AE Diaries!!!

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AE Diaries!!!

AE Diaries!!!

I don't know about you lizards, but I love my AEs and am really bad at commitment. So I don't really sign up for parties a lot. I still want to write with them, though! Hence this thread.

Here we can write about whatever they're doing when they aren't at parties, weather that be hanging out with their siblings, being their antisocial selves, going on dates (CB appropriate, ofc), or having adventures that have actual plots.

After this shows up, I'll post a link to the original thread by Viola? and an example of how this works :]]

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This looks like fun!

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^ original


-I spent a lot of time today figuring out Christmas presents. I want to make some DIY stuff, but I also want it to be things that people would actually like, so I opted for a mix of the two.-

-For Oliver, I’m going to make a drawing of him and some of his favorite characters, and get a few new fidgets/stim toys. Dawn was easy; I’m getting aer a weeping fig tree and new watering can, which I’ll paint flowers on. I’m going to decorate a few notebooks for Aliza and get her some new crayons. Tempest was a bit harder, but I decided on some noise-canceling headphones (they’ve been having a lot more sound sensitivity lately), and making a few pins and patches. I’m still not sure about Writing. I’m thinking about getting a beanbag chair and making some sort of dessert… But those are more for everyone.-

-I’ll decide later. Right now though, I have to get myself some lunch. I’ll probably end up making Aliza’s too.-

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Phew! Today was a rush! So many customers. I did come up with a new Cream puff recipie. Pepermint Vinella! 

I am soooo excited for the Christmas Party! Miras coming! I don't knwo if Chai is...come tho think of it...I don't know very many AEs...and that's sad.  I want to know eeeeeeveryone! I want to go into a room and be able to say "HI!" to everyone!

Hmmmmm. I wonder...if I should evnvite  the AEs, to my Cafe for a small party/gathering!Hmmmmmmm!

waaaaaaaah...Lore's shipped is Hour :< I want a boyfriend. I wanna be shipped...(maybe the gathering could be an exscuse for some...looking)...but there's no one I'm interested in... TTmTT

More on shipping tommorow! PS: I've been trying new hairstyles! Twintails, Ponytails, Braids and Buns. I wonder which would look best?! 

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So I guess Starli's thinking of making a new AE. We only have four, why not five? Maybe she'll adopt one. I hope not. I don't want more people to annoy me.

Starli's AEs do a secret Santa every year. It's tradition. I don't know who got who yet, but it's all homemade gifts. Which isn't easy for the less crafty ones of us, but we make it work. I got Sun.

Sun is hard to make a gift for. So is Ellerie, but she seems to appreciate everything. Evee's the easiest, he loves everything. I'm making Sun a bracelet, with leather strands. It has a stone in the middle, probably aquamarine. The bead holding it together is wood and has a sun carved into it. I think he'll like it.

I want to know who got me. Last year, Sun got me, I got Ever, Ever got Ellerie, and Ellerie got Sun. We weren't ever supposed to tell who got us, but I guess Starli (she knows who everyone got) must've slipped and told us it on accident.

Either way, im excited for Christmas. Maybe getting a new AE, hot cocoa, Christmas music and movies. It's fun. And I hate most things. 

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heh i was just thinking that Tilly needed a diary.i will post it tomarrow hopefly

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~Ariella~ (my new AE)

~I had the funnest time today! (Is funnest even a word? If it's not, OH WELL because I think it should be.) I went to a new store with Poinsettia and bought two new dresses - one teal blue, and one scarlet. Poinsettia said I was in need of good jeans and I already have five dresses, so why do I want more?

Because they're pretty, that's why!

After that we went to a cafe to have something to eat. There was a rather cute boy there - he talked with us a bit and said his name was Kieran - I wonder if I'll see him again.

I don't really care whether I do or not, though.

I don't know why I'm feeling like this right now. It's a mix of emptiness, dissatisfaction - and something else, I don't really know what it is. Maybe - oh, what the heck, I don't like analyzing myself. I'll feel all right when I go to the party tomorrow in that gorgeous teal blue dress.~


This is a good way to develop AEs! I'll probably be doing this a lot in future. :)

Iffy says "whond"?!

