Just Saying(:

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Just Saying(:

Just Saying(:




I havent been on CB for ages, and now I'd say "I'm Back!" and "Hi!  I'm Trixy blahblahblah...!", and waste your time, but I've done that before for anyone that's left here that would even remember me, they'd remember I have had trouble... staying on.  For anyone who wants hear me blahblahblah you're more than welcome.  But for now I'll cut it short.


A couple things:


How are things now?  Are there any Old Timers left?  I havent heard from Laura and Koffee those kids in forever!  Did I miss out on anything monumental, Pie Wars, competitions, newspapers, get-togethers?(:  I'm curious, and i miss talking to intelligent people; the stupid public highschool I transferred to is proving less than satisfactory.  Oh homeschooling, how I miss you, so much freedom... I could go on a rampaging rant if provoked.




Looks like there's a new band of 'buggies!  I don't recognise any names anymore, besides TNO.(:   I've just been snooping around breifly and y'all seem pretty inteligent, and calm -hahaha, compared to us "Old Timer" kids getting all huffy about God and Global Warming and such.  In the words of my little brother, we were "noobs."(:  Just saying.  I thought that I would make you guys feel all special n stuff.(:


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