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Okay, I know there's already a bunch in Inkwell right now, but I needed something new. The other ones are not moving or are too developed for me.

Here's my character: Nathaniel

Age: 13

Appearance: Normal looking by regualr standards, with plain brown hair and a gaunt look on his face.


Nathaniel was filled with a fiery rage. Why was it always HIM they decided was nothing special? He would show them! Nathaniel walked away from the building, not believing he had been rejected. It's not like EVERYONE can turn invisible! He filled out about fifteen applications, did one thousand pushups for them, and turn invisble. He couldn't believe they wouldn't let him into superhero school. Just because he couldn't fly.

Nathaniel didn't want to feel the rejection. He was not normal. He did not fit in with normal people. The truth that the people at Shane's Academy, also known as Superpoweed School, were telling him was that he didn't fit in with them either. He didn't fit in anywhere. He felt himslef unwittingly turn invisible and stalk down the road.


Don't feel afraid to use someone else's character or add something that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot! 

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The people have written.

I will write! Tomorrow! Most likely! Right now I don't have enough time, but tomorrow I will most definitly write. If I do not get busy. I might get very busy. 

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I have a really bad idea, but I'm going to write it anyways. If everyone hates it, I'll take it back. I just didn't want to write what everyone expects (but I suppose you could expect this even more so).

Nathaniel, be scared. You're on~


Apparently the best way to follow a golum was to spread out as much as possible down the sidewalk. It was funny--Ms. Norfleet said that they should avoid the golums, and then hatched a plan where they had to follow them to HUNT's new base. That meant that Ms. Norfleet was keeping sight of the golum, Brooke was following her at a distance, Elexhiia a few steps behind her, then Amber and Leo, followed by Storm and Catherine, and finally Nathaniel, trailing far behind everyone else. He couldn't see Ms. Norfleet in the crowds of people, but he could see Catherine's ponytail in the midst of the crowd, so he figured he wasn't getting too far away.

Nathaniel shook his head. What exactly were Storm and Catherine up to? They always seemed to dissapear and reappear at the most random moments, so much so that Nathaniel couldn't help but doubt their intentions just a bit. They seemed to have a similar goal as the rest of them, but things never were as black and white as they seemed.

"Psst, Nathaniel!" he heard a voice say. A voice he did not recognize. He didn't look around to see who had said it, but kept walking forward in the crowd, wishing more than every that he could turn invisible again for just a single moment. 

"Hey!" someone grabbed his arm. "Listen when I'm talking to you!"

"Let go!" Nathaniel pulled his arm away. He'd done it now. He'd trailed too far behind the group and now HUNT or a golum had caught up to him--

He was pushed into the empty doorway. He blinked, noticing the FLASH badge on the coat of his attacker.

"That's right," he said, and two other people proudly wearing the FLASH badge stepped into the doorway off the street. "We're not HUNT at all, Nathaniel."

FLASH. Finders and Listeners for Awesomely Superpowered Humans. The orginizations is mother worked for. Nathaniel frowned. What did they want?

"You seem a little confused," one of the FLASH people said. "How 'bout we step inside the building and we'll explain."

"The... that building's abandoned," Nathaniel said, panic rising inside of him.

"Not anymore," the FLASH employee said, pushing him inside. The other two stepped inside and one of the locked the door.

Nathaniel gulped.

"You're probably wondering what we're up to," one of them said. She sat down on a dusty crate.

"How is FLASH involved?" asked another. "It's not like they're HUNT's rival or anything," he added sarcastically. The third snorted.

"Not anymore, at least," he said.

"What are you talking about?" Nathaniel said.

They laughed. "Don't pretend you don't know, Nathaniel," the one who locked the door said. "You've been trying to stop HUNT with your friends for awhile now," he said. "Of course, if you would call them friends."


"We've been watching your every moves. We know everything there is to know about every one of you. And let me ask you: Why are you doing this?"

"What do you mean?" Nathaniel said, feeling trapped.

"Why are you going through all of this?" the woman sitting on the crate asked. "It's not like you're going to go to Shane's now, Nathaniel. You've caused them far too much trouble, and for that matter, there isn't much of a Shane's left to return to anyways."

"I have to--" Nathaniel faltered.

"Have to what? Have to stop HUNT because of the trouble they've been causing?" she snorted. "Have to stop them because they've hurt you and your friends?"

"Your precious friends," said one. He nodded at the others. "There are some things Nathaniel probably doesn't even know about his precious friends. Right David?"

