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Okay, I know there's already a bunch in Inkwell right now, but I needed something new. The other ones are not moving or are too developed for me.

Here's my character: Nathaniel

Age: 13

Appearance: Normal looking by regualr standards, with plain brown hair and a gaunt look on his face.


Nathaniel was filled with a fiery rage. Why was it always HIM they decided was nothing special? He would show them! Nathaniel walked away from the building, not believing he had been rejected. It's not like EVERYONE can turn invisible! He filled out about fifteen applications, did one thousand pushups for them, and turn invisble. He couldn't believe they wouldn't let him into superhero school. Just because he couldn't fly.

Nathaniel didn't want to feel the rejection. He was not normal. He did not fit in with normal people. The truth that the people at Shane's Academy, also known as Superpoweed School, were telling him was that he didn't fit in with them either. He didn't fit in anywhere. He felt himslef unwittingly turn invisible and stalk down the road.


Don't feel afraid to use someone else's character or add something that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot! 

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Sorry. I've been busy. I will write when time allows.

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Legion I, you should  post next. I was hoping my post would help others post, but you should post.

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I'm not sure what will really go next in the story.. Any ideas? I'm having a hard time, are they going to jump in a book or find storm or get captured by Giovanni? There are so many possibilites...Sorry

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Well, Brooke, Catherine, and Storm are waiting outside. I was waiting for Red or Ruby to write, but you could introduce the others to them.

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We both know what we want to do, but we can wait until you guys are done with this portion. it doesn't matter. We're waiting for one of you to write so we can go off of that.

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So. Time allows. 

Ummmm.... I'm just going to say that Leo, Amber, and Nathaniel have all been introduced and stuff and cut off the last few paragraphs from my last segment. Or something roughly like them. Or maybe it'll be different. Oh, I'll just write. Nathaniel, you're on~

John moaned from on the floor. "We should do something abou him," said Amber. "Before he wakes up." Nathaniel nodded, and then shook his head.

"But what would we do? Would it be better to leave him and get out of here as fast as we can, or put him in a closet or something, first?" Nathaniel sighed. "John can get out of any trap we set. If we're just going to end up leaving, it doesn't matter where we leave him."

"Okay," Amber nodded. "That makes sense." John groaned again.

"There's still not much time before he wakes up. We have to hurry up," goaded Leo.

Nathaniel looked back at the door Amber and Leo had entered through. It looked like some sort of storage place. He wanted to go back there so bad, just to look, to see if John hadn't disposed of his stolen powers, to see if he could get them back.

"We have to go," said Leo again. "Now."

There's no time, Nathaniel thought. Don't think about it, don't think about it, just go. Go. He nodded. "The exit is over there." 

They ran out the door, and found themselves in what was the alleyway beside Nathaniel's apartment building. I wonder what would happen if you went in the front door.

Don't be silly, Nathaniel told himself. You'd probably just fall into John's trap again. And the other people are probably brought into a different trap. 

"Where are we going to go now?!" Amber asked wildly. "John will wake up soon and--"

"We'll go to Brooke's place," said Nathaniel firmly. The other two stared at him. "Brooke's a friend of mine. If we jog there, we can get there in fifteen minutes."

Leo grinned at the prospect of jogging, and kept telling Nathaniel and Amber the whole time that they "Were going too slow." When they did finally reach the bakery, Leo didn't seem tired at all, while Amber and Nathaniel were panting and sweating. They went through the back road, down an alleyway, and up another street to the back of the bakery, the same route Brooke had taken Nahtaniel and Elexhiia on earlier.

"What is this place?" asked Leo cautiously.

"Trust me," said Nathaniel. He opened the door to the little makeshift house, and felt four pairs of eyes turn to stare at Leo, Amber, and himself. It seemed that Storm, the boy whose set Nathaniel had aparently stolen, and another kid from Shane's, Catherine, had joined the party.

"Hi?" Nathaniel said awkwardly. 


Does that make things better? 

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That's good! I'll just keep moving stuff until we get the chance to do what we want to do.

"Hi?" Nathaniel said awkwardly. 

"Hi?" I said back, a bit confused. Two other people stood beside Nathaniel in the doorway. Introductions went around. Storm was careful not to reveal his flying power, I noticed. I wondered if he was hiding other powers. I wasn't too surprised to meet another jumper. I knew they existed and I was bound to run into one somewhere. Still, I was delighted to meet Leo and I wondered if we could become good friends. 

