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Okay, I know there's already a bunch in Inkwell right now, but I needed something new. The other ones are not moving or are too developed for me.

Here's my character: Nathaniel

Age: 13

Appearance: Normal looking by regualr standards, with plain brown hair and a gaunt look on his face.


Nathaniel was filled with a fiery rage. Why was it always HIM they decided was nothing special? He would show them! Nathaniel walked away from the building, not believing he had been rejected. It's not like EVERYONE can turn invisible! He filled out about fifteen applications, did one thousand pushups for them, and turn invisble. He couldn't believe they wouldn't let him into superhero school. Just because he couldn't fly.

Nathaniel didn't want to feel the rejection. He was not normal. He did not fit in with normal people. The truth that the people at Shane's Academy, also known as Superpoweed School, were telling him was that he didn't fit in with them either. He didn't fit in anywhere. He felt himslef unwittingly turn invisible and stalk down the road.


Don't feel afraid to use someone else's character or add something that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot! 

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*Giggle* Yes, that was a rather awkward place to stop, I suppose. Sorry. But, perfect! I was wondering who Brooke's assailent would be! I like it! So, to where Brooke is!

Brooke/Gwen ~

I heard Nathaniel call my name one last time as I was dragged into a black SUV. 'Please keep looking for me!' I thought desperately, but nothing happened. I'd been gagged, so I couldn't scream, and my hands had been tied behing my back. Before I could even think straight to try and turn into something like a 500-pound grizzly bear, they stuck me with something, and instantly I was tired and couldn't change. They'd evidently dealt with powers before, which made me all the more afraid. They blindfolded me as they placed me in the car, so I couldn't see where we were going. I could hear men's voices, talking low to each other. Fear gripped my heart. "Who are you? And where are you taking me?" My voice held very little courage in it. I was scared. Not that that happened often, but I was more afraid then I'd ever been in my entire life. Everything I was ever scared of; people using my powers, sending me back to the orphanage, discovering everything about me, came flooding back tenfold. I could hardly breath. There was no shrugging this off like I'd trained myself to do on the streets. I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks. I huddled down, where I sat on the car floor. We drove for over an hour, making lots of turns and curves, so I couldn't keep track of where we went. Finally, the car stopped. A pair of rough hands grabbed me, and jerked me out of the car. I walked down a series of halls, and up several flights of stairs. Finally, the shoved me into a room, into a seat, and removed my blindfold. A bright light blinded me, so I couldn't see my captors.  "Cooperate, miss. Answer our questions, and we'll have no reason to hurt you." I shaded my eyes and glared back at the direction of the voice. "I don't have to tell you anything!" Suddenly, there was movement, and a knife at my neck. "This will be our warning," the voice said. Suddenly, searing pain shot across my face. He'd slit his knife across my face, starting at the left side of my jaw, traveling up across my face, past my right eye. Then, I was once again blindfolded and thrown into a cell of some sort. After they left, I took off the blindfold. They'd made sure that no kid with power could ever leave. I couldn't even find where the door was. The wall was completely concrete. I touched the edge, and felt an extreme shock. I screamed in pain and fell backward onto a pile of blankets. My bed, I guess. 'Nathaniel! I thought, tears once again pouring down my cheeks, causing the slash to burn. 'Please find me!'


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Oh gosh I could totally make a new character right now. Of course, they'd be yet another telepath, and that would be totally unecessary. So again, here's Nathaniel:


Last night had been good, a dreamless sleep. Tonight the same could not be said for.

Nathaniel didn't want to go to bed, but he knew a rescue mission would be both physically, and mentally, impossible right now. He had not the strength nor enough information to pursue his hunch that Gwen had been kidnapped by HUNT, and did not want to think of these things either, for the common knowledge of his stalker new neighbor. 

So he went to sleep, his head filled with worries, the things nightmares most love to prey on.

These nightmares were worse than the nightmares of two days ago. Nathaniel tossed and turned, as horrid visions filled his conscious.

They were after him. He ran, but it was no use. They were gaining on him. Nathaniel ran, running, running, but never sprinting, for always one of his feet was touching the ground. 

They had caught up to him! Here they were, ready to capture him. But as they arrived, they ran past Nathaniel, passing him, for they were not really chasing him... they were chasing Gwen. Nathaniel yelled "Stop!" but it did no good. And what good would it do?