David smiled. "Things he ignores. Little things that he pushes back. Little things that build up to doubt. Megan?"

"Amber. Leo. The two kids from a different city, a different universe, who seem to have a better idea of what's going on than you. Don't tell me you feel attached to them, Nathaniel, dear," Megan said.

"Elexhiia," David said. "Always seems to keep dying. Played a prank on you at Shane's. Are those the things that make a friend?"

"Catherine. Storm," the other one said. "They dissapear and reapear and won't tell any of you anything. Do you really want to associate yourself with two children who won't even tell you where they've been?" 

"And Brooke," Megan said. "Brooke who has more than a few skeletons in her closet that she wouldn't want any of you to know about. So let me ask you. Are these the children you call your friends? Are they the ones you lost your powers for?"

Nathaniel looked at the three FLASH agents. The little things, tiny things he'd tried to ignore had just been placed on the table before him. Placed on the table where they'd grown legs and teeth and jumped off the table to bite him, gnaw on that doubtful itch so Nathaniel couldn't ignore it any longer.

"We're here to offer you a deal," Megan said.

"Yes?" the word tumbled out of his mouth before Nathaniel could think twice, before he could convince himself otherwise.

David smiled. "Make your 'friends' lose track of the golum they're following. Tell them that maybe they should head to FLASH's base--as HUNT's rival they must know something about it! Lead them there and HUNT and ourselves will take care of the rest."

"Are you... asking me to turn them over to HUNT?"

Megan's eyes flashed. "What else would we be asking?"

"But... you and HUNT..."

"These are hard times, Nathaniel. Things aren't going great for FLASH, and they weren't going pariticularily good for HUNT either. So we're working together now. No one suspects HUNT's new base to be inside of FLASH's."

Nathaniel had to admit, it was a clever way for HUNT to hide themselves.

"So what'd'ya say?" David asked. "Is it a deal?"

Part of Nathaniel wanted to say no, to say that they were his friends and that there was no way he'd ever help anyone in league with HUNT. The other part of him wanted to scratch the itch.

"What's in it for me?"

David grinned. "That's more like it." 


I could write a lot more right now, but I'll stop here. 

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SWEET! Neat turn of events, Theo! I like it! 

Well, Brooke is up and rearin' to go ~

I followed attentively behind Ms. Norfleet, determined not to let her out of my sight, which was no easy feat. We were in a busier yet slumier section of the city. Lots of abandoned buildings, run down apartments, closed up stores, and shady characters in every alley and doorway. I was tempted to glance around and see where everyone was, though I didn't want to give away we were together. 

After half an hour of walking, the golems turned a corner. Ms. Norfleet was about to follow, when something grabbed my arm, spinning me around. I instinctively swung my fist as I spun, ready to beat the living crud out of the assailant. Nathaniel ducked, just missing the blow.

"What the heck are you doing?" I hissed, dropping my fist.

"I know how to find HUNT," he panted. He looked like he had just run six blocks. 

"Wait, what? How? What about the golems?" I demanded, surprised by this information. 

"FLASH," he answered.

"What?" I asked, but he didn't answer my question. He looked straight back at Elexhiia, who had stopped and pretended to be tying her shoes but kept glancing up at us with a quizical expression. He waved at her to hurry forward.

"Go get Ms. Norfleet," he told me. I hesitated, then hurried off, returning a moment later. By then the others had joined him, all standing around waiting for an explanation.

"In here," Nathaniel said, gesturing into a damp alleyway. We followed him, fixing ourselves among a stack of crates and leaning against walls.

"So what's this all about?" I asked from my perch on a tower of crates. 

"FLASH," he answered simply.

"Excuse me?" Amber said, but Ms. Norfleet seemed to know exactly what he meant.

"HUNT's rival?" she asked intrigued. Nathaniel nodded.

"Following those golems may not do any good. Who knows if they'll even head to the base? But FLASH is HUNT's rival! Surely they'll have information on them, and where their new base is."

"So let me get this straight. We go to FLASH, break in, get the information, then go bust HUNT?" Catherine asked.

"Basically," Nathaniel replied. I studied his face. There was something... off. The sincerity that had always been in his voice since I'd first met him was lagging. It was more forced, though nobody else seemed to notice it. 