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So I'm new. Yeah.

I like this place! It's fun- my bedroom is Sun's old bedroom, and it's small, but cool. There's a balcony connecting my bedroom to Ellerie's. I don't know Starli's AEs well yet, but they all seem cool. I don't know what people write in diaries about... so I guess I'll just put my first impressions of Starli's AEs:

Ever: This guy's really fun to be around. I like talking to him, he's really energetic and has really good dares in truth or dare. He also is pretty good-looking, I kinda wish I looked like him.

Ellerie: I haven't seen much of her, she's usually outside, sometimes on runs or walks and sometimes just sitting there. From what I can tell, she thinks a lot, but she also seems adventurous. I'm going on a walk with her tomorrow morning.

Meg: I've always been told if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all. Not like I've followed that anyways, but Meg breaks the contract. She reminds me of Trish from Austin and Ally (remind me to stop watching TV with Ever...) She's nice on the inside, but very uh... mean.

Im going to a Christmas party tomorrow. I'm really excited, Starli even helped me rent out a suit. My first CB party! I won't be alone, Ever and Ellerie are going, too. And I may have somebody to talk to...

I think it was Meg who figured out I like a girl. Yes, I do, I get it. I was reading through the party forms and... her name's Strawberry. She's... amazing. I really hope I get to talk to her. And I really hope no one gets their hands on this diary.

You DO realize I'm posting this, right? The whole CB can read it...

w h a t


Can you... not?

NOPE *posts comment* 

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Aaaaah! The party starts today! I'm so HAPPY! Mira will be there. And Reuby has a new AE. Her name's Kamryn. I don't think she likes me very much. I mean, whats not to like? About me? I am awsome! On the topic of like, some one want to be shipped with me! And guess what? I said yes! His name is Five, and he's really nice...well. I haven't met him yet, but I think he is! That's all for now! Strawberry out!


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tophats :p

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#It’s really cold out, and I could easily shift into something with fur or blubber or something and feel perfectly fine, but I kind of like it. It stings my face and makes my eyes water. It makes me feel… grounded, I guess. Reminds me that I have a stable form. It’s comforting.#
#When I went for a walk earlier, I found my way to a cliff looking out over the ocean. So what did I do? I did what anyone would do. I ran, and I jumped, shifting wings, catching myself right before I fell into the water. It was so refreshing; I’ve felt really pent up in the house lately, and Writing hasn't been using me as much as usual. So this was exactly what I needed.#
#I flew around for a bit longer before heading back. Part of me didn’t really want to go back, I don’t think. Agh, I feel like a mess. I don’t like it.#
#Maybe I should try and make a friend.#
Anyone up for meeting Tempest on one of their walks? Or something like that? 
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Sure, all my AEs need friends/acquaintances so that would be great!

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I mean, Ellerie could if you want? They haven't talked in a while lol, but it's totally fine if you want them to meet new people and not just the same person haha XD

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I'm so glad Tempest can have some friends~

Starli, I think it would be great for Tempest and Ellerie to meet up again, maybe really soon (IE- one of us starting a rp in a few days)

And Pointsetta, I'm sure my AEs and yours could be great friends, but I don't really know much about yours? If they have an entry thread or something I could go and read it, but I want to know a bit of their personalities before they interact with mine :] 

Sorry if this doesn't quite make sense, I'm really tired, overstimulated, overwhelmed, and emotional rn lol 

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Of course! Here are the ones I've finished developing so far:

-Ariella (pronouns she/her), who's very giggly and gossipy, but fun and humorous. She doesn't like seriousness or intellectuality very much.

-Sapphire (pronouns she/her), who's rebellious, charismatic, and a definite leader

-Aravis (pronouns she/her), who's friendly, likes taking charge, and is very true to herself

I do have others, but I haven't decided on their names yet. (I really ought to get around to doing that soon.) I put their personalities on my thread for AE name suggestions in CaC, if you're interested in checking them out.

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Uh, I know my AEs are friends with a lot of yours already, but it might be funny if Indy ran into Tempest? Just an idea, of course - after Tempest and Ellerie scared Indy at the party, I thought it might actually be interesting if they talked again. 

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