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Story thread! Ok I tried this once
before and it was a dud. But I'm giving it another go! The same as last
time you can add anything I just have one request. I like lots of
characters so when you write on add anew person please. Just write at
the top the name's looks and a little about them. Then add to the story!



Name: Ivy


Age: 14


Gender: FM


Looks:  Long wavy brown hair with bangs, green eye's, little freckled, on the shorter side.


Not the least bit shy, can really surprise someone with things you
would not expect about her, always smiling, has a huge temper, very
skilled with any weapon, always look's like she's up to something.



are you doing! Ivy yelled as she looked at young brother playing with
her bow. Give me that she said while grabbing her weapon. The young boy
turned red with anger as he reached for her dagger. No she snapped at
him. Don't touch! Ivy yelled getting madder by the second. Why not he
cried. I can fight too, the young boy protested. Timmy! Ivy yelled. She
tried to calm down. She sighed. Will you wait here? I have to go out
again. Again Timmy cried. Why can't I come, he cried. If you would just
remember we're in the middle of war so you have to stay here and be
quiet, Ivy said. I don't like those trying to take our land. Why can't
those people go back to where they came from? Timmy yelled. Why must they
take over our home? Why Ireland, what's wrong with their home? Timmy
whined. Timmy, Ivy said. You're a five year old boy and should not be
worried about this stuff, and it's not just our land it's all over; who
knows where else they have conquered, and we don't know where they came
from. Now stay here and be quiet, there's no one to watch you. Yay!
Timmy cheered. No Timmy, it's never a good thing to be captured. Now stay
in the underground bunker, Ivy said. How long will you be gone? Timmy
asked. It was years last time. No it wasn't Timmy, just a few months; now
be a good boy and do as I say. Ok. Fine, Timmy said. Bye Ivy, Timmy said.
Bye Timmy and remember what I said. With that Ivy ran off to the edge of
her island when she spotted some enemy troops.



did you think it popped into my head. If you're confused there has been a
war going on for a few years. Know one knows who the enemies are but
have been taking over land everywhere, including Ireland where Ivy
lives. Everyone from her village has been taken and Ivy and her brother
Timmy are the only ones left (that she knows of).




submitted by Blue, Kanto
(May 27, 2013 - 8:14 pm)

Sounds cool! I'll do it with you, just does the original character have to be you, or did you just do that cause you want to? And you want me to add a new character every time we post? And should I add them all together? Or have one extra character a part?

Plus, do you watch Doctor Who? Something you said in the story kinda reminded me of it. 

submitted by Blackberry E., age 13
(May 28, 2013 - 1:44 pm)