"We left John tied up unconcious in a warehouse room, but I think he's waking up soon," the girl, Amber, said nervously. "He controls minds, right? He'll probably be coming back soon. We need to be careful."  

"No, we don't," Storm said calmly. Our heads swiveled to him.

"What are you talking about?" Brooke asked.

He lifted his finger to his mouth in a 'shh' motion that I found annoyingly patronizing. I was tempted to kick him in the shins for that. Storm opened his hand to reveal a cell phone lying flat in the palm of its hand. Speaker phone was turned on. 

"Hello, you have just reached Lillian Ingrid Electronics, Chartette Langly speaking. How may I help you?" A formal female voice issued from the phone. 

Storm smiled (evilly, I thought. That smile meant he was up to no good.) and said, "Hello, Chartette. I think you know how you can help me."

The woman gasped. "Is- is that- Storm, your father wants you dead! You're considered one of our enemies and-"

"-And, yes, I know you bugged my phone which is why it is currently on some poor idiot on a train to Kentucky. And I'm using a friend's phone." I nearly uttered a little shreak in rage. The phone he was using was mine! That was in my back pocket! How the heck did he get it?

Chartette shakily continued, "Storm, what you're doing is very dangerous-"

"I know. But did you know, Chartette, that one of your prototypes got out? Or was it a test run? The point is, one of your precious golems is on the loose and you owe me a favor. I think I'd like you to shut it off."

"I-I can't... It's impossible! I'll be fired! I know I owe you, but I can't-"

"Oh, really? Well then, because my dear father is most likely listening to this, why don't I tell him a little story? So, our dear friend here-"

The woman gave a little scream. "No! No! Oh, please no! Oh, no, no, no, no! I'll tell you what! I'll shut off the first one and then we'll just relax, won't we? Have a cup of tea and all? Is that good?"

"Pleased doing business with you, Miss Langley." The phone went dead. Storm tossed me my phone.

"Allright, what's going on?" I demanded. "And when in heaven's name did you take my phone, and out of my back pocket no less?"

"You're amazingly easy to pickpocket. Don't worry, I don't normally do it. And I just took it a minute ago. My phone has been stuck in the pocket of some poor guy on the train to your parent's house," Storm explained. I seethed.

"You may not be aware, but HUNT has been working on a big project designed to capture and kill kids like us with superpowers," Storm explained to the group at large. "It's called Project Locke. The point is to create golems specially trained to murder us with their own 'superpowers'. John is one such of those golems. 

"The woman I was talking to on the phone was one of the developers of the project. She owes me an enormous favor so she's agreed to let us into HUNT's first break room at six p.m. That whole message baout shutting 'the first one off' was a code we devised but no one else knows of it.

"If I were you, I would sneak into HUNT and meet with Miss Langley and to destroy the golems. That's what I intend to do. You can do what you like.

"We're going," Brooke said, speaking for the group. "But how can we trust you and know you're telling the truth?"

Storm smiled. "You can't."

I asked, "How did you get the location and time out of that strange message?"

Storm's smile grew wider. "Why, tea time is always six o'clock when you're in the Liddle house."

And that's the end of my piece. Don't ask me where both the name Chartette and the whole code thingy came from or what it means. I asked Ruby for idea and that's what I got.

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Brooke ~

At this point I was ready to strangle Storm, which, frankly, amused me slightly. It'd been awhile since I met anyone who reminded me slightly of myself.

"Great, so at six o'clock, we sneak into a HUNT breakroom and meet with this Miss Langley?" I demanded, arms folded.

"Yes, basically," Storm replied. I thought for a moment, then shrugged.

"Okay, better than anything else we've got."


We left my shack, which was now quite crowded, as it has never held so many ever, not to mention all at once, and Storm led us back to HUNT. I felt shivers run down my spine just at the sight of the place.

"This way," Storm said, leading the way around to the side of the building. A tall woman titan, blonde hair fixed up in a bun, wearing a navy blue dress, and ridiculously high heels that I wanted to laugh and vomit at all at the same time greeted us at the door.

"Storm, I'm risking everything for this so don't..." she hissed.

