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Worlds RPG

Worlds RPG

At some points the world frays slightly . . . . Each is a variation of a certain, relativly ordinary medieval village. Everyone will have two characters from opposite worlds or can have one and partner up with someone else. The partners will duel each other later. There can be more than one from each world and crossovers between two worlds, but no three-world crossovers, and only one all-world crossover, which will not be able to have a power, instead they are immune to smaller shocks of other's power and can go between worlds.

Worlds :


World Of Sky

World Of Earth

World Of Nigh

World Of Day


Powers :

Skyian : Flight, wind, weather, control of clouds.

Earth : Earthbending, plants and mining, as well as sand and gems.

Night : Concealment, transformation, shadows, in huge amounts, although it waxs and wanes with the moon.

Day: Illusons, blinding people.

Rules : 

1. No being two complete opposites at once.

2. Do NOT be over-powerful.

3. Everyone can join.


Charrie Form :


Name :

Age :

Appearance :

Personaliy :

Power :

World :



My Charries :

Name : Sabella Sky

Age :14

Appearance : Short pixie-cut violet hair, cobalt eyes, unnatrually pale skin. She usually wears black boots, jeans, simple tunics, and violet/indigo/cobalt capes. 

Personaliy : She's constantly at war with herself, being a blend of Sky and Night, which, while not being complete opposites, are pretty close. ( Sky tends to be a kind of Good element while Night is a Bad element. ) She's brave, loyal, a bit wild, and hot headed.

Power : She can transform into a huge shadow-bird with very sharp talons.

World : Sky.



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