I just smashed

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I just smashed

I just smashed my gingerbread cake while taking it out of the pan. I'm depressed and my masterpiece is ruined. 

What are your cooking mistakes? 


Dora says hipo. I guess hippos are her new favorite animals. :) 


Even though you say you smashed your cake, it may still taste great! Everything that's less than perfect is a learning experience. I tried to make Hot Cross Buns for company once and the yeast must have been too old or else I killed it because they didn't rise at all and were solid, dense, and hard as a rock.


Another time I made "Merlin's Magic Future Cake," really a pyramid of stacked cupcakes with various fortunes inside certain ones. The whole structure was covered with white fluffy boiled icing, which I'd never made before. It looked great at first, but before cake time at the party the cupcakes started sliding apart and off the cake plate, turning it into Merlin's Avalanche! Still tasted fine though.


One year my little sister poured a whole cup of salt instead of sugar into the pumpkin pie while my mother was making it, not discovered until the first person tasted it at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Another year the turkey slid off the platter onto the kitchen floor. There was nothing to do but pick it up, put it back on the platter, and serve it.



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(January 4, 2012 - 10:15 am)

One time, I was making chocolate chip cookies from scratch.  I had it mixed perfectly and put it in the oven on a cookie sheet.  Later, I smelled them burning.  When my mom took them out, they had turned into one big cookie and was spilling over the edges of the cookie sheet.  I hadn't spaced the cooies out enough on the cookie sheet!  My mom had to go out and buy some store-bought cookie dough because I had used up some of the ingredients.  They sold pretty well at a bake sale the next day.  And everyone who ate the extras loved them.

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(January 5, 2012 - 5:49 pm)