name change vote!

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name change vote!

name change vote!


I've been thinking of changing my CB name to something a bit different, so vote which of the names below you like the best:







submitted by Darkvine, age namechange
(November 29, 2022 - 9:22 pm)

Well, I like Darkvine... but of the other names, I would vote for Vine. (captcha says wnhne - I think it's voting for Vine too! Or else it's saying "When have names evolved?")

submitted by Amethyst
(November 29, 2022 - 9:36 pm)

I liked the name Darkvine, but my choice would be NightVine! Or else maybe Vineshadow or Nightshade. Oh dear, I'm not being very helpful, am I? I've chosen three out of five names! I guess I choose NightVine as my favorite.

submitted by Poinsettia
(November 30, 2022 - 10:15 pm)

I think Nightshade and NightVine sound better than the others! Honestly I like "Vine" the least. Like, it would be fine as a nickname, but it sound kinda plain by itself.

It's your choice though, we'll still accept your name whatever you choose, Darkvine!

submitted by Jaybells, Lost, somewhere
(December 1, 2022 - 7:28 am)

Nightshade is really pretty! I am actually thinking of changing my name but I'm not sure yet. Vine is also pretty nice.

submitted by Pancake, age Fresh, On A Plate
(December 1, 2022 - 8:27 am)

My fav's Talons_and_Tails

submitted by Tsuki the Skywolf
(December 1, 2022 - 9:20 am)

I like Vine best. NightVine feels too close to Darkvine, but slighly less elegant.

submitted by Hex
(December 1, 2022 - 12:58 pm)

WOAH! Since when did you want to change your AWESOME name??

Well, here's my suggestions. Lola G. Fanwing was not my favorite. Darkvine suits you really well, but you could call yourself something along the lines of moons! Like, MoonWing? Or CrescentWing? Or LunaWing? Nevermind that sounds like Lunawolf.

Or something along Shadow. You could call yourself Darkshadow or something like that, just to keep the essence of your old CB name. 

Oh dear those were just suggestions. Well, for votes Talons_And_Tails sounds adorable, but I do believe someone's AE's name was Nightshade. I woud lean towards Talons and tails.

submitted by Rora
(December 1, 2022 - 3:12 pm)

I like Darkvine a lot, but I do like Nighshade too!

submitted by Sterling, age 16 winters, lost in a fantasy world
(December 1, 2022 - 3:18 pm)

I like Nightshade & Vine, personally - although you do have a pretty cool name already :)

submitted by Artemis
(December 1, 2022 - 3:55 pm)

Aw, you're changing your name? I really did like Darkvine, but I guess Nightvine works too! :)

submitted by the-antiquarian-
(December 1, 2022 - 4:37 pm)

NightVine sounds spooky, so does Vineshadow. But considering you love of dragons, I like Talons_and_Tails.

submitted by Midnight Phantom
(December 1, 2022 - 5:28 pm)

It's going to be hard for me to disassociate the name Darkvine from you but I do really like the name Nightshade. Also hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in forever, I've just been kinda stalking and reading others posts. 

submitted by LunaWolf , age 13 , Narnia
(December 1, 2022 - 5:40 pm)

Darkvine, noooooo!! I love your name already! but if you must... *heaves a sigh*


submitted by Hawkstar
(December 1, 2022 - 9:48 pm)

I have been thinking about changing my name too! Your name is already awesome, but if if want to change it I would say.... Nightshade.

submitted by Moonwatcher, age 13, Rainwing Village, Pyrrhia
(December 2, 2022 - 11:04 am)

Nightshade (that just sounds beautiful, probably because most things with 'night' in it are beautiful to me) 

submitted by Rainbow, age idk guess, Mystical Fog, She/they
(December 2, 2022 - 11:23 am)