Not sure what

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Not sure what

Not sure what to name this



So i want to change my CB name but i don't have any ideas. Can anyone suggust any?  

submitted by Pancake, age Fresh, On A Plate
(November 3, 2022 - 8:37 pm)

I was just thinking of usernames that are related to food like the one you have now:



Candy King/Queen

If you're still stuck for ideas you could try using a username generator. Hope this helps!

submitted by Piano Man, age 12, nowhere
(November 4, 2022 - 10:29 am)

oooooooh i like all of those. Thank you for the ideas!

submitted by Pancake, age Fresh, On A Plate
(November 4, 2022 - 4:45 pm)

I think of you as a cheery, full of life person. So these are some of my ideas.






submitted by Reuby Moonnight
(November 4, 2022 - 5:38 pm)

Those are really nice as well! I kinda want to mix some.

submitted by Pancake, age Fresh, On A Plate
(November 5, 2022 - 7:48 am)

Maybe like Starkrash?

submitted by Reuby Moonnight
(November 5, 2022 - 12:08 pm)

That sounds really nice, but not me.

submitted by Pancake, age Fresh, On A Plate
(November 5, 2022 - 1:01 pm)



-Emerald, Tourmaline, Sapphire, or any other names of jewels that you like

-Aldebaran. That's the name of a star.

-Tarragon. (I believe that's an herb.)


-A first name that you don't have irl but you wish you did

-An invented name that sounds pretty. Examples: Ationa, Saralia, Zarinda.

submitted by Poinsettia
(November 6, 2022 - 11:09 am)

Aw, I like your name the way it is! I'll try to give you suggestions tho! Idk what kinds of names you're thinking:



Ceres or Eris (Dwarf planets that are pretty cool:)

Starry Cascade

Cinnamon Swirl 


I couldn't resist ... Waffles

Also, names in other languages can be fun! Good luck w/ your search!  

submitted by Flamarestii
(November 7, 2022 - 8:18 pm)

I really like Cinnamon Swirl and Eris. Also snowberry. AGH ICAN'T DECIDE

submitted by Pancake, age Fresh, On A Plate
(November 10, 2022 - 12:37 pm)

you've already gotten lots of suggestions, but i'll go & add some more--


-rowan/willow/any tree name

-february/november/again, any month name



-any random word you just like the sound of, really

gl on your renaming! 

submitted by Artemis
(November 8, 2022 - 3:30 pm)