Round Robin Story!!!!!

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Round Robin Story!!!!!

Round Robin Story!!!!!

I've always wanted to start a round robin story.  They seem so fun!  So here goes nuthing....




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Darting in and between merchants, David ran for his
life.  Looking back over his shoulder, he
could see a swarm of Royal Soldiers, like a tidal wave of blue in the thick choking
dust of the marketplace, chasing him. If
I had know that this little figurine would have caused so much trouble,
thought as he raced past shocked customers, I
wouldn’t have even tried to steal it.
 When he had spotted it on a trader’s cart, he
had thought that it had been pretty, a cheap trinket he could sell to some traveler
for a pretty penny.    Panting, David sprinted for a dim alley where
he usually spent most of his days, waiting for something to happen.  In that alley David collapsed, panting, on
the cool, broad stones.  The soldiers ran
past, chasing an invisible foe.  After
they had passed, David sat up and studied the figure in his hands more closely.  It was modeled after a wizard, holding a
crystal ball.  The features were that of
the king’s wizard, Drawi.  Dressed in a
flowing robe of stars, the wizard stared through the ball so that he seemed to
be peering into the future.  So immersed as
he was in his thoughts, David didn’t notice the shadowy figure creeping up on
him, until it was too late.


I am hoping that people will respond!



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David suddenly felt a rough hand pick him up by his neck.

"Don't worry, fellas. I got him right here." The unknown person yelled to his companions.  A chorus of, "Hey, he got him!" and, "Yahoo for Spark!" followed quickley. "And he won't be going anywhere." Spark said, directed toward David. His steamy breath smelled of onions and old cheese. This was no Royal Soldier. This was...

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(February 12, 2009 - 10:15 am)

A thief!         "What are you doing with me" asked David.    "We would like you to join us into our clan" was Sparks reply.  "And if you don't your going to be put to your death. A most painful death at that" "I'll join it, but in one condition" Said David...


I think it's a little corny (yum), if you don't like it you can ignor it.  I wouldn't mind, I'm not that good at writing storys anyway, I just enjoy it.  So Again; You can ignor it, I wouldn't mind

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I wrot that a long time ago, wow.

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to get it to the top!!!! 

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I kind of just wanted to leave a comment on a random thread.

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So this is where my story disappered to! Huh.

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Wow, such an old thread!

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I know! I love reading old threads.

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