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Fairytale RP!

Fairytale RP!

So Tovah had once made something like this, and I miss it, so I'm going to recreate it. I was thinking that you could either do a twist on a classic fairytale hero or heroine, or make your own. They go to a private high school to learn to fight aliens. 

I'm going to go with the same character I had before.

Name: Gretel Rose

Appearence; Chin-length golden hair that curves in on one side and
curves out on the other. Dark, sapphire-blue eyes, slightly pink cheeks,
pale, small, at 5 ft. Commonly wears long sleeve camo shirt with denim
capris and lace up hunting boots. Or jeans, black t-shirt with Slay Your Own Dragons and a sword
on fire, black hunting boots. Oftenwears a cap. Whether navy blue or

Personality; Strong, quiet, observant, hard core, ready to fight. Loyal, open, and cheerful around her friends. 

Story; So, this is a Hansel and Gretel in the modern world. Southern
girl! Her parents ditched her in the backwoods of Tennessee, in the
Great Smokey Mountains. A hunter thought she and her brother game and
accidentally shot him. (Explains what happens to Hansel.)

Power; She has a strong sense of direction, can see in the dark. Also can channel people's feelings well. Knows what they're feeling.

Weapon: Anything she can throw or shoot, except long spears. She can
throw knives, shoot a gun or bow. Whatever she can get her hands on.

So what do ya'll think? Good or bad idea?

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Awsome! I am so joining!


Name: Snow Williard

Age: 14

Appearence: Long jet black hair, goes down to her waist. Pale skin, perfect complexion. Ice blue eyes, very pretty blush, about 5'5". Wears a white blouse most of the time, with a sapphire embroidered desighn on it. Wears jeans with a pink embroidered flower on the pocket. White sneakers. No hat at all.

Personality; A bit conciented, but loyal, and ready to help her friends. Cheerful, happy, but ill sometimes ponder on the dark side.

Story; Anyone knows that Snow has a twin sister? No, weel that's because, right before that apple woman came, Snow skiddaddled and called on her twin to care for the dwarfs, who agreed that it was for her own safetey. Well, when the prince came along, Snow's siter wasn't about to change places, and sent Snowaway to America, to a bording school. The twin lives in France, while Snow is stuck in school.

Power; Can communicate with animals.

Weapon: Bow and arrows. Is very good with them.


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Good idea!!!

Name: Rose Red

Appearance: A little past the shoulder length brown hair that curls up at the end, pale skin with rosy cheeks, on the shorter side, hazel eyes, natually soft red lips...

Dress: She's recently discovered blue jeans and wears them everyday, white blouse with embroidered white roses and a red cape sort of like little red riding hood, tall black boots

Personality: Outspoken, loves nature/being outdoors, very happy, kind...

Background Story: For those of you unaware of the story Snow White and Rose Red (not Snow White as in the Seven Dwarfs), I'll explain. Snow White and Rose Red are two little girls who live in the woods in a cottage with their mom. On cold snowy night, Rose Red hears a knock on their door and opens it to find a bear. Of course, she is frightened, but the bear just explains that he is cold. They let him in and every night he returns. The girls play with him and get to know him. When winter ends, the bear tells the girls that he has to go, which brings on tears from Snow White and Rose Red.

While on a summer walk in the woods, the girls discover a little man - a dwarf if I don't miss my guess - whose beard is stuck in a tree. The girls cut his beard to free him, but the dwarf just gets mad at them. The girls meet the dwarf a few other times and save him, but each time he becomes even more ungratful. On day the girls see him being chased by their bear friend, and the bear kills the dwarf. Suddenly, the bear transforms into a prince. The dwarf had placed the prince under a spell a year before. The girls are very happy and Snow White marries that prince. In the real story, Rose Red marries the princes brother, but for our purposes the prince doesn't have a brother. Instead she decides to go to high school!

Power: Animal telepathy and can transform into an animal, but only for five minutes at a time. Can also cause storms and natural disasters.

