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I want to try a round robin story.  Here goes!


As Bathrie awoke she sensed something was wrong, very wrong.  A quick scan of her room showed nothing out of place The cat thieves, also known as skandi, must not have descended on the castle where she lived. 

"Then I know what is making me feel this way," sighed Bathrie.  Pulling a small, gold tinted crystal ball from her pocket, she stared into the swirling depths.  Instantly the smoke cleared and Bathrie saw a huge dining hall.  The dining hall here, she thought in suprise.  There seemed to be some sort of feast going on.  As the festivities commenced a shadow slipped into the hall.  Unnoticed by anyone it slid over to the king's throne and stabbed him.  The king fell over, dead. As the hall erupted into chaos, the ball clouded.  Bathrie jumped from her bed and ran to her father to tell him what she had seen.

Bathrie was a seer.  With the help of her crystal ball, she could see the future.  The country where she lived had been aided many times, thanks to her.  But Bathrie lived a secluded life.  If she had lived in town, she would have been hounded day and night by people who wanted to know the future. Since her father was king, Bathrie lived in luxurious apartments.  But being a seer was both a blessing and a curse.  Though she could see the future, not many people belived her.   As Bathrie ran to her father's chambers she hoped that this time he would belive her.


Comments are appreciated.  And please continue the story! I don't want  this to fall flat on its face.

submitted by Sam M, MI
(February 3, 2009 - 8:57 pm)

Don't worry, Sam- not going to fall flat on its face! I'll pick up with somebody else.

Javes was a sailor. Well, was. Hus mum had made him stop after she heard that ships sometimes sink. Daft, thought Javes, but she had a belt on hand, and that might hurt. Oh, he argued a while- but debating with a madwoman doesn't help anything. So now he was a fishseller. Jumping up and down with excitement.

There was a high point, though. He was given free reign of the Palace Falcon. King Craiger was a generus fellow, sympathetic to widows' plights. Mum was a widow. So Javes got perks- perks that labeled him the Royal Fishmonger of the Princess' Meals. Enthusiastic? Uh, not quite. But Javes was determined to take advantage of the opportunity. An autograph from the Princess Bathrie could be worth a good gold piece. Better yet would be a prediction of the future.

Yeah, supposedly the Princess Bathrie was cursed or something with this endowment from a fairy or somebody equally far-fetched and probably nonexistent. Maybe a trinket from Princess Gilda, her little sister, would be better. But nonetheless, the hurried along to fourteen-year-old (he was twelve) Bathrie's chambers. Apparently she liked to pick out her own fish. Bizarre, by Javes' reckoning, but whatever.

However, racing through the palace's vast corridors and pulling his cart of salmon, trout, and other salt and freshwater rarities behind him, and attracting a couple "who-in-the-name-of-Fathalia-are-you" glances from servants along the way, he soon found himself lost. Oh well. He continued on aimlessly and shamelessly.

Another child was flitting around the chambers that early morning, a child not of the outside town of beggers but of royal descent. And little did either youngster know that their fates were about to collide... both literally and metaphorically.

Okay, come on people, write in! I know we're all caught up with the Xeliex story about Mages and Bird Biy and all those maids whose names begin with "A" and everybody's trying to learn magic and all that cool stuff, and I know that they've got that ever-popular Commander Kip, but Sam's story is good, too! And I want to see where it goes!

submitted by Mary W., age 11, Bordentown, NJ
(February 5, 2009 - 7:35 pm)

The hallways quieted as Javes found himself sinking deeper and deeper into the castle. Occassionally, he heard voices, but could not find a way to get to them. Eventually, he stumbled across a timid looking girl of about 15 dressed in servants garbs.

     "Can you tell me the way to Princess Bathrie's chamber?" he asked the girl, who waws regarding him with a strange look on her face.

     "Why should you care where she sleeps?" The girl's tone was hollow and menacing, not fitting her sweet face at all.

     "I've been sent to bring her her fish," Javes replied, feeling the red-haired girl's keen eyes watching him, "I'm Javes. I'll probably see you around, you know, since I work here now..." he trailed off.

     "I'm Coraline. No, you probably won't see me around. You and I are very different, Javes," she said his name with a smirk. The torches on the walls cast a red glow in her already scarlett hair, making her face look waxy and pale, her green eyes sunken and hollow. In a moment, she was gone. He hadn't seen her move at all, and he could still here her hollow voice resounding across the walls, the last words she had spoke before she vanished, "Take a left at the dungeon...."

submitted by Koffee, age 13 , In a cup
(February 9, 2009 - 5:27 pm)