Ello and thank

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Ello and thank

Ello and thank you to everyone who welcomed me here to the Chatterbox!

I can't wait to start posting here!

10 things about me:

1. Asher IS my name.

2. I love Broadway and acting.

3. I'm writing, like, 3 novels at a time.

4. I am British and have a very thick accent.

5. I love Cricket (obviously).

6. Hmm...uhh...I like cheese! :D

7. Nina is my new best friend. *UP TOP*

8. Well, you ALL are my new best friends.

9. I love Harry Potter.

10. I draw all the time.

Soooooo...yeah! Also, Red, WHAT IS A LEMMING?! I wanna be a lemming!

Ash out!!

submitted by Asher, age 14, CB Vortex
(November 17, 2013 - 6:53 pm)

Allow me to educate you! 

A lemming (lemmus lemmus) (I kid you not) is a small, cute rodent that you can't find in pet stores in California, which is a downright shame, otherwise I would have bought about ten by now. They live mostly up in the Artic and are notorious for following each other off of cliffs and drowning to death. This is not true. When migrating, lemmings do often ahve to swim across rivers and while a few may drown, the majority of them will make it across the river. Interestingly enough, lemmings are actually really agressive and will react agressively towards humans. Therefore, they make perfect army material. 

You will become a lemming. You will become a lemming. You will become a lemming. 

submitted by Red, age 14, Lemming Vortex
(November 17, 2013 - 8:54 pm)