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Robots vs Humans

Robots vs Humans Sci-Fi RP


Okay, I'm going to try to actually get a sci-fi RP of mine going with more than 2 posts... Frown all my RPs die...

So I was thinking this could be an RP about robots vs. people (on Earth) , like with robots wanting to be like humans and humans wanting to be like robots. And eventually... will there arise like a third group, cyborgs? Or will their differences lead to war? You will decide! *dramatic music*

You can have a robot character and a human character, or one, or both, but no cyborgs yet since we don't know if that will be a part of the plot. Just make either a robot or a human and later in the story you can give him/her the operation and make him/her a cyborg. KK?


Name: Kija

Age: 13 

Robot or human: Human

Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, greenish-blue hoodie, jeans, usually holding her tabcomputer in her hand or tucked into her hoodie's pocket, tabcomputer stylus poking out of her pocket or tucked behind her ear

Personality: Resolves conflicts by research and notes, not so much by force or persuasive talk. Just wants peace, realizes the advantages of both humans and robots, not strongly partisan...yet


Name: I-73 (Ishi)

Age: Has been in service for 18 years, has all the knowlege and experience of that because never has been memory-wiped, but her robot housing looks 13

Robot or human: Robot 

Appearance: You can tell she's a robot, not like the newer models with artificial skin, etc. Silver plating, holographic projector embedded in palm to display information, 

Personality: Works in the holo-library, often meets Kija and helps her with research. Believes humans should be able to choose to become more robotic, but still not strongly committed to that side. 



Kija twirled her stylus in her fingers as she walked downtown from her family's apartment to the library. The summer morning was pleasant, but from the cloudless sky it seemed evident that by about two, the heat would be scorching. Entering the doors of the glass-and-steel building, she felt the cool rush of air on her face as the air-conditioning blasted her. She took a seat and placed her tabcomputer on the desk in front of her, looking around briefly at the human and the robot librarians who walked briskly around the library. She wondered if she would see Ishi today. She hoped Ishi would have some time to chat -- Kija had heard the debate last night and wondered what the robot would think of it. 

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(January 1, 2015 - 4:06 am)

name: Cory

age: 16

robot or human: human

appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, tall 

personality: very reasonable, can get a little worked up, always fun to have around 

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