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~Mystery Group~

~Mystery Group~

Um. Hi? Please pretend there is something interesting here and start a scintillating conversation. Thank you! (I'm kinda bad at social stuff...)

And with that epic start, I will abruptly leave. 

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(October 4, 2022 - 2:36 pm)

Hah! I love our group already. Soooooo. Since we are the mystery group what mystery books do you read? I read Nancy Drew and Elona Holms for soild mystery. 
Ummmm. Let's seee...  So I just thought that I'd throw out there that you can rant and stuff on here. I'm a great listener. (That was a very strange comment. You can ignore)
<--break-->How old are you? And what is your real name? Do you have any siblings? I'm 13, my real name is Lauren, and I have a seven and four year old brothers. (They drive me Ca-r-a-zy!!) Do you have any pets? My family has a boxer/lab mix dog. His name is Bailey.  Anyway, I'd also like to warn you that my parents won't let me come on here when ever I please. Soit might take up to 1, 2, 3 days. I never know. Well, bye now!

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(October 4, 2022 - 8:57 pm)

(: (that's a good way to start a comment right? cool)

I've read some Nancy Drew and Enola Holmes, but my favorite mystery author is James Ponti. You should definitely check him out. And you can't go wrong with Agatha Christe. Also maybe the Hand on the Wall (first book of a series)? Idk, I don't like that one as much and it references slightly older topics pretty often.

Anyway. Ranting. Maybe later? I'm too tired... but I don't think it's a wierd comment. What's wierd is the word 'wierd,' I always want to spell it weird which is wierd, I guess (: 

I'm 13 too. I have an older brother who just went off to college. I'd say it's strange that he's gone, but I honestly don't notice a difference that much. Maybe I'm a terrible person? He was always off with his friends not his family before he left, so... I also have a dog, a labradoodle.

It's totally fine if you can't respond quickly to everything! 

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Aaand I just realized I was spelling 'weird' the wrong way this entire time because I was trying to convince myself that I was spelling it wrong when I was spelling it right, or maybe it was the other way around?

I'm so confused... 

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(October 7, 2022 - 12:32 pm)

Oh, yes, James Ponti. I just finished his book Framed yesterday and the first City Spies the day before. I love them. 
You're not a terrible person. I mean, did you brother ever interact with you much? If he didn't, then it makes sense that you hardly notice he's gone. 
Okay. Dogs. OMG I'm jaundiced. Labradoodle is my favorite dog ever! Well, besides Pomeranians. They are soooo cute and fluffy! 
Ok, one questions. Why is your CB name Hex? 
See you (read you?) later!

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(October 7, 2022 - 3:29 pm)

Yay! I've only ever met one other person who's read James Ponti! They're really good. Who's your favorite character so far from City Spies? I think I like Brooklyn best, except maybe Sydney (because explosives are cool).

My bro used to play with me more when we were younger, I guess he was off with his friends a lot last year. Anyway. Yeah my dog is really cute. And very naughty. She steals things from people—poop bags, dog treats, shoes, even my book once, although she's never eaten my homework (unfortunately?). Can I see a photo of your dog?

I was Jinx (not Hex) for a few days because it was a character in a book I was reading at the time and I thought it sounded cool and magick-y (which is a word now). And then I realized there was someone else named Jinx (I think they're still here, although not very well known) and so that was super awkward but I changed my name to Hex because it had the same vibe and I liked it. Why are you Hawkstar? It's something from Warriors, right? I've never read them though.

Also, if a shady-looking creature (I say creature because they have their hood pulled up around their vaugly humaniod looking body, making it impossible to tell if they are actually human) approaches you in a even shadier alley (no, I don't know why you are there in the first place) and offers you two items, which would you take: a lump of treacle tart (at least you hope it's treacle tart) or a solid gold carved mustache?

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(October 8, 2022 - 1:30 pm)

I think my favorite character fro City Spies is probaly Brooklyn and Rio. And James Ponti is super! I can't wait to go back to the library to get the rest of his books.
I'm not sure if I can show you a picture, haven't figured out how yet. 
I'm Hawkstar because yes, I love Warriors. My friends dubbed me that a few years ago when we tried to be our own Clan. (They made me leader)

Is this a riddle? If it is, here's one for you:
There are three doors. Behind the first door is a robber. Behind the second is a lion who hasn't eaten in years, and behind the third is a deadly fire. Which door would you go through?

And the answer to your question is I would run away screaming and not take anything. (Why am I screaming? Because I don't like creepy strange things.)
how long have you been on the Chatterbox? 