Nathaniel was left standing alone by himself in a desserted nothingness, and the nothingness disappeared. Nathaniel was falling, down, down, down, and as he fell down, people extended ropes for him to catch, but he could not catch them, for his hand had turned to jelly, and he could not grip onto anything.

Darkness. Repaeted darkness. Darkness in which Nathaniel could hear voices. "He's dead." It was John. "Are you sure?" Gwen. "Check his pulse." More darkness, and some shuffling noises. "Nothing," said John. "No life left in him." Nathaniel's hearing seemed to be boosted ten times, because he could hear his friends crying, as well as the pitter patter of their feet as they left.

Darkness. More Darkness. Nathaniel wanted to cry out: "I'm fine! I'm right here!" He thought this several times, and nothing worked. Darkness. Darkness. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Beep beep beep? What was that--

--Nathaniel's alram woke him up. He groaned. Six o'clock in the morning and things were NOT off to a good start.


Darn. There's no one to call bad in this post. 

Bad Cappie, who says tuua. Did you mean tuna? I don't particularly like tuna. Bad Cappie. 

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Brooke ~

I had long lost any sense of direction. The room was a perfect square, with no sign of door, window, or even a vent. Which made me wonder how I had oxygen. The slash on my face refused to stop bleeding and burning, and I had no way to clean it. I finally fell asleep, though nightmare after nightmare plagued me. It started with playing the days events,men chased me, relentlessly. Then I was standing in what I thought was a bedroom. In front of me, Nathaniel lay on a bed, looking disturbingly... Suddenly John stood beside me, and confirmed my worst fears. "He's dead." "Are you sure?" I asked, tears building in my eyes. "Check his pulse." John did as I asked. "Nothing," John reported, standing back by my side. "No life left in him." I started sobbing. My subconcious told me it wasn't so, that this was only a dream. But it seemed so real! Suddenly, something started pounding on the bedroom door. Harder and harder. Then... I opened my eyes. Two men, their faces covered, dressed completely in black. They jerked me to my feet. They didn't bother gagging me, though they did bind my hands behind my back and blindfold me. They spun me around for extra measure, so I lost all sense of direction. Then they marched me forward, then turned left. I could tell I was in the hall, cold wind gently by. I shivered in my short sleeves and capris. I was led down the hall for awhile, then deposited me in a large room. They removed the binds, then left. I removed the blindfold, and stared around. The left wall was lined with windows, and a desk stood behind me. Other than that, the room was vacant. Suddenly, the door opened. I spun around, and then instantly shrank back. A tall man in camoflage stood there. "So, your the one who has been uncoporative. Most people here obey right away." "Why would they listen to you?" I demanded, trying not to let him know how scared I was. He chuckled in a way that sent shivers down my spine. I realized I was trembling. "I afraid we haven't been introduced. I am the head of HUNT. Humans Unusally Not Typical." I started shaking harder. "Do you know what we do?" He asked quietly. "We take kids with powers, and, eh, do away with them." I felt sick, and terror closed in. "But you special, dear Brooke." He knew my name. For two reasons. One, your power is unique, uncommon, and quite useful." My worst nightmare. Second, the is another kid we're paticularly interested in. I understand your friends with him. Nathaniel?" No, THIS was my worst nightmare. I backed up to the wall, unable to do anything but shake my head. 

Okay, here I stop because 1. It's really long, and 2. I was wondering what you thought if I put like a time limit on it. Brooke has a certain number of days thing to do as he says, or she dies, blah blah blah. And, here's just a suggestion, you could get some of the other kids at Shane's, like Storm, to help. Now, these are TOTALLY suggestions! After all, it's your thread! Just putting idears out there! Cappie says hncw. Seriously, most of the time, Cappie makes NO sense!

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Time limit sounds fine with me, I mean, it's kind of like The Princess Bride, when they think they have a whole hour, but they only have 45 minutes. Here's Nathaniel: 

Nathaniel groaned. It was only six o'lock and the day was off to a bad start. (Yes, I know I already wrote this, I just wanted to catch myself back up). Nathaniel got ready for school at Shane's just like the past two days, but his mind was racing. Would Gwen show up for school at Shane's? If not, where was HUNT's HQ? That's where she had to be, right? And he'd need to organize a rescue party. But how do you get a bunch of kids who don't care about you or your friends or anyone other than themselves? (This was how Nathaniel summed up the kids at Shane's in his head, though it wasn't necessarily true.) John would help, that was for sure, and he might be able to get the great spy, stalker, new neighbor, and telepath Elexhiia to help, but who else?

