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PJO RP!!! I think a lot of people have read this series so i am going to make an RP about it. Here is the format.



Son or Daughter of



Weapon ( they can be magic)


My person:

Name Jenny Wishmery

Age 12 and three quarters

Son or Daughter of  Athena 

appearance long brown hair, cloudy gray eyes , blue jeans black sweatshirt

personality smart, agile, a little bit cheeky, loves figuring out mysteries in books

weapon long bronze sword and shield

other her father died in a train crash and has lived at camp half blood since she was four. 

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Top! Love it!


Name: Helena Clamos (clay-mose)

Age: 11

Daughter of: Hestia

Appearance: short black hair and green eyes. 

Personality:  Shy, quiet, and a loner. Not quite in control of her powers and can usually be found trying to put out an on-fire dummy.

Weapon: fire, but mostly a pacifist

Other: She's new to Camp Half-blood. 

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Name: Ellie Violyn

Age: 12

Son or Daughter of: has no idea yet... she does not know about anything.

Apperance Light blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back, clear bright blue eyes. A little bit short.

Personality: Though not talkative, she is certainly not shy! She is a great leader, loves to be in control and on top. 

Weapon ( they can be magic): She has never been introduced to the camp half-blood weaponry. 

Other: Her Mom homeschools her, she can be hard and cold at times, but she loves Ellie. Ellie is an only child. She looks very much like her mom, except her mom's eyes are green. 


Can we post two charracters? 

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Sure, why not.

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Question: Is this charrie based off me?

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Top top top top! Wink

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You know sure. Been awhile since I did an RP like this!

Name: Cassandra Meynor

Age: 14

Son or Daughter of: Hermes

Apperance: The typical Hermes features a given, brown eyes, freckles across her face running from beneath her eyes and across the bridge of her nose. About 5'3, with short, Amelia Earhart style sandy blond hair, tanned skin. If not wearing her Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, it's a sky blue or some other pastel shirt, with jeans, capris, or cargo pants. Usually wears combat boots or high-tops.

Personality: Usually smiling and laughing, her eyes always twinkling like she's up to something. Warm, jolly, though a serious fighter. Not one to automatically take the lead, but if you give her a job, she'll get it done no matter what, and isn't afraid to take a stand.

Weapon (they can be magic): A knife knife she keeps strapped to her leg, hidden in her boot.

Other: Good with most weapons, prefers a sword, bow, or her knife. Her mom put her in the foster system when she was five, cause she both couldn't adequately take care of her, and wasn't ready to. Cassandra came to Camp Half-Blood when she was ten. She doesn't talk much about her experience in the foster system, though she has a scars both just in front of her ear and on her shoulder to her collar bone, neither of which will she talk about.

So yup, there ya go.

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My second Charrie:



I was the one who posted as Annabeth with the link to the post! 


Name: Fin Ules    

Age: 16

Son or Daughter of: Demeter 

Appearance: mousy, very fine light brown hair, and dark green eyes. Tall. Likes to go barefoot when he can.

Personality: quiet, shy, but not afraid of people or talking.

Weapon ( they can be magic): a thin, long, sword, the handle is decorated so that it looks like stalks (or whatever you call them) of wheat have been wrapped around it.

Other: His name is Fenton, but people nicknamed him Fin. He is a counselor for the Demetor cabin. His dad did not want kids and he wanted Demetor to take care of him, but she refused and left him at camp half-blood when he was six. 

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Name   Nenya Riven

Age 12

Son or Daughter of Poseidon

Appearance Blond-brown hair, sea green eyes.

Personality Smart, bold.

Weapon ( they can be magic) Sword made of sea stone

Other  Her mother was a child of Athena, that's why Nenya is so smart. She's not dyslexic either.

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Oh! I almost forgot: Ellie has been diagnosed whith dislexia.

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SORRY I haven't joined earlier, it's just my internet connection was VERY messed up but now it's back and I'm going nuts with happines!!!! 

Name~ Audrey Lilice

Age~ 5

Son or daughter of~ Athena

Appearance~ curly red hair, freckles, and green eyes. Really short for her age.

Personality~ Small, fragile, cries easily. She gets upset and frustrated really easily, but is also really smart, although doesn't really want people to know. She hides her abilities.

Wepon~ She is a 5 yr old 4 goodness sake! None!

Other~ Just came to Camp-half blood this summer. 

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We can start this RP as soon as we get a second page.

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Hi! I'm new to the Chatterbox. I know Rose bud.

Name   Ida Tiree

Age 13

Son or Daughter of Hades

Apperance: chocolate brown hair, blue gray eyes, jeans, violet t shirt,

Personality  a bit fiery, very overprotective, shy

Weapon ( they can be magic) dagger

Other none

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Really sorry! Your post wasn't approved yet when I made mine, so I didn't see it! I wasn't trying to copy you or anything. Is it okay that we're both daughters of Hades?

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I hope I'm not too late...

Name: Elenore Hawthorn 

Age: 12

Son/Daughter of: Hades

Appearence: Feathery hair so dark brown it's almost black, which comes to about in inch past her shoulders, pale skin, dark brown eyes

Personality: Aloof, takes an interest in the other campers but WILL NOT let anyone know it,  talks in a flat, unemptional way even when she's excited about something (like I said, she tries to hide her feelings)

Weapon: Stygian iron dagger

Other: She's lived with three foster families, the first two which she was returned from because she "just wasn't the right one," she has a brother who did manage to escape and has never been found, and all of this happened BEFORE she made it to CHB. 

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Yay! Percy Jackson!!!!!

Name: Twyla Redlion

Age: 12

Son or Daughter of: She just arrived, so unclaimed, but I think Hecate will do nicely.

Appearance: Short black hair just past her ears, pale green eyes and light skin. She just got to camp, so right now she's wearing tattered jeans and t-shirt, with what remains of a black jacket.

Personality: She is pretty quiet, and her temper flares at odd times, which is probably why people dislike or avoid her. She takes a long time to warm up to you, but when you get to know her really well, she's very loyal.

Weapon: Celestial bronze gun

Other: She was adopted and then sent back to the orphange multipal times, usually because little, "accidents" kept happening, like houses burning down. Her power as a daughter of Hecate is unusally strong, and uncontrollable.

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