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(October 10, 2022 - 2:52 pm)

Yeah, James Ponti is really good. There's a 4th City Spies book coming out soon, I can't wait. If I wanted to read Warriors, where would I start? Is there a starter book/series or does it matter at all? 

Probably the lion, because it's probably dead, but maybe the fire door because I'm curious as to how it's contained, especially if I open the door... wouldn't it no longer be contained? Also this raises the question of why I am opening one of the three doors instead running away as fast as I can. Maybe more specifics are needed?

Yes, running away is a sensible choice. Screaming, less so, as you are in a shady alley and might attract unsavory types if you yell at the top of your lungs. Still, I understand your reaction.

I've been here about 10 months I think, ever since New Years 2022 (It's 2022 if that's the new year, not 2021 right? idk).

Do you play any sports? I play a lot of soccer and I do a bit of swimming, also volleyball and basketball for school. I've always wanted to try paragliding and jet-skiing (and other dangerous and thrill-seeking occupations—I'm a good child that way), if those count as sports. Or if they don't. I still want to do them.

Read you later (: 

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(October 10, 2022 - 5:02 pm)

Ok, you asked about Warriors? I'm gonna tell you. (Ahem) Series in order

The Prophecies Begin

The New Prophecy

Power of Three

Omen of the Stars

The Broken Code

A Starless Clan (Not finished yet)

Then there is the dawn of the clans, and you should at least read the prophecies begin first. there are also super aditions, but if you have to read the first seires before you read these four (in order as i typed them) Yellowfang's secret, Bluestar's prophecy, Firestar's quest, and SkyClan's destiny. If you like the series, let me know. And by the way, these books are by Erin Hunter.

As for the riddle, you answered correctly. When my friend told me that riddle, I answered that why would I want to open any of those doors and that I would go back trough the door I just entered.

I don't play any sports, though I live off of a lake, so I swim practically every day in the summer. I also climb a lot of trees but idk, is that a sport? When I was younger I played basketball for awhile. Jet skiing is fun. My next door neighbors took me jet sking a few years back. I think you would like it. Have you been tubing? Anyway, I'd just like to say that I am enjoying this immensely. Chatting with you is fun! 

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(October 12, 2022 - 8:14 pm)

Cool! I'll check out the Warriors. Probably. I mean to, anyway, we'll see if it actually happens (: But most likely. Once I finish my homework (which I am deliberately avoiding, by the way). What grade are you in? Unless you're homeschooled. A lot of people on the CB are. I'm in 8th grade, not homeschooled. And how much homework do you have? I have pretty much something from every subject. WAYYYY too much. And that essay I'm not doing...

I can't think of any riddles, so. Hmmm. If you were in a spinning glass dome full of glitter and sparkles and you didn't know which way was up or down or sideways, or which way the door was—if there is a door anyway, when suddenly a neon pink winged snake dripping green poison every which way (because you're spinning, and up might be down which is obviously left, or maybe it was right, I've forgotten) and offers you a choice: would you rather be reincarnated as a fork or a knife, what would you do?
No, I don't know where that came from. Or what the (insert confusingest part here) has to do with (insert other confusingest part here). (:
Yay swimming! And sure, why shouldn't climbing trees count? I'm jelous of your lake... even if it's not technically your lake...
Me too! It's nice to get to know someone better, I feel like I know everyone on the CB very slightly but it's cool to go more in-depth. You're a genuinely cool person and interesting to get to know. 
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(October 13, 2022 - 8:18 pm)

Oops ignore the first part of that—I forgot to delete it after I copy-pasted your message into mine to see what to reply to... ):

Nox (my CAPCHA) says {fmeta}. I feel like that means something. 

I just deleted the first part. I hope that's what you wanted.


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Hi! I forgot to add that Warriors books are numbered 1-6 per series.

Anywho, school. Yeah, I'm homeschooled but the stuff that I'm doing is 8th grade stuff. I went to school till second grade and thats when my became homeschooled. I always wonder, what is it like in 8th grade? I remember that when I was in 1 grade I would see 7 and 8th graders and think, those are big kids. Now that I am one, I don't feel that big. It is very strange.

To answer your riddle, I don't have a answer. *grins apologetically*
I took one look at it and my mind shut down. 

If I remember correctly, you like to write. So what kind of things do you write? 

Have you ever read Inkheart? 

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(October 15, 2022 - 8:25 pm)

Thank you @admins! 


I've always wondered what homeschooling is like. I feel like I'd get so mad at my parents, but it might be nice? Relaxing? School is scary sometimes. There's so many people, and I don't really like people. They're loud and annoying and generally quite stupid (I'm no exception to that), but it's nice to see my friends—and lunch is usually pretty good at my school. I do not feel big in 8th grade. It is kind of strange—I expected privledge and superiority, but that doesn't seem to exist. We just have so. much. homework.