Nathaniel and John met in the alleyway, and waited for Gwen, but she did not show up. Nathaniel told John what he thought might've happened to her. "It's very particular," Nathaniel started. "Apparently HUNT attacks one school a day, and they attack Shane's on Tuesday. That's why you get out of school early on Tuesday. I think HUNT might've gotten Gwen right before the alarm, then she was in that black vehicle. We're going to send a search party, right?" John nodded, his eyes wide. The two of them made a plan.

Nathaniel impatiently sat through yet another lesson of Capes and Tights, and decided when this week was over, he wouldn't really want to go to Shane's. It was unbearably boring. As soon as Capes and Tights was over, Nathaniel rushed to the lunchroom. 

"Attention!" he yelled, standing on one of the tables. "One of your fellow students, Gwen Jones, has been captured by HUNT, Humans Unsually Not Typical, a society that captures kids like us for their powers. We need to set up a rescue mission!" Nathaniel looked around to see if he had anyones attention. Good, everybody was staring at him.

"Hence I suggest we all skip the next two classes and go after HUNT! Who's in?" A couple dozen kids cheered, but most turned away and went back to their lunch.

"If you're in, meet us at that lunch table," said Nathaniel, pointing to the table in the farthermost corner, empty except for John, who was waving wildly, beckoning people over.

Nathaniel got down off the table. At least no teachers had come after him. He looked around the lunchroom and saw several friends arguing amongst themselves wheter to follow his lead or not. He saw severral students already seated comfortably at the table. As he had guessed, one of them was Elexhiia. They waited for a few more minutes, until Nathaniel was finnally satifsied with the amount of people there. Nathaniel introduced himself and asked for everybody's name and power/s.

There was Charlotte, the girl who had asked the first question yesterday in the great lunchroom disaster, as Nathaniel referred to it in his head. She had the powers of flight and x-ray vision. Quin, whose powers were to conusing for Nathaniel to understand, they had something to do with hacking into electronics. There was the girl who had introduced herself as Kira earlier that week to Nathaniel, ans she still smelled silghtly of ketchup. She explained that her powers are telekinesis. A girl with pink hair named Tabby (Nathaniel thought that Gwen would be jealous) who could communicate with animals, especially cats. Nathaniel also noticed the boy who had kicked him out of his seat on Capes and Tights on the first day, Storm. "Storm, fire," he said as though he didn't really care. Catherine poked Storm, a girl who had the powers to enter the worlds of books, movies and songs. There were three other people other than Nathaniel--Tory, who could turn invisble, and Elexhiia, the telepath who seemed to have more than she let out. And of course, there was John. 


How's THAT for a rescue squad?!


"So how are we going to sneak out of Shane's? There are ten of us, after all," pointed out Quin. "Plus the doors are locked."

"Not durning luch hour they're not," said Nathaniel.

"So we're going to say all ten of us happen to need a breath of air all at once?" Storm asked sarcasticly.

Nathaniel glanced around at everyone, hoping for some one to have a brilliant idea. "He has a point," shrugged Catherine.

"Well, Nathaniel and I can get out by being invisible," commented Tory. "That's eight." 

Catherine's eyes lit up. "I can take six other people in a book with me! The final person can be reading the book!" Catherine glared at everyone, as though she already didn't trust anyone. "But leave the book OPEN. Read while you're walking."

Nathaniel rasied and eyebrow. "Well then it seems like we have a plan."

Charlotte volunteered to be ther person reading the book. The six others and Catherine traveled into the dimension of the book, and Nathaniel and Tory turned invisible.

Their plan worked! The secretary only glanced up as Charlotte went by, and Charlotte explained the need for some fresh air. Once they were outside of the building, all visible and in the right dimension, they decided what to do next.

"Anything but going back in that book," groaned John. "It was a bore." There were quite a few nods of heads, and no one was disagreeing.

"So now to find HUNT."

It was, suprisingly, Tabby who had barley said a word, who spoke up next. "I know where the HQ is. It's about a block away from my apartment."


Okay, I have to end here becuase it is WAY to long and it's almost time for school. Cappie says "mugd." No, no one has been mugged, except for maybe Gwen, yet.