"How are we sure we'd even get in though, or that we'd be able to find the information?" Elexhiia posed. "I mean, it's not like they'd keep it a nice little labeled filing cabinet. Who's to say it isn't be heavily guarded, and that they wouldn't try to stop us? Who can we really trust?"

I could have sworn I saw Nathaniel flinch slightly.

"Trust me, it's at least worth a shot. That, or we follow another golem all over the city and hope it might lead us to HUNT headquarters. Honestly, they're more likely to lead us to trouble. Shouldn't we at least try? If that fails, we go back to following the golems."

We looked at each other. I wasn't feeling great about this idea, but I trusted Nathaniel more than I had anyone in my entire life. If he thought it was a good idea...

"I'm game," I said, jumping down beside him. 

"I'm in," Elexhiia echoed, closely followed by the others. 


Taday! This is open to changes if y'all want to. And top! Let's keep this thread going!!!

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Nathaniel, you're on~


Nathaniel was terrified.

They were onto him--the way that Brooke squinted at him just a little bit, the way Elexhiia asked who they could really trust.

Who could they really trust? Not him, that was apparent. But that was what he told them. "Trust me," he said. "it's at least worth a shot." Pointing out that the golums would likely lead to trouble and that they could always go back to that plan seemed to settle it. 

"I'm game," said Brooke, and the rest spoke their consensis. Nathaniel grinned. He should be happy. He should be happy--things were going to plan. But Nathaniel was terrified, and it didn't help that Storm seemed to be glaring at the back of his head as though he could see through it and read each and everyone of Nathaniel's betraying thoughts. 

"Okay!" he clapped his hand together. "Let's get to this!" Everything he said seemed to come across as fake. Like someone had replaced him with a cheap copy.

"They don't need you," Megan had told him before he left, "and you don't need them. Don't let silly previous emotions get in the way."

Nathaniel did not plan to.

"So we break in through the window?" Leo said dubiously.

Nathaniel shrugged. "It always seems to work in the movies."

Storm, who had been glaring at the ground, looked up and caught Nathaniel's gaze. He knows, thought Nathaniel. He knows and he's known for awhile now. 

But instead of giving him away, Storm smirked and muttered something to himself. Catherine frowned at him.

"Breaking into FLASH through the window..." Brooke said slowly. Oh no oh no oh no. "Sounds sort of fun!" she finished. Nathaniel let out a breath of relief.

Elexhiia looked at her. "What?" she asked. "It's not like we're going to get a lot of chances to break into a building from the lowerlevel window with a good excuse!"

"Good excuse," said Ms. Norfleet, looking at Nathaniel. "Right." Here's where the adult puts her foot down.

"Come on, don't tell me you've never wanted to break a window before, Ms. Norfleet!" Brooke protested.

"Actually," she said, a small smile creeping up her face, "I have." She picked up a larger rock sitting on the pavement. "Can I do the honnors?"

The group nodded. "Wait," Amber said as Ms. Norfleet readied her arm, "wouldn't throwing a rock in a window--"


"--make a little noise?" she finished weakly. 

The window was completly gone.

"Nice throw!" said Brooke, climbing up the crates under the window. "C'mon, let's go!"

Nathaniel nodded, waiting for everyone else to climb in the window before him.

"You can turn in the others," Storm said, once it was only he, Nathaniel, and Catherine in the alley, "but you're not dragging us down with them."

"Storm we can't--" Catherine started.

"Blast them; we can! I never wanted to come back here in the first place."

"That's not how it works!" Catherine argued back.

"What, so you want me to follow this idiot into his little trap?" he hissed. Catherine said nothing. "You know HUNT is going to be there."

"Then we'll just finish this up quicker than before," she said simply. "No chasing them anymore."

Storm grumbled, walking up to the top crate. "Next time, try harder," he said to Nathaniel, jumping into the window. Catherine followed. 

Nathaniel blinked. Catherine and Storm's intentions to destory HUNT were clear. Their motives, however, were still cloaked in fog. Of course, there was something they did not know, something that none of them knew...

"Nathaniel, are you coming?" he heard Brooke shout.

"Yep," he said, standing in the window pane, his feet just barely reuniting with the ground before he pulled into their view. 

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Yes! I have finally finished reading this!

A few notes you may take to offense.

1. I think Storm and Catherine have a little to much power. They know much more and I don't think it is really good to make it so that the suppose to be main characters are not really main characters, and don't even have all the power. Please don't take any offense, guys!

2. The goals aren't really clear. And the authors REALLY make it even more confusing. Storm and everyone need a goal, cause the everyone is on separate pages.