"Yes, yes, I'm aware," Storm answered airly. We passed inside, though I was slightly hesitant. I still hated the idea of being trapped anywhere, especially here. My senses were instantly on alert, and I took special note of the high grade security system. You couldn't enter or exit this room without an ID card. I silently groaned at that. After we'd all entered, the door clicked shut, the security system giving a small beep. Immediately I felt more edgy than ever, like a caged-in animal. Our one hope out of here was to put our faith in Storm, whom I trusted somewhat despite hardly knowing him.

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When I read the part about trusting Storm, I nearly fell off of my chair laughing. Thank you for making my day with that one line. Oh, and if anyone cares, the whole "six o'clock is tea time" thing is from Alice in Wonderland. 

Chartette had certainly changed in the last month. I wondered what was up with the new disguise. "Gave up on the pink hair?" I teased. She glared at me. I seemed to be attracting a lot of those glares lately. (And this, Red, is why when you ask me to give you a random name, you tell me what you need it for.)

She led us to one of the computer rooms, which was deserted and dark. She must have kicked everyone out already. "Security cameras have already been programmed to show the blank room. You won't show up on the cams," she announced blankly.

"Thanks." I made my way to one of the high tech computers. I heard one of the girls taking in a high pitched breath behind me. She must have never seen such technology before. "Chartette, how do you access the golems?" She gave me a list of complicated instructions but made no move to help me. I knew why. If someone had asked her about the golems, she could say that she didn't do it- by having me do it. Ha. Well then.

"Hey, are any of you good with computers?" I asked. "Come take one of these." Theo and that other new girl- I can't be bothered to remember her name- came over to the other computers and began helping. We accessed the list of golems. It was shocking. There were over 600 golems in production, 300 ready to launch and, of course, one running around rampant. John. Shutting down the system for John wasn't very hard- Chartette helped with the security codes- but getting rid of the rest would be harder. "Should we do it?" I asked the group. 

"Of course we should!" Elexhiia exclaimed. "When John took away my powers, I thought I was going to die. It was the worst sense of helplessness I've ever had, that anyone can ever had! Even if John is gone, there are still many, many golems that can harm us still. There are many superchildren across the world, and the golems will not stop hunting until they are all gone! I don't want to be alone in this world! We must destroy the golems! Anything else would be outright murder!" Her eyes shone with tears. I didn't realize she was so passionate about this.

Nathaniel mumbled slowly, "Little boy who can't fly."

Brooke looked determined. "Let's do this."

Chartette commanded, "I'll be able to let you have five minutes to escape after the program shuts off. You'll need to spend the night somewhere, but tomorrow, get out of here, quick. You need to leave the city and go somewhere as far away from other humans as possible. I know many of you have parents and you want to say goodbye to them. You can't. It's too dangerous. HUNT will be looking for you. Do you understand?"

We all nodded. "Then let's go ahead ans smash those things."

There was one central off-switch for the entire operation that would destroy the golems compltely. We entered security code after security code until we arrive ad the last one. I typed in all the digits but one and then looked around at the tohers. Did we want to do this? They all nodded. I typed the last key and then hit enter.

"Run!" Chartette bellowed. We sprinted out the door and madly dashed through HUNT. Several times we ran into startled employees but we hurdled past them. Bursting out into the street, Brooke yelled, "Meet me at my place!" We scattered but rendezvoused at Brooke's little hut. We barricaded the door and huddled inside. 

"There's not much space," Brooke said grandly, "but let's spend the night here and we'll leave in the morning."

Sleeping conditions were a little awkward, but we managed to work it out alright. I fell asleep warily until something poked me. I lashed out automatically, meeting nothing but air. Then I heard a voice whisper to me, "Get up. Wake Catherine up and come outside. Don't wake any of the others." 

Normally, I'm not fond of following voices in my head but this had been a crazy day, a crazy week, and well, I didn't think this was a HUNT trick. Could be. But probably not. I carefully stepped over Leo and Nathaniel and made my way to Catherine. Placing my hand over her mouth, I poked her in the ribs. She ignored me. I jabbed her harder. She rolled over. My gosh, this girl slept like a log. Sighing, I licked my finger and then stuck it in her ear. She jolted up so fast she nearly hit me. Wiping my hand on my pants, I whispered to her, "Come outside with me." Glaring at me, she reluctantly got up and I removed my hand from her mouth and slipped out the door. She came out a second later. 

"Are any of the others awake?" the voice asked. Catherine jumped in fright but I just responded calmly, "No."


Suddenly, in a place where there had only been darkness before, there was a short boy. Floating.