Weapon: Nature 

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Sorry, Teresa, I didn't see that Rose Red could turn into animals, but since Ash only turns in cats, or more specifically, one cat, can I keep his powers? His character kind of revolves around them.

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Sure, that sounds fine.


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I mean it!!!

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Awesome! I'm going with one of the twelve dancing princess I once had to be in a play my siblings and I did. ^.^

Name: Elle Gergorin

Apperance: Waist length blonde hair, blue eyes, a turned up nose, and perfectly white skin. A princess. Wears shockingly short dresses and high boots.

Personatly: Cry baby, but very smart and has sharp senses. Not very kind, more snappy and selfish. 

Story: You all the know the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses? Well, she's the youngest, a character in a fairytale play we once performed (the person I was). The story is: Captain Hook puts a spell on the twelve dancing princesses, turning them into stuffed animals. Only the youngest is spared. Elle goes to the Beast, the only person who can help her. But Tinkerbell is also cursed, only she ate an Eat Me cake and became big. So they all have to figure out how to turn back to curses. And whatnot.

Power: Can make really cute puppy eyes. Can also sense even the smallest movement, even in the dark.

Weapon: She has poisen tubes in her finger nails, which she can eject and stab you with. Also performs with daggers and bows and arrows.

Can't wait! XD



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YES! Restless and unable to do NaNo I do THIS instead!

Name: Barthomew Leather, but he goes by "Ash."

Apperance: Average height, with black hair, deep brown eyes, and skin the color of an orange tabby cat's fur. Wears his black jacket that's equiped with all sort of usefull stuff. Has a belt with a thin foil in a sheath attached to it. Has a black pair of boots and a hat with a large, purple feather in it that he wears on ocasion. Strange things seem to follow whenever he wears the hat.

Personality: Gets along with people well, but has a certain amount of mystery inshrouded around him. Often dissapears for long lengths of time without an explaination

Story: This might be unexpected... Puss in Boots! The mill where him, his father, and his two other brothers lived in was burned down durning a forest fire. He made his way to the school where he lives in one of the dorms, now.

Power: He can turn into a cat. 

Weapon: He's good with a foil, but utterly weak against anyone with a thicker sword than a saber.

YES! I can't wait to start writing! 

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Cool! I don't really have a direction for this, so throw in anything. Also, I don't know yet what the school should be called. Suggestions? But anyhoot, I'll go ahead and kick this off, though others can still join!

Gretel ~

I sprawled out in my desk chair, my legs stretched out into the isle. I was utterly bored out of my mind by Professor Mundanes's (yes, that really is his name) lecture on the multiple uses of toothpaste. I wanted to beat my head against my desk. I glanced over at Snow who didn't seem to be paying much attention either. I doubted anyone was.

"How much longer?" I whispered to her. She glanced around, just able to see the clock sitting on Professor Mundane's desk. She leaned back and whispered, "About fifteen more minutes."

"So, then really about twenty-five minutes," I whispered back. Mr. Mundane was known for going over time. Suddenly there was a loud rap at the front of the class.

"Detention, Gretel," he said, and without another word, he returned to his lecture. I groaned miserably. Third one this week. And they weren't even my fault! Well, entirely. It wasn't my fault I was always late. This place and my locker didn't cater to short people, which annoyed the stew out of me. Plus I was always getting picked on, which always led to fights which were always soley placed on me. And yes, Mr. Mundane went a full half hour over time. I wondered if he did it just to punish us. 


Something I forgot, Gretel is fourteen and she is also deathly afraid of any body of water that is bigger or deeper than a bathtub.

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Mr. Mundane's lectures could be long, but I found them facinating. He could've used a more engaged tone, or at least tried to keep his students intrested, but he didn't try at all. Really, if one was trapped in a locked confindment with just a bottle of toothpaste, Mr. Mundane would be able to handle it, as well as any other kid who paid attention in his class.

So just me.

"How much longer?" one of the girls behind me whispered. I twitched. I acutally wanted to find out how to survive in a dessert landscape with just a bottle of toothpaste!

