Roleplaying, Cont. 

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Roleplaying, Cont. 

Roleplaying, Cont.


Please see Dmboogie's roleplay thread for rules and more detail on plot. 



Anara/learning magic in hiding, about to join study group, Starfire (Me) 

Alessandra/maid, secretly learning magic, TNÖ, missing

Analiese/Xelix's sister, learning magic, study group, Allison P.

Sara/maid, magic study group, Lena G. 

Xelix/secretary, Dmboogie, missing, temporarily me

Arthur/Archmage, Kipin, 

'birdy boy'/magic person, Kit kat, missing

Alabeth/nothing, horse rider, missing

Jinni Francis/new maid, Mary Liz,

Mexic/maid, Archmage's neice, Phoenix, missing-ish

Larco/servant to vicemage, Ruben K.

Vicemage/Lucifer, plotting to kill archmage, Mary Liz-ish


There are a few place-fillers, none of which are worth typing about. The plot is currently, Vicemage trying to kill Archmage, Magic Study Group discovered by Archmage, about to be revealed. 

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(February 19, 2009 - 12:04 pm)

((*breaths sigh of relief* Ah! I can load this page in under three seconds! Vast improvement! Thank you, Starfire! And I just realized that I could have done my last post in here... oh well. The Archmage's chat with Larco is in the old thread, FYI.))

   Flickr had gotten distracted, as was his wont. There was a terribly exciting glowy ball/eye thing floating by outside the window, and the little animated clay dragon's curiosity got the better of him. He zipped out the nearest open window and trailed the flying eye through the streets, carefully staying out of its line of vision. It bobbed over the heads of the peasants in the Faerhoven marketplace with Flickr in hot pursuit. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Flickr knew there was some other errand he was supposed to be doing for his master the Archmage, but he could not remember for the life's spark of him what it was. So he followed the eye, right to the edge of the city, determined to find out its origins, and put the forgotten errand out of his scaly clay head.

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(February 19, 2009 - 4:05 pm)

All right! Mary LIZ! Thanks!

So you have officially taken over Xeliex for the time being? Good, I wholeheartedly endorse that. But you're right... Phoenix is missing (ugh! I hate it when people disappear!) and Mexic sort of needs some controller lest she's completely defenseless when the Vicemage goes after her due to her relationship with the Archmage. Allessandra is basically gone too because TNO ditched us *weeps,* but I think we can deal with that. (Allessandra missing, not TNO. I don't think we'll ever get over the shock of that.)

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(February 19, 2009 - 4:42 pm)

I made a few mistakes and left out some stuff. Sorry about that. ^.^ Xeilix and Larco are currently on the run, although Xeilix is pretty much back. Admin, Why's this thread at the bottom of the list? It's not fun. Frown

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(February 19, 2009 - 4:47 pm)

((Wait- Magic Study Group? What? Someone fill me in, please? I scanned the other thread but must have missed that.))

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(February 19, 2009 - 7:16 pm)

There's a group of girls all trying to learn magic. Anara, Allassandra, Annaliese, and Sara (yours truly).

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(February 20, 2009 - 8:24 am)


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(February 20, 2009 - 4:59 pm)

I'm not missing!!!  I have no idea how the story is progressing.  Is it the next day or what?  If it is I have an idea for an addition.Sealed

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(February 19, 2009 - 8:29 pm)

'Magic Study Group', is basicly Sara, Analiese, and probably now Alessandra, all getting together and studying magic. Anara, my charrie, is also now joining them. It's only met once... I think it's still 'today' the day after the first Study Group meeting. If Kipin comes before people decide to move on to 'tomorrow' I can ask him about the Archmage coming down and surprising Anara, who, having not heard that Sara's missing, will be at the scheduled meeting place. 

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(February 20, 2009 - 8:56 am)

((Wait, sorry, what's my Archmage supposed to do again?... Surprise Anara, or something? And did Sara already get kidnapped? *dashes off to scan the long thread* Justa minute, I'll go look.))

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(February 20, 2009 - 4:57 pm)

Thank you! So, have I been hyptonized yet?

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(February 20, 2009 - 8:23 am)

((My name is spelled Reuben, that's REUBEN, that's rEUben. Learn how, it's not that hard, people!

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Mexic was a wreck.  For the past few nights she had been plagued by
nightmares.  They were scarily realistic too.  Always the same the
nightmares would start the day her parents told her their REAL mission
in Wasila.   She would feel a growing sense of horror in her gut and
then everything would change as a tall, thin, ratlike man cackled
mirthlessly as he slaugtered her parents.  Then he would come for her. 
Mexic a always woke drenched in sweat.  The dreams seemed to try to
warn her of something, but she didn't know what.  Now, dressed in her
worn old cloak, Mexic was walking through the busiest part of town. 
She was going to see a Dream Reader.

A dream reader was someone
who could tell you the hidden meaning of the dreams.  Most dream
readers were locked up in palace's working for kings but a few were to
be found with the gypsies.  And there just so happened to be a gypsy
camp right outside the city's walls.

When Mexic arrived in camp,
she looked around frantiacaly for someone who might point her in the
right direction.  Finally, she approached a nervous looking, man.

"Excuse me" said Mexic politley "but do you know where I might find a Dream Reader."

"Wishte, is a Dream Reader" replied the man "her tent is the small blue one."

you sir" Mexic called over her shoulder as she dashed to the tent he
had pointed at.  Stepping inside the murky depths of the tent, Mexic
blinked a few times to let her vision adjust to the light. When she was
used to the light, she could see a figure hunched over a table in the
far corner of the tent.

"Wishte" called Mexic softly?

The figure jerked to life.  "Who wants me?"

have need of your services, Wishte" replied Mexic crossing the room and
placing a small bag contaning a few silver coins down on the table."
Can you interpret a dream for me?"

