ae introductions

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ae introductions

ae introductions

aiya! it's been too long since i've done one of these... may i present, illustria 'irina' celesti, aislynn 'azzy' arcane, and kurai 'amaryllis' kirameki! 

this is aislynn speaking, nyahaha! uhh, im aislynn, if that wasnt obvious, but i prefer raspberry or azzy, whatever ur comfortable w/ and im chill w/. anygays, i am she/they and proudly gay, and if u wanna oppose it lets just say ur not in for a very fun ti- 

az! this isn't a time to threaten new people, be polite! ehe, sorry, that was aislynn getting worked up. i'm illustria irina celesti, it's a pleasure to meet you. if it wasn't brought to your attention, i am the ruler of the Celestial Peak, and the blood that courses through my heavenly veins is purely that of the moon. i'm sorry, did that sound conceited? my bad...i was just reciting the speech my parents told me to give. on a brighter note, my identity. hmm, an interesting question. i am indeed female, and i do indeed use she/her pronouns. i am straight. please don't come at me for that... 

haha, you're overreacting! don't be so uptight, illust! this is a time for us to relax! anyways, heyyy! i'm kurai, u can call me amaryllis or lyss or kurai or really anything u want.. as long as i can recognize it, obviously! nyahahaa. anyways, i'm really nothing compared to aislynn, who's an experiment and therefore has half-water-mage-angel-thing properties, or illust, who's royalty! i'm just ur ordinary cof-

dont listen to kurai!! theyre lying ):< kurai is actually a descendant of-

hush, child. that'll be revealed in a later lore story- oop, no breaking the fourth wall! anyways, i'm they/them & aroace. yeah that means im not open. haehhahea.

for reference : aislynn is around 17, illust is around 15, and kurai is around... well, she looks like she's around 13, but she's actually been living on this planet for... i'd estimate a few centuries.


- th3mysticw0lf 

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