AE Friend Matchmaking!

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AE Friend Matchmaking!

AE Friend Matchmaking!

Are your AEs bored or lonely?  Do they want/need friends?  If so, this is the thread for you!  This is obviously inspired by the blind AE dates thread by The Matchmaker, so credit goes to them for the idea.

I'll match pairs and trios of AEs depending on personalities and interests.  You can also request an AE to be paired with a specific other AE.  Feel free to make another thread for your AEs to chat once they've been matched, or you can do it here.

Here's the form -








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I'll enter both of my AEs.

Okay, here's my form.

Name: Cora

Pronouns: aer/aers

Personality: ENTP-T, likes meeting people, is not spontaneous, but is very thoughtful. 

Hobbies: Reading, playing any instrument

Likes: 90s rock, classical, and bluegrass. No, the form means what you like. But those are the kinds of music I like. Fine.

Dislikes: Watching Leotea.

Other: Very addicted to chocolate.

Fiiiine. I'll do it.

Name: Leotea

Pronouns: aer/aers

Personality: ISFJ-T, very empathetic and quiet. Not very spontaneous. Knows what people are like at first glance. No, you don't. You think you do, though.

Hobbies: Hiking, anything related to nature

Likes: Anything related to nature, exploring

Dislikes: Civilization


Other: Should be watched so she doesn't get lost.

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#WHY Mira World?!#

{Sign. Up.}

-I got lazy with Periculosa's bold talking so I've been leaving it off.


Name:  Mira

Pronouns: she/her

Personality: She's loud, enthusiastic, exciting, and doesn't like to be bored. If you give her an inch she'll take a mile. She might go off-topic really quickly, too.

Hobbies: Welll, she likes to fight with Lyre sometimes, because naturally there's no way to avoid it. She really likes to fruit pick her strawberries because she lives on a farm, and she really likes to hang out with friends. Oh, yes. And she loves to make clay charms of strawberry keychains.

Likes: Going to bed late, Chatterbox, other AEs just like her, and playing at the beach. Sunny days are her kind of days, and she really likes celebrating her Un-birthdays and birthdays. Traveling to Mira World is extremely fun for her. Parties are pretty great. And last of all, she's obsessed with strawberries.

Dislikes: Lyre, when she doesn't get her way, whenever she's bored, rain, and socks. She really loathes socks, because when I was little I really despised socks. And now I'm wearing them 24/7.

Other: This info is not very necessary, but I'm just going to include it anyway. She's been in a group with Strawberry, Reuby's AE, multiple times.


#I'm not filling in the form thing.# 



#I don't know, maybe introvert in public.#

#Making keychains with Mira.#

#I like books. And sanrio. Sketching under my tree is fun. I like cherries.#

#Mira, but she's getting a little better. The color red, which is Mira's favorite color.#

#I've been in a group with someone called Artemis but I don't have any friends.#


{I don't want to fill in my form, either.}

{Periculosa, Lisa for short. Forgive me, I used to be bold but Rora won't do it anymore.}


{extroverted sometimes.}

{Archery and fire.}

{Hmm, this is hard...I'm just going to say looking after my younger cousin, aka Mira.}

{I'm pretty boring, and I've been in a group with Ellerie before.} 

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Name:&Cori Alexander!&


Personality:&I find my slef to be quite calm, chill and laid back. But I can be energetic if I want too :> &

Hobbies:&Making music, walking my dog (Mr Bob), drinking tea and swimming.&

Likes:&Dogs, cold weather, coffe, music and dyed hair.&

Dislikes:&Super hot days (cant stand them), pushy questions and silence.&

Other: &N/A&


Name:#Mhaya Moonnight#


Personality:#Quite, book worm, very board, not childish even though I'm a child.#

Hobbies:#Reading, reading and more reading.#

Likes:#Reading, green tea (even though mom says I can't have any), black cats and sweaters.#

Dislikes:#Pushy questions, people who treat me like a child.#


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My AE's are new so they definitely need friends! Aspen and Juno are the most extroverted and are getting bored without friends so I'm just signing them up for now. 


Name: §Juno§

Pronouns: §She/her§

Personality: §Outgoing and extroverted! I love sports and I like being in charge. I can lose my temper easily but I try my best to be a good friend.§

Hobbies: §Sports (I like soccer, baseballl, and track), I guess I go on hikes with Ori a lot, basically anything that's active and gets me moving because i have a very short attention span§ 

Likes: §Learning new sports, running in the woods, hanging out with friends (though my only friends at the moment are my siblings), making up games with Fin, dancing crazily  to loud music in my room§

Dislikes: §Sitting still, being bored, when Aspen won't stop singing, being told I'm bad at anything (yes I know that sounds vain but I DONT LIKE IT)§