"About fifteen more minutes."

"So, then really twenty five minutes." She was talking about how Mr. Mundane often went overtime into the next class. I gritted my teeth. Could she shut up? I was trying to listen to Mr. Mundane's lecture! Mr. Mundane had noticed the girls. RAP!

"Dention, Gretel," he said. "Now, as I was saying, orange flavored toothpaste could acutally be used as a type of acid you could use against the snakes you came across...."

Detention and Gretel. I'd heard those words toghter in almost every single class. Serves her right, I thought. 

Right before the class ended, Mr. Mundane told us to write a five paragraph essay on the uses of toothpaste in different climates. Most of the class groaned, but I simply made a note of the essay in my planner.

"Mr. Leather, will you stay after class?" Mr. Mundane asked.

"Sure," I said. At least he didn't call me 'Bartholmew' in front of my classmates. I had enough problems as it was, and I didn't need that to be added to the long, long list.

The bell rang, and Mr. Mundane actually dismissed his class on time. Kids left the classroom, a little shocked, but happy. They were glad to get out of that lecture as fast as possible.

"Barthomew," said Mr. Mundane. "Sometimes it seems like you're actually listening to my lectures."

"I am, Mr. Mundane. In fact, I believe quite a few of my classmates are."

"Pfft, don't lie to me. I know that no one else is listening." I had actually been hoping for awhile now that I wasn't the only one listening to his lectures.

"Let my tell you something, Mr. Leather. You're not suppose to listen to my class. I mean, if you want good marks you will, but it's really suppose to teach kids paitence. Everyday I've been paging through all of my subjects to find something that couldn't acutally be intresting."

"You mean you don't really care about the multiple uses of toothpaste at all?"

"No, not particularly. Listening will get you good grades in this class, Mr. Leather, but in reality, you're failing the big test. You may go."

With that, I gathered my stuff and walked down the halls, wondering what exactly what Mr. Mundane had told me meant. 

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Aaaand we start. :)


Professor Mundane was yakking along about some formula you'd need to know if you were stuck in a desert with only a bottle of toothpaste. Yeah, like I'd actually be out in the middle of a sandy desert with only some toothpaste. I was bored out of my mind.

"How much longer?" Gretel whispered to me. I glanced around, just able to
see the clock sitting on Professor Mundane's desk, then leaned back and
whispered, "About fifteen more minutes."

"So, then really about twenty-five minutes," she whispered back.Suddenly there was a loud rap at
the front of the class.

"Detention, Gretel," he said, and without another word, he returned to his lecture.

Gretel groaned. I gave her a pitying look. That was the third - or was it the fourth - one this week?

The boy in front of us smiled. He must have been expecting that. I frowned at him, and started to doodle in my notebook.

When Professor Mundane  assigned an essay on toothpaste of all things, I groaned along with the rest of the class.That was the fifth boring essay we had had to write that week! 

Amid the  rustle of papers, and shouts of students chatting about their next classes, I overheard Mr. Mundane tell the boy who sat in front of us, the one who had smiled when Gretel had gotten detention, to stay after class. I grinned, and got out of there, heading to my next class with Gretel.



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Forgot to add, Elle's 14


Professor Mundane's class was one of the boringest things I've ever sat through. Toothpaste, really? I had just doodled and fixed my makeup.

One of the girls in my class, Gretel, kept getting detention. I wondered what her problem was. I hadn't really taken the time to get to know anyone in the two weeks I'd been here, so I had no idea anything about anyone. 

I sighed and headed to my next class, with Professor Farber. I sat by the window, staring out at the rainy day. I tuned out Professor Farber's sharp, shrill voice reciting the bad effets of eating random things you peal off the bottom of your table. I really didn't need to know that, as I didn't peal anything off the bottom my table. It would mess up my nails. I wondered whether my mascara was smudged. 

Then I looked around at my classmates. They seemed like the same ones as before. I yawned and studied each of them further.

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