Round Robin Story!!!!!!!!

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Round Robin Story!!!!!!!!

Round Robin Story!!!!!!!!


Since my earlier one disappeared I am going to begin a new one.

The faint sunlight blinded him.  Being below ground for so long had taken its
toll.  Shielding his eyes, he stepped out
of “his” cave.  Looking ahead, he had
known that this might happen, so he had taken precautions.  Slathering a repellant cream on his pale
skin, he smiled.  The concoction was
working perfectly.  He had created it in
his “home” miles below the surface because he knew, when he returned to the
world above he would need it.  The
mixture reflected all light and kept his delicate skin from bursting into
flames.  When he had taken care of his
immediate needs, he looked around for a temporary home.  Spotting a grove of pine trees he quickly
walked toward it.  In half an hour, he
had a suitable lean to.  He hadn’t
forgotten any useful skills in his time below ground.  As he lay awake, watching the stars twinkle
up above, he considered his future. Athedo had returned to the surface and the
world would never be the same


Let's actually continue this one! Oh also if anyone steals this..... *sharpens ax on grindstone*



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(February 14, 2009 - 1:47 pm)

Oh, this sounds good. *jumps up and down squealing*


On the other side of the world, Mandri  raised her head.  It had been another long day at the office, one of those days that seem like they go on forever.  Even when you're  the most powerful woman in the world, you still have those days.  Getting up from her overcrowded desk, Mandri walked over to the wide window that showed a brilliant setting sun.   Beautiful, she thought, too beautiful, something seems wrong.  Turning from the window, Mandri walked toward the door and gasped as waves of pain rolled over her. It was the worst pain she had ever felt, coming from deep inside her.  Not only was it physical pain, it was mental as well. Mandri doubled up, clutching the desk for support as a cloud seemed to settle over her vision.  Peering through the haze, Mandri beagn to see a vision.  The world rocked by explosions.  She fighting an unseen enemy.  Her last blow shattering his defenses and hurling him into the depths of the earth.  Then as suddenly as it had started, the pain stopped.  Mandri weakly stood, panting.  The heavy oak door flew open as her assistant raced into the room.

"I heard you call," he said, ushering her into a chair. "What happened? Is anything wrong?"

"Only that the world is in peril once again," answered Mandri, gravely.

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(February 14, 2009 - 9:09 pm)

Mandri had a gift. A gift that kept her at the Queen's side. She could see the future when there was trouble, although she didn't always know how to stop it.  Oeth, the burly guard who had burst in, looked at her in a peculiar way. "Did you have another vision?" he asked. Mandri nodded. "I suppose I had better go to the Queen...again. Her orders, you know." Oeth looked sympathetic. "Must be some problem, the way it keeps coming back." They marched down the dusty corridors to the Throne room.


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Great thanks Phoenix!  Now can other people ad to the stroy? I can't too busy to sit down and write.

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