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Periwinkle paired us up, Lyric! I'm so excited to get to know you better! Since you probably don't know me very well, here's a bit about what I like to do: read, write, listen to music, post on the CB :), and going hiking. What do you like to do?

I saw from your form on the Make a Friend thread that you're interested in zentangles and now I have this burning question: What are zentangles? They sound interesting, from the name :)

Anyway, I'm very excited to talk about whatever you'd like!

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Hi Poinsettia, I'm also very excited! Some things I like to do are reading, writing, still-lifes, drawing, oil painting, decorating planners with positive doodles, and doing creative projects such as making magazines, maps, posters, newspapers, and the occasional carnival. Oh, and I also like to play board games, card games, and other things similar to board games.

Zentangles are an art style where you focus on drawing one line at a time, although they're also fun to color. They're supposed to be extremely relaxing and non-stressful. My favorite types of zentangles so far are verves, mandalas, and zendangles. I might post some on the CB one of these days.

What type of music do you like to listen to? I mostly listen to classical, and sometimes Disney and other movie music. Also, you mentioned that you made music in your form. Did you mean that you play an instrument?

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Hi, Lyric! I'm really sorry I took a while to reply, but I'm here finally!

Your favorite activities sound really interesting! You mentioned that you make magazines, and so do I!! I've been semi-publishing a literary magazine with my stories and poems in it for - oh help, it's already been a year and a half (gulp). Well, not really publishing it, more like distrbuting it among friends. It's amazing that you make maps and newspapers too! Do you make them maps and newspapers about fictional places and events, or real ones?

I love board games too. Have you heard of this game called Catan? Or else it's the Isle of Catan. (I have the version of it that's in Spanish, so I'm not quite sure what it's called in English.) It's like Monopoly, but the theme is that the players are shipwrecked on an island and gradually build towns, cities, and roads, making use of raw materials from the island. It's really fun.

I like to listen to country music (older country, not the newer songs) and traditional music from lots of different countries, including Ireland, Greece, and Mexico. And I do enjoy Disney and movie music. Sometimes when I listen to movie music, I imagine scenes in books or movies to match it, so it can help me in my writing. And in answer to your question, I play the ukulele and the piano, although not very often. Do you play any instruments?

Do you have any pets? What's your favorite animal? Guinea pigs and horses are among mine!

And thanks for telling me about zentangles! If you do decide to post any on the CB, I'd be very interested to see them! :)

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Um...hi? Courtesy of Poinsettia, I am now in this group. :)

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Upon rereading my answer to Lyric, I have found that I wrote "them maps and newspapers" and felt very embarrassed. Despite appearances, that was not a grammatical error, just a typing mistake or something.

Well, anyway, welcome to our group, Nut le Squirrel! We can talk about anything you feel like. I have a few questions to start the conversation - what kinds of music do you like? What activities do you like to do? What's your favorite subject in school? (I like literature and history, at the moment we're looking at the role of arms manufacturers in World War I, but that's a whole other topic).

Also, this may be a good moment to tell you, just in case you haven't had time to check, that I wrote the next part of the Tag Game story and tagged you for the next part! It's been almost a week though. It's just so you know! :)

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

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Hi Poinsettia! (and Lyric)

I both love your names so much! To answer your questions, Poinsettia, I really only listen to Disney music, I'm in a theater class, and it's going to be my first time ever in a musical! *squeals excitedly* We're doing a musical called Oz, and it's a shorter version of Wizard of Oz. We got our script today, and I already read the whole thing. We're doing singing auditions NEXT WEEK, and I'm going to be singing When Will My Life Begin! I'm excited and at the same time scared.

In terms of activities, I sort of take up knitting/crocheting. They are not the same thing, and I sort of prefer crocheting (much easier). I also like to play legos, A LOT, and I recently made a whole house for a small lego lamb I have. Almost everything is miniature in size! (I actually prefer making miniature things with legos, because big creations don't really do much, except for something on my desk. I also like to make avatars, if you'd like me to make one for you, you can just include your name, face appearance, body appearance, and clothing. Please make the clothing vague, my maker does not specialize in clothing.

As for my favorite subject, I believe I like literature best! I'm not too much in favor of my math and science teacher (one teacher teaches both subjects). History would be a second choice though. I love the Chatterbox, because it is literally so literature related!

And yes, I know that I'm late to the tag game, and I'm sorry about that, but I've never done romance before except between a male bee and a female bee. I was starting to write it, but my internet limits ran out, and it didn't save. I will try my best, though. Really, really sorry.

Sorry if this is a bit long, admins!


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Hello! Welcome to the Adventure Group, Rora! Sorry if I might have kept you waiting, Poinsettia. I’m only on the CB for up to half an hour per day, and I’ve been really busy with school (Newton's three laws of motion are tying my brain into knots).


Wow! I’m impressed that you’ve been able to keep up writing a magazine for a year and a half, Poinsettia. I’ve had several newspapers/magazines but they always stop whenever I get busy. I still have yet to publish more. My most successful one so far was a magazine called Monthly Magic, and I was able to publish it for five months. It was a magazine about fictional events in one of my fictional planets I’ve been mapping and worldbuilding for pretty much as long as I could write and draw.


I love to play Catan! I believe it’s called Settlers of Catan and I call it Settlers for short. My family has a habit of moving the robber from an empty territory to the desert…etc, unless they happen to be annoyed at another family member for one reason or another.


I play the piano, and I guess I’m pretty advanced at it, since I’ve been playing for several years now and am no longer intermediate.


