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Okay, I know there's already a bunch in Inkwell right now, but I needed something new. The other ones are not moving or are too developed for me.

Here's my character: Nathaniel

Age: 13

Appearance: Normal looking by regualr standards, with plain brown hair and a gaunt look on his face.


Nathaniel was filled with a fiery rage. Why was it always HIM they decided was nothing special? He would show them! Nathaniel walked away from the building, not believing he had been rejected. It's not like EVERYONE can turn invisible! He filled out about fifteen applications, did one thousand pushups for them, and turn invisble. He couldn't believe they wouldn't let him into superhero school. Just because he couldn't fly.

Nathaniel didn't want to feel the rejection. He was not normal. He did not fit in with normal people. The truth that the people at Shane's Academy, also known as Superpoweed School, were telling him was that he didn't fit in with them either. He didn't fit in anywhere. He felt himslef unwittingly turn invisible and stalk down the road.


Don't feel afraid to use someone else's character or add something that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot! 

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Top! Top top top top top top!

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Hi guys!!!!! I just finished reading ALL of this! May I please join? I have an idea. It goes like this...

So, my cherrie is Storm's sister, and she lives with their mom. I know he has been erased from time, blah, blah, blah, anyway, their mom is the captain of this society called ANSWER (Assassins Normally Sweet, Without an Emergency Room [which is badly needed, by the way]) my cherrie has no clue she has a brother, and never has. However, she and her mom go too see her dad, blah, blah, blah, meets the gang, blah, blah, blah, to sum it all up, they end up remembering him, and since that one girl (sorry forgot her name) can control time and all, we go back, rescue her brother, and his girlfriend (haha) we all defeat the HUNT/FLASH (killing Nathaniel's mother, of course) and go on other (untold) adventures...


(If you hate it, I'm sorry, I am tired, and now that I read it it's probably stupid. Ho hum!) 

Sooooooo, yeah, here she is:

Name: Rage (she doesn't know her real name)


Power:  She can sprout Pegasus Wings. And when wet will sprout a Mermaid's Tail. Her voice will kill people, but only when she sings.

Age: ten- I think

History: her mom used her as an item. Not a child. She had to earn EVERYTHING. You name it, food, water, sleep,  clothing, shelter. Everything. Her mom never really wanted her, but took advantage of her powers. To assassinate. She cannot feel pain. External, or emotional... or so she thinks...


My mother walked into the room, in her black dress, black, lace vale over her pure white face.

I clenched my jaw, I hate you! I screamed in my head. 

"Time for training, dear," she said, voice metallic, "we are taking a bit of a trip for this one."


On our way, all I could think of was, where were we going?


Sorry it's so short... Nano... 

Fluffy says; phoo! AHHH, REAL WORDS... but wait... you don't like the story? How can you say that!? 


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Appearance: Tall, for her age, long, to her ankles, reddish-blackish hair (I say this because, in some light her hair looks fiery red, others times, pitch black), pail, almost white, skin, always wears silver dresses. Has a fiery red eye, and a coal black eye.

Ps, she is a master of disguise, xD. 

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Please, Theo! A new cherrie won't hurt! ANSWER me. (get it?) Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee





*deep breath*







*deep breath*








*deep breath*









*deep breath*



Fluffy says; mewp. Mew? Do you talk Mew Mewy, Fluffy? And are you talking to Mew Mew?


~Winter Firefly <3

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Oh, derp, I forgot to say, her wings are black, and Mer-tail is -made- of water-proof fire. Cool huh?

Ps, TOP 

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Thank you, and have a nice day.


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Okay. Uhm. I'm not good at this.

Hi Winterfirefly! It's really awesome that you read through all of this! There's some pretty weird stuff in there, but this is a pretty good RP (in my opinion, of course, I made it though). Right now we're pretty close to the end of the plot (as you may have notice) and think it's a little late to add a new character. You may point out that we haven't been writing, which is mostly my fault, seeing as how I've been too busy to post and it's my turn. (Ah! Sorry, everyone!) I do hope you won't mind. It's not that we dislike your character, it's just kind of close to the end to be doing more characters. Sorry! But you could edit your character and use her for another RP...

Gosh, I really do hope you don't mind. I'm sorry if you were really excited about joining... I'm very sorry, but I think we're too close to the end to add more people. You can, of course, follow the plot in it's final strech (assuming I ever get to writing WHICH I WILL!). 

Yours truely and very apologetically,

Theo W 

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But-but-but, you said, "If you are upto date on the RP, any one can join!" Right?

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Here's my charicter Dawn stardust

age 11

apperance sparkling blue eyes  and brown hair with golden highlights she wears a brown dress. 

Sentence she ran down the walk way. The stars were coming out and she didn't want to miss it. Millisa ran down the walkway after her. " we're are you going in such a hurry " she asked Dawn said " I am going to the hill to see the stars " p.s. She is the child of the stars. 

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top top top please

Also I can write as soon as I finish reading all of this but meanwhile .

Are Theo, Blonde Heroine Rules, Red/Ruby, etc. still here? 

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Red is gone. BHR is still here, Ruby is still here, Theo is poofy. I WILL NOTIFY THEM OF THIS. 

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I am the most poofy. Sorry.

I guess I'll try to write, but I'll have to reread it all... I don't know how long that will take me, plus I have a lot of stuff coming up this next week, so give more two or three weeks. I'll try to come up with something.  

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This.  is.  Amazing!

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