Catherine jumped back again in fright. "H-how did you get there so fast?"

"I was invisble," the boy said calmly. He folded his legs up underneath him, so he was sitting cross-legged in the air. He looked strangely familair and I was trying to place the face.

"You don't need to know my name yet. All you need to know is that we mean you no harm whatsoever. We need you. We aren't going to hurt you, but I'll need you to follow me." He broke off suddenly and tilted his head as if he was listening to something. "It's not time, right now, but I had to get you away from the others. We'll have to wait."

Suddenly, it hit me where I had seen this boy. "You- you're one of those kids who sold me the lemmings!"

"That wasn't me. Our master wanted to meet with you in person so it took on my body. You'll be meeting with it shortly. As for the lemmings, we took them back. Terribly sorry, good sir, but things happen and we ended up in another war. It's nothing personal. Now, I'd like you to follow me. We are going to a park nearby. I understand one of you has wings, so kindly use them and, miss, please just follow along as best you can. We are going to wait until the master is free to see you."

"What if I don't want to go see this master?" Catherine challenged. "Whatever 'it' is- it's not even human is it? And whatever it is, I don't want to see it! I see no reason why I should go and follow you for absolutely no reason whatsoever."

"Don't you?" the boy asked. "Because I do." He smiled, and his smile terrified me because his teeth were much longer than any human beings teeth should be. His jaw kept on moving lower and lower until his mouth was as long as the rest of his face- and it was all long teeth. He resembled a demon. He closed his mouth and continued, quite normally, "I know your innermost secrets and unless you'd like me to broadacast them to the entire world..." I gritted my teeth. "I thought not," he smiled. His mouth was normal again. How could he just change himself randomly at will? Were these superpowers or something else entirely?

Randomly, he lifted higher into the air. I took that as the cue to go and opened a pair of wings, wincing as they burst through the back of my shirt. I held my hand out to Catherine and she took it and we followed the boy-creature who was lazily drifting in the air above us. Silently, we flew ot the park.

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We waited in the park for only a few minutes before the boy announced, "It's time. Let's go." 

"Why did we have to wait at all?" I asked. "It was only a few minutes."

"In your world. Don't you know by now that time flows differently from world to world? We're going to a world you've never gone to before. You'll be able to find it again as soon as we arrive there, but you'll never be able to find it if I don't take you there now." He held out his hands, clearly asking us to hold onto him. I didn't trust him. Catherine reluctantly took one of his hands and I followed suit. Suddenly, he yanked forward and rose into the air alarmingly fast. Jumping. It was jumping, and I couldn't really tell a difference, but Catherine gave a strange gasp as we crossed some threshold I couldn't detect. What was she thinking? I would have paid anything to find out. We landed in front of a seemingly normal house in a suburb. The boy led us up the front walk and through the front door.

"Hello," a voice said. We had entered into a living room and sitting in a chair was a girl of roughly medium height. She had brown pigtails and was wearing a set of green shorts, a large white sweater, and a pair of fuzzy brown boots. She didn't look particularly dangerous, but appearances can be deceiving. She was typing something into an iPad and didn't look up. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you face to face," she said. "Please, sit down." She waved to another chair and couch. 

Catherine and I sat awkwardly on the couch. The boy who had taken us here was now standing behind the chair, looking at us. "Where are we?" I asked, not sure where to begin.

"My house," the girl replied matter-of-factly. She didn't stop looking at her iPad.

"We're in a higher world, aren't we?" Catherine asked.

The girl smiled. "Good job. You're very smart."

I wasn't sure how to proceed, so I decided to ask an obvious question. "What are you typing?" I asked.



"You know that when you create a fictional story another world is opened up as a lower world? But that typing truth creates nothing? I'm typing this event as a record of what happened. I'm not creating any lower world. I'm typing your thoughts, Storm, as you have them."

A chill crept down my spine. She could see my thoughts?

"Of course I can. Catherine's too, but I'm not writing her story."

This being was obviously dangerous. I wasn't sure if it was a girl or not.

"Congratulations. You're figuring things out. I'm not a girl. I'm wearing a body of someone who is prenteding to be a girl but she actually isn't. That leads to the question of what I am. It's very hard to explain, so at the moment I will say that I am an extremely powerful being in a very large war. That's where you come in. I needed a messenger, someone to jump between worlds and deliver packages, move humans around, things like that. That's why we created you two."