I unfortunately do not have any pets currently, but some of my favorite animals are insects (but only some of the time), rodents, and birds. Rora, what is your favorite animal(s) and do you have a pet?


What genre do you like to write and/or read, Poinsettia and Rora? I like fantasy, historical fiction, and classics.


Also @Rora, the last time I wrote romance was about 3 or 4 years ago…and I never really tried any other type other than fairy-tale style romance, so I sympathize with you. I’m also not a very big fan of reading romance, I just find it very awkward and uninteresting most of the time.

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@Rora, you're so lucky that you're going to be in a musical! It must be great to be able to act in something. I hope the singing audition goes really well! Have you ever acted in any non-musicals before? (I don't know if non-musicals is even a word, but oh well.)

I enjoy making things with legos too, but my cousin is the main legos fan in our family. In fact he's a fan of making things with whatever is available. We'll be talking with him and my aunt virtually and he'll go off-screen for a bit, and come back to show us something amazing that he just made that day out of legos or paper or whatever. And he's only seven... And knitting and crocheting are really fun, although I agree that crocheting is much easier. What kinds of things do you make? So far I've basically stuck to scarves and headbands.

As for the tag game, don't worry! You can let the romance fade into the background if you want. I don't know why I put it in, except that I got quite inspired when the idea struck me, and also for some reason everything I write lately gets romance-influenced. It's odd, because, like Lyric, I don't often enjoy reading romances. Anyway, you can definitely focus on something else in the story instead if you prefer!

Lyric, I sympathize with the half-hour-a-day-on-the-CB thing. I'm supposed to only go on the CB every other day. (Supposed to. I'm having trouble sticking to that because the CB is so fun!) And Newton's laws of motion?? Yikes and wow, at the same time. What are your favorite/least favorite subjects in school?

My favorite genre for writing would be fantasy, I guess. I love being able to invent worlds and names. And it's always fun to write about magical things, without having to stick to reality! (btw, your Monthly Magic mag sounds great - and I love the name!) I also like realistic fiction, though. As for reading, I usually don't mind too much what the genre is, as long
as it's not horror or science fiction. But usually I don't read very recent books, because I can hardly
ever find any that I like. The main characters always seem to be sort of
difficult, and a lot of the books tend to be violent :/ Just wondering,
by "classics" do you mean Greek mythology (which is wonderful)? Sorry, I'm just not quite

Not very related, but do you prefer to write on paper, or on the computer? I like plain notebooks with margins and nice blue-lined paper. :) Also what about you, Rora? :D

@Lyric and Rora: if you could travel anywhere, where would you choose? I would go to Mexico, Portugal (which I went to before and loved) and Spain, to see the Alhambra (a bEaUtIfUl Moorish palace). Oh, and Paris also.

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Hi Lyric and Poinsettia!


Sorry to keep you waiting! I am choosing to reveal something: Lyric is my older sister.

Yes, she told me it was weird that she’s in the same group I was in, but I didn’t want to decline your kind invitation to join the Adventure Group.

We were keeping the secret that we were sisters so we could collaborate on a ski lodge so no one would guess us easily, but it got too weird for us. We wanted to let you know that we will be talking to only you, and not talking with each other, since we know each other so well.

Before we wanted to reveal ourselves as sisters, I wanted to say that I love doing zentangles as well, since we both have similar hobbies, but that would make us sound weird.


As for your questions for me, I will answer them now. Yes, it’s amazing to be in a musical! Lyric is also going to be in it! I had singing auditions yesterday, and thank goodness I didn’t get any breakdowns! The only mishap was that the music started loading and I had to sing on my own for the rest of the way. Nope, this my first time acting. (yikes)


Cool! I’ve been building so much lately.


And yes, I posted on the tag game…and managed! It was really short, though. Sometimes I’m watching movies, which somehow always have romance in them! Even if it’s just a little, I’m always like, “Aw man, why did they have to add that in?” I’m excited for the tag game to go on, though. It’s survived since I joined!


I like both, but I usually prefer typing a bit better. Writing on paper gives me cramps :D


I want to travel to our grandma’s house again! Or…haha. Hawaii. Any island really, I’d give anything for those white sand beaches.


Again, sorry for not replying!


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Oh, okay! Thanks for telling me! I admit I was really surprised when you revealed that you were sisters. It was the last thing I'd been expecting - you kept your secret really well :) It's such a coincidence that you ended up in the same group.

I know how it is when you're watching movies and a romance comes in - it's inevitable. It gets sort of predictable! If it's about a girl, the moment a boy appears you know he's going to end up being her boyfriend, and vice versa. I wish someone would make a movie where girls and boys are friends, rather than sweethearts, for a change.

Oh, traveling to Hawaii would certainly be wonderful. Beaches are so much funnnnn. And I also want to travel to my grandma's house... I've always loved it, and obviously I want to see my grandma again. What do you like best about your grandma's house?

I read your part of the tag game. It's okay that it's short! I'm glad the tag game is still surviving. It really has become an interesting story. I think Peri's up next - we shall see what direction the story takes under her guidance...

*tries to think of something else to say*

Well, I guess that's all for now... I haven't been doing much lately, just school. I just finished my math homework, and I've still got history homework waiting. I spent the morning doing yardwork, which is why I'm a bit behind. (Well, the other reason is that I got up really late this morning...) And I'm supposed to talk to my grandparents virtually in a bit, IF we can figure out what's the matter with their computer (for some reason their computer's microphone isn't working, so we can't hear them and we've had to talk on the telephone instead).

I hope this is interesting, and I'm looking forward to talking more soon with you and Lyric!!

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