3. The characters are awesome! I am really upset that John was a traitor, but who else? And guys, try to focus more on the real main characters. Like I said on 1, they don't have much power to hands.

4. Wait, flash and hunt? TOGETHER? Awesome idea! But I am really worried about what is going to happen. This is not going to end well with anyone.

Can I join? Sorry if anyone got upset by this. Just opinion. 

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There are problems.... a lot of them are my fault... (sorry) 

The thing about an RP as compared to a real story is you can never go back and edit it. And there have been multiple moments where things seemed to need editing, but we just moved on. We edited it in our head. And I know I, personally, realize the mistakes I've made just a few moments after I hit "submit." At the same time, we don't want to do what's expected. No author wants to do something the reader suspects. That means an RP can travel in many different directions, epecially with multiple authors who don't communitcate with each other outside the RP (to an extent, anyways). One of the things that makes RPs different is that everyone's character is the main character to themselves--it's more like the real world that way. You see your character's intake on the world and someone else sees their character's intake on what's happening. That's also the thing that can make RPs confusing--the many characters, the different sub-plots, the unclear main plot. I have a feeling that this RP will reach the end of its story arch soon (I think we already did once, but just kept writing), but I could be wrong. That might be the only reason you don't want to join, Danielle, but if the others are okay with it so am I. 

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BUT, in rps, everyone should have equal power, so no one knows all the secerts and ruins it for others. Umph.

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It seems like they should, but not everyone simply does. Again, being written by mutltiple authors with different ideas makes it hard to keep things "equal". Honestly, in RPs, there isn't a whole lot of equality. But that's what helps make it interesting. Besides, Catherine and Storm are unique characters, unlike the rest of us. It's never bothered us, and never honesty struck me that they might have more power. I don't think it honestly matters. It's all added up to a really interesting and gripping RP, so nobody minds.

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@ Theo: Beautifully summed up!

@ Danielle: Sure, I'm good with you joining! Especially after you managed to go back and read this whole RP!

Brooke ~

My feet thudded down onto a concrete floor. The window stood about a foot above my head. The room I was in was far larger than it appeared on the outside. It was a giant warehouse, with steel arches supporting the ceiling. Rows upon rows of metal shelving held equally sized boxes stacked on one another, and larger crates lined the walls.

"Endless wonder," I mumbled as the others dropped in beside me. (I'M SORRY BUT I HAD TO! I cannot write about a warehouse without making a Warehouse 13 joke.)

"What?" Stormed asked.

"Uh, inside joke," I answered.

I glanced at the others, realizing Nathaniel was inside yet.

"Nathaniel, you coming?" I hollered toward the window.

"Yup," Nathaniel answered as he jumped down.

"Where to?" Leo asked, glancing around.

"This way," Nathaniel said, leading the way across the warehouse. I tried to get a look at what were in the boxes or crates, but they were sealed shut.

"This is HUNTs opponents hideout?" I asked. It reminded me more of some of the shipping businesses warehouses I'd spent nights in when they weren't adaquately protected.

Storm snorted slightly. I glanced back at him. He just had his usual, sarcastic scowl, and Catherine had a semi worried expression. This wasn't unusual, but it wasn't comforting either.

We came to the end of the warehouse where a set of metal, sliding doors stood. A small card slide stood on the side of the door, it's light red.

"We can try to hack it!" I suggested.

But once we got near, the light beeped green, and the doors slid open.

"Only for lockdown type of things, I guess," Elexhiia said as we passed through. We now entered into a narrow, white hallway. No doors, no windows, no pictures or paintings or any other adornment. Just plain, stark white walls. As we walked, I began to feel edgy and claustrophobic. I rubbed my arms in anticipation. I hated places where I knew I couldn't escape.

Just then the hallway met into a fourway intersection of three other hallways. We haulted.

"Which way?" I asked Nathaniel, though he didn't answer. Immediately I felt something was wrong. Very wrong.

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Makin' a character!

Name: Jamie Minu

Gender: Girl 

Age: 15

Power: Teleportation and ice power

Personality: Creative, geeky, very kind, not very good with secerts, boyish. Can be a bit bossy and ingorant

Looks: Very short dark brown hair with bluish streaks (ice power, duh), tall, and big feet.

Other: daughter of FLASH capitan, now held capited by him.