Revulsion rose in my throat. "You created me to be your messenger? That's my purpose in life? Your messenger?"

"I knew you wouldn't take this lightly, but-"

Catherine suddenly started to laugh. "Oh this is rich! Just rich! We were created to serve as messengers for some all powerful being in a higher world! Well, get this? Who's your author? Who's the person pulling the strings on you? Why were you created, whatever the heck you are, to polish the boots of some even high being?" I stared at her incredulously. Had she gone mad? 

"I don't know," the thing in the chair said. "I don't know why I was created but I was created with the urge to win this battle and I will fight until I am dead or I have won. I created you, Storm, to help us, and you, Catherine, were created by a sympathizer to our cause. We need you both to do jobs for us that are too time consuming and menial for us to accomplish."

"Who's we?" I questioned.

"Us," came the answer. The girl in the chair answered, but so did the boy behind her and two others who materialized on either side of the boy- a girl identical to the one in the chair and a plain-looking Asian boy. "The Five," the girl in the chair continued.

"I only see four," I challenged.

"One of us prefers to remain hidden to outsiders," she explained. The other three behind her disappeared.

I continued, "Who else is under your control in our world? You said there were other people on your world writing. So who are they?"

"Your story is one being broadcast across the internet. As far as I know, the other superhero children near you were created for no other purpose than entertainment of their authors. That is not why you are here. I didn't create you to have fun. Everything we have put the both of you through is designed to protect you from the dangers of this job. Like it or not, no matter how idiotic this sounds, you need to accept this job I am giving you. The fates of too many worlds depends on me and, by association, you."

"You make it sound like I have a choice," I ventured cautiously.

"You both have a choice that will decide both of your futures. Stay here and work for me, or go home with your memories of us erased. You'll forget about us, but we will be forced to destroy your world and wipe the minds of everyone who knows of it."

Catherine broke in. "I know what I'm going to do. The choice is obvious, isn't it? Protect my family. We're joining you."

"Catherine-" I began.

"No, Storm, this isn't up for discussion. Do you know, most authors just create for no other reason than entertainment or money? Well, I have a purpose and I'm filling that purpose. I am not going to argue this with you. You are going to accept."


"No ors. You are accepting."

Has anyone ever told Catherine she would make a good Jedi? "Fine," I mumbled weakly. Serving this... thing... couldn't be all bad, could it?

"May I please see your communication orb?" the girl asked. Wordlessley, I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to her. She pulled a similar but larger one out of empty air and held them close to each other. Something seemed to pass between them and then she tossed mine back to me. "There. They're linked, now. We can now both access the people the other one has given orbs to. They'll be linked by the same network. The others who own orbs can now call both you and me. It works the same way as before. If you want to call anyone, just say their name into the orb and they'll appear in yours. You know how it works."

"Who do you have linked to yours?" I asked, eyeing her larger orb warily. I was a little annoyed that she was the one who had created the orb idea. I thought I had been very clever when I had asked a Harry Potter wizard to create orbs that would allow me to call anyone with like orbs but they would only be able to call me. Come to think of it, she was probably the wizard or at least it was one of her servants. Stupid me. Falling into such a trap.

"I made a list. You might want to familiarize yourself with some of the people on there," she explained before handing me several typed pages of paper that I am sure did not exist a few moments before. I scanned the first page quickly, with Catherine craning over my shoulder to look, until I noticed a name that made me stop.

"Murtaugh!" I spluttered. "You-you know him??!" 

"Of course I do," she said reproachfully. "He's been watching you for me."

Murtaugh was spying on me? For all this time? And I had trusted him! Gritting my teeth with anger, I was dimly aware of the girl giving Catherine an orb like mine so she could contact others. I hated this person, this thing, that messed with my life. And I was going to be serving it. Why? For no other reason than it threatened to kill my entire world.

"I'm done seeing you today," it said imperiously. "If you need me, be sure to calll! Oh, and by the way, you won't be able to tell any one else in your world about me. You're under a spell not to, you know. Geez, now I feel like the Witch of the Waste."

We were being bundled out the door by some unseen force but Catherine managed to call back, "How can we call you? We don't know your name!"

The girl in the chair looked thoughtful but the identical looking girl materialized next to her and said, "Just give them the name of the body."

The girl in the chair smiled and called out to us, "You can call me Sakura." 