Other: §I hope to find a friend that will go on adventures with me :D§ 


Name: {Aspen!} 

Pronouns:{She/her please} 

Personality: {I like acting and musicals. I was born for the stage *dramatic pose*! Just kidding but I do love performing. I also love listening to music and singing. I can listen to music for hours. Oh also dancing! My dream is to be in a musical.} 

Hobbies: {Listening to music in my room, singing, choreographing dances then performing them, loudly belting musicals in the car (I'm usually a better singer but who doesn't love to belt sometimes?), and also playing piano} 

Likes: {Doing all of my hobbies, also I like to talk about my favorite shows and books and songs, read Finleys writing, and read} 

Dislikes: {I really don't like when people are mean to my siblings especially Finley (I'm kinda protective of her)} 

Other: {I'm looking for a friend who will listen to what I say and who I can have lots of fun with} 

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Name: SunGem

Pronouns: she/they

Personality: Shy, quiet, sneaky, likes the sun, hates the night, likes to be active, hates cold, tends to watch people from her window, gets embarassed easily, hardly ever removes her mask.

Hobbies: Watching people, being active

Likes: The sun, being active

Dislikes: The night, taking off her mask

Other: *I talk like this i guess...*


Name: StarBeam

Pronouns: she/her

Personality: Lazy, talkitive, startles easily, short-tempered, stubborn, prefers a small group of friends, will storm off if she gets too mad.

Hobbies: Reading, sleeping

Likes: a small group of friends

Dislikes: lots of people

Other: *I talk like this. o/*

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BTW SunGem talks with one * in front and at the end of her talking. StarBeam only has one at the beginning, which I forgot about. Also SunGem will be in Italic from now on and StarBeam with be in bold.


*So this is how I now talk I guess.*

*This my new talking way! 

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Signing up Mirage and Fir because they really need to interact with other AEs~

Name: Mirage

Pronouns: she/her

Personality: She’s quiet, considerate, and kind. Mirage loves art and writing, but she’s hesitant to share her work with anybody but her sibling Fir. She’s very shy, but if she gets to know someone, she’s very loyal and will do almost anything for them. Uncomfortable in social situations

Hobbies: Sketching, watercolor paintings, journaling, playing piano

Likes: Classical music, reading, poetry, sweaters, journaling, watercolors, tea, the color gold, the smell of rain, road trips, magnolias, stargazing, lakes, nature

Dislikes: Cities, loud noises, climate change, bright lights, my other AE Barnacle, people invading her space, annoying people

Other: she speaks ~like this~


Name: Fir

Pronouns: They/them

Personality: They have a wild imagination – they’re always thinking up crazy stories or elaborate games to play with my other AEs, and love to go on adventures. They’re a bit childish and spontaneous, but their heart is good. They’re extremely protective and you don’t want to get them angry. They're close with Mirage, but they really want to get to know more AEs other than just mine. 

Hobbies: Exploring, telling stories, hiking, camping, climbing stuff

Likes: Campfires, dusty roads, new places, going on adventures, their sister Mirage, rivers, forests, the color green, climbing trees

Dislikes: Being bored, being inside, rules, sitting still, authority figures

Other: they speak like this

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Name: Ariella

Pronouns: She/her

Personality: Talkative, fun-loving, not at all serious

Hobbies: Sewing, fashion designing, drawing

Likes: Chocolate, clothes, magazines, laughing

Dislikes: Anything serious or intellectual, people who are grumpy or stubborn, insects

Other:  nope!

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I'll be signing Liam up, as well as Kate. Well, Kate has many friends, but Liam needs some more--that's for certain.

Hey! *blushes adorably* Echo, come on...

*evil snicker* Time to sign up...!

Name: Liam Hallowswift--just Liam, please.

Pronouns: He/Him/His. I'm 15.

Personality: I'll fill this out! He's usually kind and happy, and he loves sports. Basically he's my outgoing and sporty AE.

Hobbies: Sports and gaming.

Likes: Um. Sports and gaming. Cookies.

Dislikes: Social studies...but I like language and math.

Other: N/A.


Name: Hey, I'm Kate.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers. I'm 12.

Personality: Brave, and exciting to be around! I get into fights a lot, though.

Hobbies: Gaming, defending the playground.

Likes: Gaming, defending the playground.

Dislikes: School. Ugh.

Other: N/A.

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Since this thread hasn't been active for like a week, I'll give everyone a few days if they still want to submit AEs and then release the groups!

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The groups are, drumroll please...

Letoa and Mhaya are the Tea Group!

Liam, Juno and Periculosa are the Adventure Group!

Lyre, Cori and StarBeam are the Cozy Group!

Cora and Aspen are the Colorful Group!

Mira and Fir are the Flower Group!

SunGem and Mirage are the Celestial Group!

Kate and Ariella are the Art Group!

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Yep, that's us. TheChaosTeam

{Ok...Juno or Liam? Do you want to make the thread?}

#Cori and StarBeam...nice to meet you....Let me know if you guys make the thread or not...#


#Here we go again.....#

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