I struggled by the ropes I am held by. I just can't believe it. I can't teleport or escape, and the one who trapped me was my own father. I thought he was good. After the disappearness of the kids at shane, he went wrong and kicked me into this horrible place. I spat on the ground. What nice parents. My father looked at me and smiled. I wish he wasn't here. "Oh look who's coming" he snarled and I heard footsteps. I couldn't believe my ears. I thought Nath wouldn't go for it. I thought. But he did. Tears started rolling down my cheeks but I brushed them off. I snarled back at my father. "I can't believe you. I hate you." I kicked him in the stomach and he doubled back. He slapped me. "Don't be talkin' like that to you daddy." "HOW CAN I CALL YOU DAD, YOU VILLIAN!" I screamed at him. I heard the footsteps coming more closer and my heart lurched. then I saw Nath, in the door way, where the hallways crossed, and his friends. "You shouldn't have came." I whispered, crying. Brooke looked at me, confused. "WHY DID YOU COME, NATHANIEL?! why... Why do it for the little things that don't matter..?"



Ohhhhhhhhhhh >:D

Mushy says bhdy. Woah. You no scared? You sticking ye tongue? 

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Added to personality: emotional

Mushy says xuyf. U yellow fish? 

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So.... Exahusted.... From drawing Danyl's hair...

Haha so much for being productive! I'm writing now!

Nathaniel, you're on~

"Which way?" Brooke asked him. Nathaniel didn't say anything, but instead closed his eyes. The platform on which they all stood started to rise.

"What's going on? Nathaniel!?" Brooke said.

"This is the way we're suppose to go," he replied evenly. "My mom works here," he added, an excuse of sorts.

"If you say so..." Brooke said. She didn't seem to believe him. None of them seemed to believe him. That was okay. They didn't need to. It was too late for them anyways.

The platform stopped, and there was only a single hallway for them to go down.

"Are you sure--" Leo started.

"Positive," Nathaniel started walking down the hall.

"I hear shouting..." said Elexhiia. Shouting? Nathaniel listened. Yes, indeed, there was someone shouting. Nathaniel shrugged it off and opened the door at the end of the corridor.

"You shouldn't've come."

It was Jamie Minu. 

Nathaniel closed his eyes. His mother's boss's daughter, Nathaniel had know Jamie for awhile--they'd been playmates together when neither had school and both their parents were at work with FLASH. That all fell apart when Jamie, two years older than Nathaniel, started going to school (at Shane's, naturally. They couldn't reject you with ice and teleportation powers). He'd seen her in a few of his classes when he'd been at Shanes, but he both a) was too caught up in his own mis-adventures at the moment and b) doubted that she really was Jamie, so he didn't greet her. This, of course, was all the proof he needed that she was indeed Jamie Minu.

"WHY DID YOU COME, NATHANIEL?!" she yelled. "Why.... why did you do it for little things that don't matter?!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said.

"Nathaniel...?" Brooke asked, Nathaniel's true intentions suddenly becoming clear.

"The platform's gone!" Amber, who had already started looking for an escape, yelled.

"Of course it is," Mr. Minu, head of FLASH said. "We can't have you just walking away, can we?"

"I can't believe it!" Brooke exploded. "You were... I trusted you!"

"Oh really?" he said. "I think you can believe it, Brooke." He shrugged. "Not like you have much of a choice, anymore. You're going to have to believe it." Nathaniel walked over to stand beside Mr. Minu. "I know I can," he said before he and Mr. Minu dissapeared. 


Change it if you'd like. I just wanted to fit Jamie in there all nice and tidy... 

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Omg, all of these problems came out of the one problem of not fitting in. Woah. 



Jamie cried hard. She couldn't believe her friend did this, to his true friends. <I thought I could trust him. But It looks like nobody can trust him> Jamie thought. Jamie looked at the others. "Sorry... He... betrayed you..." She trailed off. She saw tears in Brooke's eyes. Jamie looked away. "I am so sorry... He... FLASH...HUNT... FLASH and HUNT now work together... And they wanted to capture you guys... And... Er..." Tears rolled down my cheeks. Jamie started screaming out of her sadness. "NATHANIEL!... please..." She pleaded. "Why..." Jamie wiped the tears away and burrowed her brow. "We must get to work. You guys can't get out... But I can. I can teleport. These bounds are hard to get out of, but possible. Anyone good with computers?" 



Mushy says nkpr. No cookies please ranny? How did you even know Jamie's dad's name was Ranny? 

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