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I'm planing to write on Sunday, okay? I am so sorry that I cant keep in touch AT ALL!!! (You don't have to forgive me.)

Cappie says mffn. Do you want a muffin, Cappie?

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@ Ruby: Ha, glad you liked it! Brooke sometimes just tells me what to write. She thought at least someone might get a kick outa that. Also, I did wonder if you were referenceing Alice in Wonderland, or possibly the Looking Glass Wars.

@ Lena: Don't worry about it, I haven't gotten a chance to write much either with NaNoWriMo going on and all.

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@BHR: Have you noticed that I've only posted on this RP only once? I need to post next!


I was planning on waking up first so I could run out of the confusion of having to sleep next to people I barely know yet. That, for one, is somthing that's definitely not what I was planning on. I was planning on running back to ASP, After School Powers. Sounds like a program to boost your self esteem, I know. That was actually our cover for it. It wasn't brodcasted anywhere, so it stayed secrct. I was just about to go, secretly and silently, when I thought I saw, what were their names? Storm and Cathrine? or Caroline? Whoever they were, they each held some sort of orb. And they looked stern serious about them. I tryed to stay low, but I thought I saw Storm glance at me. Oh, he sent shivers down my spine. I tried not to think about them. And with that, I turned and ran. It took five minutes to run across the country. And in no time at all, I was  in front of the little rusty garage behind a pluming workshop. Even though I knew it was abandoned, I knocked on the garage door with the ASP's secret knock. Startlingly, a light came on from somewhere inside and immediately the garage door creakily opened. As I jumped back in alarm, a girl's voice coming from inside started to laugh and laugh and laugh. "Cassie?" I said rather hoarsly, "Is that really you?" "'Course it's really me!" The garage door finally opened and as far as I could see, it was really her. "And I know it's really you, Leo, because your the only person I know that would jump back at the garage door opening!" Cassie said, still bubbling with laughter. Cassie was another 'student' from ASP and because Amber and I went off in search of use of our powers, Cassie and another boy, Harry, stayed because they, well, they said they were better off here. "So," Cassie said after a long silence, "how's it been, finding uses for your powers and stuff?" "Umm.., well, I've found that if I run really fast or for very long distances I catch fire," I said a little too calmly, maybe. Cassie looked at my arms. "Is that why your arms are scorched?" I laughed, "Yeah, probably. Hey, were's Harry?" Cassie sighed and started to fidget. "Um, well, you see..., Harry decided that it was too boring here and went off like you and left me here." It took me a hard time to register this. "So, he just, like, left and you're still here?" Cassie nodded reluctantly. "Well," I said, "could you come with us-I mean- me?" Cassie looked up at me quizzically. "Have you also found out that you can run at the speed of light with someone and not scorch them, too?" "Well," I said," we can find out!" And before she could complain about it, I whizzed her off, all the way across the country.


Okay, I'm sorry this could not be submitted yesterday as I promised, but, I hope you like all I wrote down! 

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That's great! I will TRY to write, though probably not very successfully. whatever.



I woke up with two of myselves.

Really? Again? Sometimes I do that without being concious of it--I either duplicate in my sleep or make random things appear.

I better get the hang of my powers soon, I thought. All the others already held control so well.

I shook the covers off of me and looked around. Storm, Catherine, and Leo were probably somewhere getting supplies or something. The walls vibrated. Wait. Since when did walls vibrate? I thought. I must be hallucinating from my sleep, I groaned. I fell back onto my bedsheets, and only then did I realize the room was glowing. 


So... okay, that wasn't one of my best pieces. I wasn't sure what to write, with everyone going off to different places.  

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I got ever so slightly lost, so this will probably be brief, but I'm hoping to kick this off the ground.

Brooke ~

I lay curled up on the floor against the main wall. Most everyone else was spread out like this, since there was only one small bed which Elexhiia currently occupied. Despite her declarations of being just fine, I still was a little worried about her. 

I lazily opened one eye. Everyone else was still asleep, though the cold had somehow crept in. That's when I noticed two things. One, Leo, Catherine, and Storm were each gone. Second, the room was glowing.

"What. the. heck?" I said to myself.

There was a stir, and I noticed Amber was awake as well. I raised an eyebrow, but she just shrugged in return.

Oh great, what now?


Like I said, brief. But what's gonna happen now?

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(December 1, 2013 - 3:56 pm)