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Okay, I LOVE it! It's SO AWSOME!!! This is one of the best threads ever! So, now, onward!

Brooke/Gwen ~

I knelt, shuddering on the floor. It had to be close to six in the morning, though, of course I couldn't tell. It'd been almost an hour since talking to the leader of HUNT, but I couldn't stop shaking, or forget what he said. I had until four o'clock that afternoon, so nine hours, to comply with what he said, or I die. And he'd go after Nathaniel himself. I really didn't want either. I'd already made up my mind not to do as he said. That was a given. I hoped that Nathaniel might possibly realize what had happened, and have the sense to hide, get out of town, or at least tell someone what had happened. I sat there, staring at the wall, being driven utterly mad. I hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. I'd run out during lunch at Shane's, and didn't trust the food here. Being part animal, I could tell it was laced with something. I didn't know what it was, but I certainly wasn't going to find out. So I stayed there, thinking, famished, weak, sore, and most of all, scared. The hours ticked by. Suddenly, I could hear people running outside my cell. There was a great commotion. I could hear yelling, and orders being told. I leaned against the wall, straining to hear. Suddenly the wall slid open, and two guards renched me out of my cell, and sped me down the hall. They deposited me inside the office they'd left me in before, then slammed the door shut, taking off. I wondered what could be happening that bothered them so much. And they evidently wanted me somewhere other than my cell. Maybe... Maybe so I wouldn't be found. But weakness took over, and I slumped to my knees, waiting.

Okay, here I stop so stop so you can do what you'd like, Theo. Cappie says kugr. No, Cappie, there are no cougars here, hopefully.

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Ha-ha! Time for the cougers!!!! 


Tabby led the way, past a building where her apartment was, and down a few blocks to a big, black office building, with a sign that said "HUNT" outside of it. 

"It's almost as though they wanted us to find them," mused John. The group of peers approached the building, uneased.

They walked into a beautiful lobby, with big cusiony chairs and little snacks on trays. A woman sitting at a desked eyed them suspiciously, and Nathaniel jumped to explain.

"We're here to look for someone," he said, and he realised how silly that sounded. Yes, ten teenagers cut school to go looking for someone in an official-looking office building. How EXTREMELY normal.

"I mean--" he began again, and John cut him off.

"Nathaniel, I think something's wrong here," John whispered.

"What makes you think that?" Nathaniel muttered sarcasticly.

"Uh, I can't seem to contact people telepathicly, not even read anyone's thoughts."

That was suspicious. The woman at the desk brought Nathaniel back to life. "Do you happen to be looking for Brooke Wendelyn?"

Nathaniel shook his head. "I don't know any Brookes."

"We're lookinhg for a girl named Gwen!" Charlotte interupted. "Is it THAT hard to find her? Check you computer system!" At the mention of computers, Quin started shaking.

"I... I..." he sputtered. He glanced around at his companions. "Let's get out of here."

"Brooke Wendlyn," the woman at the desk kept insisting. "Brooke. Brooke. Brooke."

"Is something...wrong with her?" asked Storm consiously.

"Brooke. Brooke. Brooke." Fizz, pop. A srew flew out of her hair.

"It's just a decoy,"  whispered Tabby, and everyone was suddenly brought up to the present. They were at HUNT's HQ, and possibly in danger.

"Let's get out of here," breathed Tory.

"Next person who says that," said Nathaniel, "will learn what it means for someone to be able to turn invisible. We're NOT leaving without Gwen." Nathaniel said this firmly, starting off down the corridor, but he felt anything but firm.


"Hey! It's them! How come we weren't alerted?!"

The voice sent Nathaniel's neck hairs upright, and a shiver down his spine. They had been spotted.

"Everybody, run!" yelled Kira.

It was a quite a good suggestion, Nathaniel commented to himself, and grinned at John. John just stared at him, and Nathaniel remembered that their powers didn't work in this place.

The ten some turned a corner, filled with iron bars of cells. Gwen must be here! Nathaniel tried to look through the bars of the cells, but could not examine them and help all of the kids, since he and his peers were being pursued by the sound of their footsteps, two large and aggressive men.

"I see an exit!" yelled Catherine, and everyone dashed toward the exit to this hall of imprisonment. Another figure came out from in front of the exit, and all their hopes were dashed. They were trapped.

The man who had stopped them wore sunglasses, and had his hair slicked back. When he spoke in his low voice, everyone shuddered.

