Hurricane! That hurricane

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Hurricane! That hurricane

Hurricane! That hurricane that hit Florida is crazy! I'm have a friend over there and they haven't replied for a while. I'm worried about them. :(

The hurricane is headed for NC too. Is everyone all right? Do any of you live in Florida? Admins?


Thanks for asking, Shining Star. None of the admins live in Florida, and we are all okay. - Admin 

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(September 30, 2022 - 3:47 pm)

I'm in NC, and it is really windy and rainy now, with a few limbs down and some power flickers, but it hasn't been much worse than that for us yet...

Stay safe, Neverseen!



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oof, Florida :(

i have been to Florida, specifically Sanibel Island and Captiva. 

*punches pillow* iT's NoT fAiR hOw iS tHe WeAtHer So nIce Up HeRe?!

*cri* Sanibelllll... it was so pretty there... 

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I'm scared too! I just mailed a letter (a couple weeks ago) to my friend in North Carolina, and I also heard it hit South Carolina!

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(September 30, 2022 - 9:29 pm)

One of my best friends is in NC, but they're not near the coast so they're just getting wind. But one of my other friends lives right in florida and they haven't replied and I'm really scared. :(

Hopefully it's just that they have no wifi. All the power is down. They're saying it's the worse disaster florida's had in...idk, maybe forever. 

All of you stay safe! 

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yeah... my grandparents live in florida :(( they're ok, they just got power back, i feel so bad for the people who don't!! it's really bad, especially in fort myers and around there.. my grandparents used to live there actually, so glad they moved.

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(October 3, 2022 - 4:15 pm)

Oh, I hope everyone's okay, especially your friend. *moral support* My Dad was going to go to Florida in the spring, but I guess we'll wait and see now.

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I hope everyone's friends are doing okay. My parents know someone who lives in Florida, but luckily his area wasn't hit hard.

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I live in Florida...

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You okay? 

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