Lol, I can't blame you. That riddle was kind of crazy. I think I'd be a knife—they seem cooler and much more useful. Besides, I didn't specify what kind of knife, so I could be a cool magical fantasy knife that does lots of stabby stuff, not a butter knife. I could even be like Jack from Magnus Chase, if you've ever read that. Then I wouldn't be put in anyone's mouth, a place I can happily do my next reincarnation without.

Writing... I like to write mostly fantsay stories, which is also what I like to read. I'm not big on reality (: Essays are okay if the prompt is good. Depends. What about you?

I have not. That's the one with Maddie InsertLastNameHere right? I think I started it a few years ago, but it didn't pique my interest after a few chapters and I put it down. Do you reccomend it?

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(October 16, 2022 - 8:11 pm)

Homeschool is nice and relaxing. You don't have to do your math test in xyz time, and you can take as many breaks as you like. I though that people were annoying and loud in public school. I don't think I could handle it.

That's true you didn't say what type of knife. I would love to be a sword like jack (I love, love Magnus Chase) My fancy name would be Fantastisch which is German for awesome. My normal name would be amber. I would be about two feet long, blade and all. My hilt would be mahogany, with bits of amber that would lite up with a soft glow when I talked. My blade would be copper. You?(We are so strange, talkin' about being swords 
Tongue out

Fantasy writing is the best. I find it that way because you can just make up something and you don't have to know who lives here and people drive cars like that and so on.

Yes. Inkheart is the best. Her name is Meggie Folchart. It's by Cornelia Funke.

Do you want to do a story together? Like I do a bit and then you do a bit? If you do, can I start? Anyway gotta go. Byeeeeee! 


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(October 17, 2022 - 9:15 pm)

I'm envious. I wish school was relaxing. People are very annoying, but that just might be me and not them...

Ooh. Okay. I'd think I'd be long and curved, a plain hunting dagger with a nice leather grip. Worn and used, not like the fancy swords that royalty have in fantasy books that they never use and are covered in gems and stuff. I wouldn't have any gems. Maybe an obsidian crow or owl head carved into the crosspiece. Glowing and magical? Dark steel and dark leather and obsidian crosspiece. I could talk. I'd be named something cool and latin-ey and chaos-ey and death-ey and destruction-ey. Unfortuantely google search isn't good enough to find that quickly, and I'm too lazy to try harder lol.

What's your favorite word/words? I like pyx and logodaedalus. Maybe indefatigable. Or fay/fey/fae is really helpful for word games.

I'd love to make a story! Sure you can start, and I apologise in advance if my parts make no sense... 

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(October 18, 2022 - 1:12 pm)

Ok. Your short dagger-y thing sounds cool. And I think I have a name for you. So it is Morsus. Sounds kinda like Marrrseus. And it is latin and means deathblade in English. (I love google translate)

My favorite words? Urmmmm... I don't think I have any. Sorry. I know this is random but do you like horses? They are like my most favorite animal, along with dolphins and hawks. What about you?

~Story time~ I am going to keep using the word 'you' It doesn't really mean me or you, but when you do it please keep it like you are telling somebody elses story. Anyway

Night has long since fallen in the Darkheart Forest. No stars twinkled through the branches, nor did the moon show. It was a cloudy night. And you were hopelessly lost. You probably should have listened to the park ranger and stayed on the path. People always went missing in this forest.
You pry could have found your way back if the sun had stayed suspended in the sky just a little longer. But at night, there really was no point in trying. By darkness, things looked different. Seemed scarier and seemed like a whole new world was born from the inky blackness. Every twig that cracked, every night animal noises were louder by tenfold. 
Eyes peered out at you from shadows, and a sudden, chilling howl split through your troubled thoughts. Startled, and scared out of your wits, you barrel forward, not caring that branches are scraching you face, not caring that the undergrowth is thick here, and then all of a sudden, you stumble out on a path. It is not the path you had been walking before you had gone of the path, no, this one was overgrown with weeds and had crickets that had fallen silent as you bumbled out of the trees. The path was well treaded and hardpacked underfoot, as though many feet had walked this trail in the past. The hair-raising howl comes suddenly from the left and another answers it acroos from you, in the direction you had been heading. Then another answered those calls behind you, sounding bone chillingly close. You were surronded. Unless... You turn toward the right side of the path, deciding it might be your only chance of survival. You start to run as fast as you could, while a crow calls from a nearby treee, as if laughing at my eforts.

Your turn! (Geez, I was scaring myself) 

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