"I can interpret any dream Missus" cackled Wishte. "Sit down and tell it to me"

And so Mexic did.  As she talked, Wishte would make thinking noises.  When she had finished.  Wishte said,

dream tells you that bad times will befall you and your family, Eggwald
will personally seek you out to  plot his venge and betreyal willhound
yor every footsteps."  Mexic gaped, 

"But.. But..  the only family I  have now is the Archamge, and what will happen to him!"

continued Wishte, oblivious to the pain and shock she was causing the
girl "Your parents are alive, enslaved beaten and enslaved, but alive."

gaped.  Her parents were alive!  Then why did no one tell her?  Why did
everyone tell her, that her parents were dead?  If they were alive,
then why was she here, living in a strange place, under a alias with no
one that she knew to stay by her?  What if the Archmage wasn't really
her uncle?  Who could she trust?

Her mind reeling from unaswered
qutestions and the shocking truth, Mexic stumbled out of the tent. 
Suddenly, she was seized by the arm.  The person who had seized her
looked exactly like the man from her dream, the Vicemage Eggwald!

opened her mouth to scream but Eggwald quickly covered it with a sweet-smelling handkerchief.  Mexic breathed in and suddenly felt very
sleepy.  The last thing she heard was Eggwald saying.

"Sorry Luanna, but I can't have you knowing too much."  Mexic's last thought was Why did he call me Luanna?  No one knows my real name.  And then, the welcome blackness overcame her and she drifted off into unconsciousness.


Hooray!  This page loads so much faster!  Do you think we should copy the story from Dmboogie's thread and place it in here????

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((Oh, this is really terrific, this new thread. The other one took a million years to load but this is only about seven seconds. Definitely copy and paste the rest of the story (unless that would make this load awfully. too).

By the way, Lena, I saw you asking, yes, you are hypnotized. I'm interested to see how you portray that.

And seriously, Rueben, why do you always put "got a problem with that" after writing "New Joisey"? Just out of interest, because I live here too, do people typically have a problem with NJ?))

Lucifer would have cursed himself for eating all his bonbons earlier, but he was much too elated by his success (and could conjure some more up later). Finally he'd ensnared that brat Luanna, and touching lightly on her mind right before she blacked out, he'd registered her surprise at his knowing her name, which was gratifying. And now she was in the dungeon with her dear sweet parents. He decided to go down for a little entertainment and then get some much-deserved and needed shuteye.

"Luanna, my cupcake," he crooned. "So lovely to see you awake... and no doubt you're delighted to see Tyron and Beck?"

He was pleased to see that she was so battered and disconcerted she couldn't even properly glare at him.

"You mongrel," croaked Tyron in a voice that was obviously meant to sound powerful and imposing but instead came out like a whimpering dog's last halfhearted bark. "I'll see that you pay for this, bringing my Lu into this as well."

"Anna has done you no harm," added Beck softly and tiredly. "Why did you have to take her as well? Out of spite? Just to torture her?"

"Why, no, my dear Becka," said Lucifer. "I just wanted you give you some pleasure." A smirk curled around his lips.

"Oh, Eggwald, you will pay for this," said Tyron again through clenched teeth. "I cannot believe I've allowed myself to be thwarted again. And Arthur, poor Arthur- what have you got in store for him?"

"Oh, I've many pleasant surprises planned out for dear Arthur," said Lucifer, smiling sickeningly. "A regular carnival."

After a bit more amusing back-and-forth, Lucifer bade his guess a charming farewell and went back upstairs. He sat in his favorite armchair and waved his hand lazily. A box of bonbons appeared.

"What a productive week I've had," noted Lucifer. "Hypnotized two hapless little servants, kidnapped a wretch of a girl, planned the murder of the most powerful man in all of the realm, mixed a horrid potion or two, sealed the fates of two already pathetically doomed spies, watched some lives fall apart, and now raspberry-filled bonbons, my favorite. How positively excellent."

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(February 21, 2009 - 7:35 pm)

((I'm bringing Anara out of corners of oblivion, where she's been for so long.))


Anara sat in the room where she had found the group studying last night. It was long past dark, but there was nobody there. But why not? They had said, 'same place tomorrow' last night, and they should be here by now. It was past nine, and though she knew not how late they met, it shouldn't be that late. 

She continued like this for some time, when she was suddenly started out of her reverie by a loud flash. She wasn't sure how a flash managed to be loud, but it did. There wasn't a bang accompanying it either. It was most puzzling. But then, the flash cleared, and she saw at the center of the smoke that accompanied the flash, there was a man. The Archmage, in fact. Anara wasn't prone to showing surprise, but she did at this time. "What are you doing here?"

He seemed equally surprised. "What are you doing here? You weren't here yesterday!"

"No, I wasn't. Were you here?"

"Oh no. But I saw a group through my magic ball, and I thought I'd come down. But you weren't here yesterday, and the others were."

"They haven't come yet. I don't know where they are. I heard they would come back here, and they haven't. You have any idea why?"

"Why are we standing around talking? I'm taking you to my tower." 

"I'm not in trouble, am I?"

The Archmage laughed. "No, not at all, not yet." He grabbed her hand, murmured a spell, and a slight wind appeared, getting stronger and stronger. It soon began to sting her eyes, and she closed them. After the wind died down, she opened them up again. They were in the Archmage's office. The Archmage, not at all disoriented by the spell, strode over to a round globe of glass that could only be a crystal ball. "Now, Let's see where your friends are."

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(February 22, 2009 - 9:12 am)

By the way, Mary W, you are an awesome villian. I'm serious. Villians are very tricky to get right. And I mean it. I'm in my right mind here, even though poor Sara isn't.

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(February 22, 2009 - 1:31 pm)