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Alright. I am going to post some of my stories. All of this is copyrighted by Starfire, on 17 of February, 2008. DO NOT STEAL. I will personally sue you. And I have more lawyer relatives than you want to know about! PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!!!! PLEASE!!! 

Anyway, on to the stories.  

These are old stories that I have more or less abandoned, but don't steal them anyway. I may, if people completely love them, take them up again... 

Anyway, without further ado, on to the stories!

Rîan's Quest: (pronounced Ree-an)


Rîan reached up and closed her locket, which had clicked open again. Sighing, she thought back to the first time it had opened without her wanting it to, seven years ago. She sighed again. Seven years. Seven years since she'd lost her ability stone. Seven years she'd been searching for it. For Rîan, finding her ability stone was the most important thing in the world. Why? Because until she found her stone, she couldn't learn to use its power. Or even know what kind of power it would give her. Ability stones governed where one lived, what one wore, and nearly everything else. That was was why Rîan had been searching for it. She'd know it when she saw it. She remembered nearly every detail of the day she lost it. Only two details escaped her memory: Where she was and what color the stone was. It had been when she was very young. The locket had clicked open, and the stone inside fell to the ground. She watched it fall, but when it reached the ground, it vanished. She had asked her mother about it, and her mother had been horrified, telling her that the ability stone went to the place where it was created, and unless one could find it, her abilities were lost forever. So she started searching. She'd been to the tops of mountains,to the bottoms of oceans, into volcanos, and through caves. But none of the places had a tear-drop shaped ability stone that belonged to her.


No real name:


Late at night, after she was supposed to be asleep, (don't have a name yet. Maybe Marisol?)  could be found sitting on her bed, practicing her abilities. Magic. No one else knew she could do magic, as the only time and place she did it was late at night, sitting on her bed. She didn't quite remember how she had discovered she could do magic. She thought maybe she had been angry, couldn't sleep, and had been sitting on her bed, making angry gestures, and talking angrily to no one, when she had stumbled upon the gestures that made the basic white ball. White was the simplest to make. Yellow was also easy. The darker the color, the harder it was to make. Combinations were also very hard. It had taken her quite some time to figure out two-part, and three-part combinations were almost impossible. She finally figured out how to do them, though. Four-part combinations took months to figure out. Five-parts were even harder. But she struggled, and finally she could do even those. And then came the day when she could do all the colors in the rainbow. She didn't know it, but she was the only person on the earth at the time that could do a rainbow. The rainbow was the ultimate test of magical ability, and many never learned how to do it. The ones who did normally only learned to do it after years of dedicated study under a very good teacher. It was, therefore, very, very, impressive that she learned to do it, working on it only late at night for a hour or two, without a teacher. 


This one is my pride and joy, is currently under working progress, and if you steal it... It is © Me, Laura, Starfire, whatever, 17 February, 2009. DO NOT STEAL.  DO. NOT. STEAL.  DO. NOT. Yes, I'm paranoid. I will only post the beginning of this one. The rest will remain unposted for a while. Because I'm paranoid. *nodnod*


The Sun Strike:



"If they've been here, they left no trace." The slender girl who had been examining the ground straightened up. 

"Oh." The other girl displayed no disappointment at this statement. 

"Well, where to now? The trail is gone." 

"That way." 

"And what makes you think that that way is better than say, that way?" 

Pushing herself off the trunk she had been leaning against, the second girl sighed. "You know, Araneth, sometimes I wonder why I keep you around. While you were looking for tracks, I had a chance to look around."


"I happened to notice something. That, to be specific." She pointed at a small carving in a nearby tree. 

"Oh, that. And what of it? Who says it hasn't been there for years, rather than days?"

"I've seen wood that was carved days ago, and I've seen wood carved years ago. That was carved days ago." 

"Well then, how do you know it isn't a woodcutters mark, telling what trees to cut down? Or maybe some boy was testing his new knife. I can think of a thousand explanations for a random mark." 

"A random mark, yes, but it just happens that that mark is not random. It looks like meaningless lines and dots to you, but I happen to know it is actually means something. More than one thing, actually. One of the things it means is that we should go that way." 

Araneth sighed, admitting defeat. She knew Kira was... Not kidding exactly, she never kidded, but she didn't mean it, about not knowing why she kept Araneth around. She had already figured out which way the people they were pursuing had gone twice, when Kira would have been lost, and she knew exactly how valuable she was. But it did seem like Kira could have gotten along fairly well by herself. Whenever Araneth didn't have a real idea where they should go, and Kira did, Kira was right. Always. Araneth was getting tired of it. She also wouldn't mind having some idea what they were tracking. Kira had just appeared in Araneth's hometown one day, and asked for a tracker, and Araneth was the only one who'd go with her. Everyone else was too wise to go on a trip in the wilderness with a girl they knew nothing about. But Kira had always wanted adventure, and she had gotten adventure. She wasn't complaining. 


Kira walked along behind Araneth, who always insisted on going in front. She didn't understand some of the things Araneth said or did, but she put up with them, since the alternative was finding another tracker. * Which, given her trouble finding her first, wouldn't work too well. And she knew that, without a tracker, she would lose them. And she could never do that. She had promised that she would find them, and she intended to keep that promise. Actually, she should probably tell Araneth that if she kept along, she'd be putting her life in danger. But then she might decide to go home, and that wouldn't be good. Besides, she'd have to give an explanation, and Kira hadn't fully accepted that this whole thing had happened, so how was she going to tell it? No, it was better off untold. And besides, if they actually showed signs of catching up to the pursued, than she could tell Araneth easily enough.

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Yay! Please ignore the astericks, and if something doesn't make sense, either use your best judgement or ignore it. *nodnod*

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Yay! Please ignore the astericks, and if something doesn't make sense, either use your best judgement or ignore it. *nodnod*

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Sorry about the double post! *hides to avoid angry mobs*

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I haven't looked at them carefully yet, but they look really good! I like the name Marisol.... :)

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You suggested it. ^.^ I like it, too, although it really doesn't go with my other story. It could go well somewhere else though. *nodnod*

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