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SKI LODGE GUIDE for new (and not-so-new) CBers!

So, I’ve noticed an influx in new CBers, and since a lot of you have just joined or have joined recently you may not know about some of the strange and wonderful traditions we have here! One of the most prominent of which is the Ski Lodge.


Ski Lodges were invented on the CB in the year 2012 (10 years ago!). Since then, dozens and dozens of them have been written and shared on here. Here are the basics:

It’s essentially a murder mystery, but with a twist. Traditionally, CBers will sign up (usually with some kind of form) on the thread that the host (who is usually under a pseudonym) has created. This thread will typically have an intro and a letter/some way of inviting you on a vacation to a unique location, with a form for you to fill out below. You fill out the form with information about yourself using your CB name, not an original character. Some, though not all, Ski Lodges will allow you to bring AEs and CAPTCHAs with you.

Now, once the host decides there are enough people in the Lodge, they will begin. It is common for the day to be written in shorter parts (ex. Day 1, Part 2) rather than all at once. People can read along and comment as they see what happens to them in the Lodge. As for what actually happens within the Ski Lodge, the author will write about the CBers and AEs arriving at the fictional vacation spot and start participating in activities. One by one, the guests will begin to die, killed off by one of their own (although no one but the host knows who it is), until everyone is dead and the killer is revealed.

One thing used commonly is the Mystery, a way to explain why the murderer is murdering people. Basically, the Mystery compells the murderer to kill against their will for the sake of the Lodge, which is a convenient tool for the story, but if it doesn’t fit then you don’t have to use it.

Yes, it sounds a little strange in theory, but they’re very fun to read and write, and CBers have come up with some really creative takes on it!

Here are some iconic Ski Lodges written through the years that are great for anyone wanting to read some: - The original Ski Lodge from 2012 - Lake Lillelo by Your Chaperones (Micearenice) - Ryokan Suzaran by Viola? and Alizarine - Magicae Palace by Luna-Starr

Everyone else, please feel free to join in and add information and/or your favorite Lodges to the list! I hope that maybe this thread has been helpful to some of you :)

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Oh, this is interesting! Quite helpful. One thing to note is that the murderer doesn't have to be one of the CBers, although I'm not sure if that has ever been done before. Other than that, I can't think of much to add here... you did a great job, @Just Another CBer! :) Thanks for adding the links, too.

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This is so COOL! All this history tends to get lost in the back pages :) Thx for putting this out there!

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