydreams or ambitions about?

I like to imagine myself in situations that could only happen in a fantasy book. I used to daydream about horses all the time. Now sometimes I imagine myself giving speeches (!), revisiting Mexico (where I used to live), among other things. I also have a lot of ambitions, among them getting stories published in Cricket!

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Come along - 'tis time to top.

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I think about the future a lot (and the past, and what could have been but never was). College, job, where I want to live. Being a famous author :P

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Well, I daydream about...

getting my books published and becoming a famous author, what it will be like to be grown up, being an actress (I honestly don't think I'll be one, but it's fun to imagine), magical lands and people in history...

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Life is but a dream.


A twist on "Row Your Boat"

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