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Artificial Intelligence

A thread about Artificial intelligence (AI)! It's changing everything and doing things that would have been unimaginable a few decades ago, with, naturally, unimaginable consequences. I thought maybe we should have an actual thread where we can discuss it and what it means for the future. So, what do you guys think about it? What should AI be used for? Will it change our ability to work as writers and artists? What about misinformation: since AI can create images that look identical to photographs (I've seen some of them), and also spread misinterpretations or outright lies, how should we change reporting and news coverage? Here we can talk about these questions! I'll post my own thoughts once this goes up.

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(March 6, 2023 - 8:43 pm)

AI is so cool but actually scary. 

If the AI has access to all the human fantasies about robots taking over the world, well, a lot can go wrong. Also, there is so much bad stuff out there that the AI could learn from and that wouldn't be good either. 

Besides that, it's pretty cool.  

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Why what? And who be ye, ye unknown stranger who cometh through our thread? Be YE a chatbot?

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(March 7, 2023 - 9:58 pm)

Anyone ever heard of ChatGPT? It's currently the most powerful AI there is. Poinsettia, the AI that can create images is called DALLE•2, and made by the same company that made ChatGPT. I actually don't think AI will take over the world, since AI is only as good as the instructions and information it is fed. Although it could do a good job of making an essay about a book about robots taking over the world, unless they were given permission to do so, they would not. Also, robots don't have likes or wants, so they will not feel an urge to take over the world, unless (technically), the programmers program them to. I personally think AI is great for some things but not for others--for example, I am uncomfortable with the idea of robotic pets or robot babysitters--the sixth Explorer Academy book explains what happens when people become attached to robots whom they think are people. Because the thing that makes relationships meaningful is that the people CHOOSE to have those positive relationships and to be your friend, and they are not just programmed to do so. Of course dogs don't really choose who their owner is, but they can choose whether or not to be nice to the owner. So I think AI is fine for logic, but not for emotion.

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(March 7, 2023 - 7:48 pm)

My shul's purim spiel last night was based off of it! Except it was KibbutzGPT. It was funny, especially with this one part where it turned into that part in 2001 Space Odyssey..... 

But I digress 

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(March 7, 2023 - 9:22 pm)

My shul's purim spiel couldn't be more different; it is called Mordechai on the Roof, and is based on (you guessed it) Fiddler on the Roof. There is one person at our temple who used actual roof shingles to make the "roof" look super realistic. Also, this time there are two on the roof: the fiddler and Mordechai. I played Haman and the Rabbi, which fortunately didn't appear in the same scene, though they did appear in consecutive scenes. The night of the show, afterward I was so sad it was over but fortunately my mom (the director) is trying to organize a cast party where we can watch it and some audience members actually wanted us to go on the road with it so the director asked us to all keep our lines in the back of our heads. We actually all used WhatsApp to communicate oh WHY do I pronounce it "what's up" and not "what's app". I joked that my lines are in the front of my head because they are so memorable. We even got show shirts that say "Mordechai on the Roof" on the front and the cast list on the back.

Rainbow, I remember at one point you mentioned going to TvT. Do you live in SoCal? We might live pretty close to each other! (I live in SoCal as well) 

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(March 8, 2023 - 5:35 pm)

YES Golden Lion Tamarin! I completely agree with you. I realize that AI could be useful for a lot of things - for example, seeking patterns in diseases to be able to suggest new medicines, or things like that. But what is most important to keep in mind is that it is not a human being and that it's just looking at patterns and could easily make an error without even realizing it - because how can it realize it? In short, it doesn't think. We, as thinking human beings, have to take the information it gives us and use it carefully.

It's also completely useless for emotional things, as, obviously, it has no emotions. The trouble with ChatGPT is that it's so refined that it acts as if it does have emotions, saying things that sound angry, or sad, or passionate. But that's only because it's been given so much material that people have written, that by now it can copy a human's tone. It doesn't go beyond that, and therefore it often goes completely crazy in its "emotions" - there was an article in the New York Times that I read in school the other day where a journalist was "chatting" with a new chatbot called Bing, which started vowing that it loved him!!!! But then when another journalist "chatted" with it, it started calling him names.

And, of course, these things only do what engineers program them to do. It is completely impossible that an AI robot's "intelligence" could ever equal the intelligence of a human mind, or get its own ideas. Furthermore, although it can be programmed to write things like news articles, no robots are creative, and can never really do things like write stories half as well as people can.

Anyway, that's what I think :) If anyone disagrees with something I'm saying, feel free to remark on it.

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(March 7, 2023 - 9:32 pm)

Yessss I agree with pretty much everything everyone has said! Also, I specifically hate AI art. ARggGg, I won't go into all the reasons, unless anyone wants me to. But let me just say that  AI shouldn't be replacing artists.

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(March 8, 2023 - 7:50 am)

I know, I tried Dalle•2 and it is terrible at drawing hands and fingers, it just makes them look like this big blob.

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(March 8, 2023 - 5:29 pm)

y'know lizards, someone recently made a robot arm that lets a houseplant wield a machete.


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Do you get Muse too, Darkvine?

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yeah, I get Muse! :D

and I looked up the plant machete and apparently the same guy made a gun controlled by flies :0 

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(March 9, 2023 - 4:23 pm)

I'm glad y'all have been addressing this! As with most things, AI is in essense good, but it's really unfortunate how it gets used sometimes. AI should definitely not replace writers and artists, and I really don't think it will. There's something about human talent that is so special and unique and just can't be replaced by a computer, even if it's a computer that's techinically "smarter" than people are. 

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(March 9, 2023 - 8:47 pm)

To me, AI is something like a tool to get stuff done rather than anything else. I don't think that AI should replace humans in any scenario, especially the workforce. Even if an AI/robot were given the job of, say, picking blackberries, because the AI would perhaps be more efficient at its job, every human who had been replaced would be out of a job. Even though the jobs that can be replaced by machines are sometimes considered less pleasant, those jobs are also ones that don't need as much training; therefore, if someone's job is replaced by an AI (and the same happens with all similar low-level-of-training jobs) but the person doesn't have very much training/education, it'll be harder for them to find a job. The workforce would shift to more making AI do work than doing the work, which for me would be less of a welcome change, because if I, for instance, am a landscaper and manage to get a fallen tree using ropes and pulleys out of the roadway then that's satisfying, but if some sort of robot controlled by me has actually managed to get it ut then that's less satisfying.
AI is kind of useful for stuff where humans would be seriously hurt, annoyed, angry, chaotic, and so on, like space exploration and hazardous waste disposal, but on the whole I think that it should remain, in terms of its place in the world and not its technological advancement, where it is now.

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