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PJO RP!!! I think a lot of people have read this series so i am going to make an RP about it. Here is the format.



Son or Daughter of



Weapon ( they can be magic)


My person:

Name Jenny Wishmery

Age 12 and three quarters

Son or Daughter of  Athena 

appearance long brown hair, cloudy gray eyes , blue jeans black sweatshirt

personality smart, agile, a little bit cheeky, loves figuring out mysteries in books

weapon long bronze sword and shield

other her father died in a train crash and has lived at camp half blood since she was four. 

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hey SAVVY!! Can my Cherrie be yours sister? If so...

name: Lori lilce

age: 11

daughter of : Athena

appearance: strawberry blonde hair, grey eyes, tall, always wears her CHB tee shirt and Jean shorts.

personity: typical athna kid. Loves her sister 

weapon: a bow that makes the arrows burn whatever they touch

other: is training a hellhound pup ( her name is Glass )  

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Please reserve a spot for me! Thanks!

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I ran to the pool and jumped into my swimsuit. Suddenly a boy knocked into me and I accidentally blasted him with water...

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Whohoo! Let's get started!

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i helped Audry get into her bathing suit. It was a good day for swimming. Audrey bounced around excitedly and I blew up floaties for her. I slipped them in her arms and we ran down to the lake. She swam to the middle and splashed around. I smiled. I saw Jenny, my best friend and cabin mate run down to me. 

"You're going to miss archery," she said.

i sighed. "Tell Chiron I am spending some time with Audry today. He'll understand," I say. Jenny nodded and ran off. Besides, I am the third best archer in this camp. After two kids in the Apolo cabin. 

" Can we go see glass?" Audry asks.

"Sure," I say. Besides, Glass adores Audry. We dry off and change. We start running towards the arena. She stops, out of breath.

"Out.... of breath," she pants. I gesture for her to hop onto my back. "I love piggy back rides!!" she yells as we enter the arena. She runs over to glass.  I smile but lighting cracks in the distance.

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So. A new kid. She seems nice. And quiet. I inch closer to the fire and half-listen to Chiron as he tells us an old tale. Boooo-ring. I know this one already, be tells it every week.

Twyla actually looks like me a bit. We both have green eyes and black hair. Of course, that's a common appearance, but something about her hair... it seems more like ash black. My hair is ash black.

I glance over at Twyla again. Could I, for the first time in my life, be getting a cabinmate?

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Name: Frank Michaels

Age: 13

Son of: That part's a mystery.

Appearance: Tall and lanky. He usually wears a CHB tee shirt, under his black hoodie, with jeans.

Personality: He's generally friendly, though he is kind of shy. For some reason, whenever your around him, you always feel as though your standing next to something...inhuman. Now, I know that half-bloods aren't all human, but you feel-well-as though there's danger nearby. It's hard to explain. However, he is very compassionate and does have friends, but, still. Something's not right...

Weapon: A double-edged sword made of celestial bronze.


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Oops! Sorry! Forgot to put his background.

Other: Frank grew up in a good home--poor but good. He was adopted when he was three, and has lived with his father, other and two sisters for the past ten years.

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Irun out of the door of the Athena cabin and head to the training area. I  just got a new bronze sword and I was eager to try it out. When I got to the trainng area I found that a few other kids were already training. I saw Cassandra Maynor and Nenya Riven fighting straw dummies together and Audrey Lilice watching. I took out my sword and started attacking the straw dummies with all my might. I disarm and slice the limbs of twelve dummies before I head to the well at the end of the courtyard to cool of and have a drink. I overhear dryads talking a little way off and I creep slowly in their direction.I climb a tree and scoot out on a limb.  When I get closer I find that they are talking about five more demigods on their way to camp. "I heard from Cheron that three of them were found tied up in a cave by Philadelphia," one said. She was prettty and I gussed she was a beach tree dryad. "What was their last name?" the other one asked. This one was short and stocky and I think she was the dryad of the juniper tree. "Wishmery," she said. I nearly fall out of tree in shock. Whishmery is my name! When I recover and look again they are gone but I see a person, who is wearing a cloak with the hood pulled up, vanish behind the rock. I climb out of the tree and run towords camp. I slow down as I reach the big house." Do I really want to explain why I was spying on the dryads? I think to myself. When I think of that I directed my feet towards the Athena cabin. 

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Awesome, we're starting!

Cassandra ~

Sweat trickles down my neck as I lunge forward, leaning slightly to feint a blow, while angling for a small gap in the dummies armor, which in a real fight, would be a severe if not fatal strike.

Nenya is attacking a dummy beside me, her damp brown hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, a t-shirt pulled on over her swimsuit.

"Break?" I ask, rubbing perspiration and grime off my forehead. She nods, sheathing her seastone sword. I place my borrowed celestial bronze one back on the weapons rack at the edge of the training arena. 

I glance over at Lori, who had been watching. She was sitting, as usual, with her sister Audrey and their hellhound puppy, Glass. I smiled watching them. Very few people here were as close as those two. It made me wish I had a sister quite like that too. 

"What do you make of that?" Nenya asks, nodding toward the distance where lightning cracked across the sky. We never got bad weather here in Camp Half-Blood, though the lightning made all of us uneasy. 

"No clue," I said, splashing my face with water, "but let's get ready for dinner."

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"I'll be right back," I tell Cass, running to Chiron.

"Chiron-" I start. He notices the storm before I do.

"Oh, not again," he mutters.


Oooh, mysterious! 

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Fenton (Fin) Just for refreshing, his nickname is Fin, he is a son of Demeter, he is a counselor. Is there anyone else in my cabin? What time during the books are we? I need to know if Hades and Hestia cabins are built. If not, then they will be in the Hermes cabin.


I hear the conch horn sounding for supper, and I lead the Demeter cabin to their table. Campers were laughing and talking, despite the storm that appeared to be coming towards us. I wasn't that worried, it would blow around us, right?

As everyone takes their seat, several girls run up from the sword-fighting arena and slip in their seats, their faces red and sweaty. They all look a bit worried, and keep glancing at the sky. I have been a counsellor for so long that My insticts make me want to go tell them everything is fine, it will blow over. But they aren't from my cabin.

Chiron calls everyone to order, and anounces that capture the flag will take place tonight. Yes! This activity is a favorite among campers, so the pavillion is emmediatly filled wiht whoops and cheers. One look from Mr. D silences it all, though. One of the girls who ran in late whispered somthing to another girl, and she sighs in annoyance. All of a sudden, I hear a loud howling. A hellhound!

" What's that noise?"

"Did a monster breach the borders?"

" I'm not sure, but I know Chiron has the situation under control." I reassure the younger kids in my cabin. 







Look what I found! Do you guys want to use this to make things less confusing? 




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I strap Glass onto her leash. We all run back to the Athena cabin, and Audry swings open the door. She glances around no one is here. She runs to the desk and does some algebra. Her favrote. I smile and leave the cabin, running around it with Glass. I let Glass off the leash. I grab my mini  shield and toss it. Glass runs after it. 

" Lorikeet!!!" Audry calls

" coming!!" I yell. I run back to the cabin, Glass not far behind. I gasp. Storm spirits, surrounding Audry. " CHIRON!!!" I scream and Rush in wth my bow, shooting Some of the spirits down. Soon Jenny,Chiron,and some other campers arrive in the doorway.  

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Ellie, she is not based on you, I just like the name Ellie! 


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Can we have the people fighting the storm spirits not arrive at dinner? Because I already posted somthing about dinner.

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