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Logic Club!

History of Odd Logic

Odd Logic was invented by a pastor in 1984, to train the mind to think outside of the box. It was brought back in 2010, as strong as ever, now with another purpose: to annoy all of humanity, confuse poor souls, and in the prossess, challenging even the minds of the brightest today in modern America.

Each week, I will post a new question, and you will answer it. You do not have to join, simply show up. I will also score your answer, and at the end of the week/two weeks I will post my answer :) Make sure to be creative, and always say why!

1. If a boy did a boycott during the American Revolution, and at that
exact same time a guy named Harold went to powder his nose, then what
was the Queen of England's Favorite color in January, 204 A.D?

a. Purple

b. Eleven

c. Blue

d. Emerald

e. pickles

f. potatoes

g. If
you have a different answer, type here↴



us how you got your answer!


(P.S. All of this was thought up by my friend and I, copyright us, All Rights Reserved :D ) 

submitted by Quizzical.Zizzle, Who knows?
(January 27, 2014 - 9:54 am)

Admins, why is the title ... ?

Will you try to change it to Odd Logic? Otherwise I could just make this again....

(I think this same this happened to Joe the Stickfiddler) 


When I look at it, the title reads Odd Logic Club. I don't know what's happening when you view it. As Alice said, "Curioser and curiouser!"


submitted by Quizzical.Zizzle
(January 27, 2014 - 1:42 pm)