"Now which one of you is Nathaniel?" 

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Storm and Catherine are not dead; we just have had technological difficulties. I will see about catching up with the story tomorrow.

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No one said they were dead, I was trying to get people back on track! Thank you for coming back! 

If it looked like I was talking the dead insides of your characters, I'm sorry. I was really trying to use every character to get people involved again. 

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No, I was referring to the fact we've been gone for a month. I'm posting today.

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I'm sorry I haven't written in a while, but I was on vaca.


Now, I haven't even finished reading all the new posts and all I can say is STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!

1. I am not a telepath. Reread my character description and reread my posts. I control energy! In all my posts I split the telepathic energy waves and bend one  to show me the message. I then release the energy, keeping just enough to use as my own.

2. I honestly don't want to be some snooty bad guy trying to discover everybody's secrets. The messages were just my character having fun as a prank.

3. I am willing to let the first few go and I understand that you guys took time and effort to write those posts but PLEASE could we back up and allow me to talk for my character. PLEASE.

Sorry I just don't at all like were this is going. I'll finish reading the posts now.

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Oops! Sorry Tovah! Guess we just got carried away.

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I understand where you're going, Toval. It's just that's what Nathaniel assumes, because, as you may have noticed, he assumes a lot of things. They don't really know Elexhiia's powers, so naturally, they assume she's a telepath. But do you think that Shane's would ever let in two telepaths? Unlikely. 

Sorry about our mistakes! 

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I'll wait for Tovah to readjust her character before writing about Brooke again.

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The others were being rounded up and captured. They had not noticed my disapperance. Idiots. Never trust anyone. That's the first rule to survival.

An agent came into the crevice I was hiding in. He smiled. "Excellent job, Storm. We've captured Nathanial. What do you want to do with the others?"

"I don't care," I responded with a malicious grin.

"Surely you want your girlfriend to be released?"


The HUNT agent was probably only teasing, but it still showed a weakness of HUNT. They did not know that I am incapable of loving anyone. I made a mental note of the weakness, to be used later. 

"Come pick up your payment tonight. 9:00."

I swept away, done with the conversation. I slid out the back door, trying to resist the laughter welling up inside of me. They thought I was their little HUNT spy in Shane's Academy. Shane's thought I was their spy for HUNT. And as soon as I could, I would betray both of them. It was too funny. The only problem was Catherine. She was too intuitive. Oh well, I would surely find a way to get rid of her once I didn't need her. 

I slid off the uniform shirt, to reveal the T-shirt underneath. Large holes were cut into the back of the shoulder. I had used it earlier, when I stole my iPod out of Mod's office. I let my large black wings grow out of my shoulder blades and then took off.

Being a dragon is one of the greatest abilities in the world. I flew around to my back window at Shane's and cracked it open. I folded my wings back under my skin and slid into the window. It was easy to close it behind me and change back into my uniform.

I glanced at the papers lying on my desk. 2 of them. A signed agreement and a page of text titled "The Lemming War." Catherine had found it online. The page was just long enough for me to jump into it and buy a lemming army. About 17 billion lemmings--all at my disposal. Just a small part of my current army--one I was constantly expanding, with the help of Catherine.

I smiled at the thought of the ridiculous classes. How to spot a villian--apparently no one could, as I was sitting right in the middle of all the students. 

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So umm can we sort of pretend you guys haven't fully met me. (lightbulb!) I could have also been captured on the same day as Gwen!


I wasn't put in the same van but I saw her being dragged away. The hand of my captor squeezed tight. I could have easily taken him out but he had immediately injected some anti power stuff. I tried to take his energy or stop time, anything would have been better than nothing. I had just been walking to tell that girl that I was the one playing the prank and to tell her boyfriend the same. Suddenly I was powerless and quickly losing air and life." Stop struggling freak and you might just survive." No! My mind was racing. I had been born dying. When I was a baby all my energy immediately began seeping out; luckily my powers naturally kicked up and I survived, but see my powers of controlling energy are the only things controlling mine and without them it will dribble out slowly and I will die a painful and slow death. So of course... I was freaking out. They shut me in a power-tight cell surrounded by another cell surrounded by plexiglass surrounded by a wall surrounded by a prison. Stupid strongest powers of any superhuman in a century.


I knew I had hours to live. That's when the yelling and footsteps started.

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