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Hi LunaWolf! This is our Make a Friend thread. I can't write anything now 'cause I'm in Science class but here's our thread to talk!  

-Phoenix Tears 

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aack, okay, I'm just going to reply to everything you've posted here. Hopefully it'll all straighten itself out.

My favorite band is the Dropkick Murphys, and they're basically like celtic punk. They're actually quite awesome and I love all their songs. But nobody has ever heard of them before, and it's sad because I have no one to obsess about them with!

Right now the piano piece I'm working on is Gymnopedie No. 1, by Erik Satie. It's incredibly sad and beautiful. It makes me cry a little every time I play it.

Do you have any pets? I've got a guinea pig named Nut, and he's adorable. He's got tiny little paws and ears and he loves cuddles and red pepper, it's so cute! 

I have a question, how long have you been on the CB? I've been here about a year.

Um, yeah, that's about it! I don't have much time so I'll have to end it here. Byeeee!

- Phoenix Tears 

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Hi Phoenix Tears! Sorry I've been busy this week but I'll respond this afternoon. 

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(October 6, 2022 - 11:17 am)

I feel like I've heard of the Dropkick Murphy's but I don't know any of their songs well. Celtic punk sounds pretty cool though, I will have to listen some of their music! My favorite band is probably Of Monsters and Men. Their an indie Icelandic band and basically all of their songs are awesome. 

I have two cats and a dog. My dog is a Miniature Aussiedoodle. He is hilarious and adorable and the sweetest boy. My kitten I actually just got last weekend! We named her Yara which means small butterfly in Arabic. She's TINY and very cute. I have an older cat too but we haven't introduced them yet. Nut sounds so cute! Guinea pigs are great, I've never had one myself but my friend used to own two. 

Also I've been on the CB for about 8 months I think? I joined sometime in January. How did you come up with your CB name? I like it, Phoenix tears sounds so cool and interesting! Also your location? It's always kinda stood out to me. 

Well anyway I should go but I'm looking forward to talking and getting to know you better! Byeeee! 

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Hi! Sorry for the late response, I've been wicked busy these past few days. Sigh.

I listened to some Of Monsters and Men yesterday, and they're really good! I only knew one of their songs, Little Talks, before this. 

I remember your dog! Like a looong time ago.... I made an animal picturings thread... and you asked for a picturing of your dog and attached a picture. He...you're right, he's absolutely adorable. And I... never made any picturings. *shifts away guiltily*

Awwwww I LOVE cats!!!! Yara... small butterfly... kitten... *cries tears of cuteness*

I really want a cat but unfortunatly my dad and sister and brother and I are all terribly allergic. I mean, we're all allergic to guinea pigs too but Nut lives in a cage so his smell doesn't get all over the house. 

Ummm, I think it's a vague Harry Potter reference, maybe? I remember I really wanted to join the CB, but I wanted a good name before I did, and I was just talking with my friends and they were like, "Phoenixes are cool." And I was like, "ohmigosh yessss!" And then I added "tears" to make it more interesting.

Um, do you play any sports? I run cross country and track. What's your favorite season? Mine is fall, by far. I love all the colors and how everybody in the whole wide world finds some way to incorporate pumpkin into their products. (Like, did you know you can get pumpkin goldfish!?) 

I feel like I haven't done much to propel this conversation forward, but it'll have to be alright for now...because here I am in science class yet again xD

-Phoenix Tears 

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Hi! I'm sorry too that I didn't write back right away. This thread is now on the second page! 

I'm glad you like Of Monsters and Men! Yeah Little Talks good and I think its their most popular song. 
Also I forgot I asked for a picturing for Banjo. That's ok you didn't draw any, I'm pretty sure I've made at least two picturing threads that I've completely forgot about.  
I love cats too!! Sorry you're allergic to them, that must be hard. Do you have any pictures of Nut? I'd love to see him! 
I agree, phoenixes are cool. I kinda chose my name as I was submitting my first comment, lol. I sorta stumbled upon the CB by accident though. I'm so glad I found it. 
I used to rock climb and I'm gonna start an Ariel class in November. I think I'd really like track too though, I love running. Also my favorite season is definitely fall too! It's so true about everything being pumpkin flavored though I didn't know about the goldfish! Everything is so beautiful in fall and sunny fall days are the best. 
Do you like to read? I saw that you liked the book Rebecca. I've never read it, what's it about? 
I have to go eat dinner now but talk to you later! 
~ LunaWolf 
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