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PJO RP!!! I think a lot of people have read this series so i am going to make an RP about it. Here is the format.



Son or Daughter of



Weapon ( they can be magic)


My person:

Name Jenny Wishmery

Age 12 and three quarters

Son or Daughter of  Athena 

appearance long brown hair, cloudy gray eyes , blue jeans black sweatshirt

personality smart, agile, a little bit cheeky, loves figuring out mysteries in books

weapon long bronze sword and shield

other her father died in a train crash and has lived at camp half blood since she was four. 

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SO sorry I haven't posted, but like BHR, I've been busy + I basically forgot I was in this RP...... I haven't read everything bc I don't have much time, so this might not make sense...... well..... here goes.

actually nevermind. Sorry it's not my fault school exsists!!! Will post l8r today!!!


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1. What is an RP?

2. Name: Angora Flycatcher

Age: 11

Son or Daughter of: Demeter

Appearance: Dark brown hai r(not too long,not to short), brown eyes, freckles, long face, wears green, purple high heels 

Personality: sarcastic at times, always prepared, owns teddy bear, stubborn, caring, strict vegetarian 

Weapon: sharp voice, strangling vines, high heels(the heels are really sharp)

Other: sorry, don't have time to write more,must eat now


RP stands for role play, a cooperative writing effort in which each participant creates a character and writes from that character's point of view.


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Thanks! Sorry to interrupt the RP with my character. (I'm new to the chatterbox.)

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I look outside the Big House and there's a forest fire. One being doused. No wonder.

I double over, cutching, well- everywhere, pinching my face to stop the pain. They are really dousing this fire quickly. Finally, the pain subsides and I find myself laying, gasping for breath, on the floor.

Then it starts again. Over and over, just like in Harry Potter with crusio, pain unimaginable. I finally realize this isn't just fire-dousing pain. It's something else.

Something very, very bad.


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Okay, refreshers! Finn is running up to the forest fire, which Helena started accidentally, right? Welcome, Angora, to my cabin! I am your cabin counselor. Right now, we just finished fighting storm spirits, and we are now fighting a forest fire! Right after a huge storm came through, so we are soaking wet, and covered in mud! What a fun evening at camp!



As I hustled up to one of the fields the satyrs had prepared for planting strawberries quite soon, a wave of water hit me out of nowhere. What was once a fire was now a super soggy field dotted with soaking campers. I tried to match names to faces, and I recognized Nenya, from the Posieden cabin. The wave of water suddenly made sense.

First storm spirits, then a forrest fire. What next? I thought, looking at the sky. 

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Twyla made the fire.

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I'm still recovering when I see a raging fire to my left. My father can wait. I rub towards the fire, and I'm about to douse the flames when a huge wave crashes over us. It must have been the girl from the Posiden cabin...not like I care.  Everyone is relived, although soggy. But then my ears pick up a sound.

A loud growling sound.

Coming from the forest.


What's with me and short posts lately? Sorry! 

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"Yeah yeah." Audry says

"Well what now?" I ask

"Wanna see if I could find my old dagger for you?"

" I guess...." She trails off.  "How about I get my own?" she asks.

"It's up to you!" I say. She thinks for a moment.

"My own," she says. We  walk outside and we stop and gasp. The strawberry fields!! "Let's go! " I say. Audry runs to the forge. I count my arrows. 1, 2, 3, 4,  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. I am missing one!!  I must have shot one of my arrows towards over there. I gasp. As I walk over to the forge. Audry already has picked the dagger. But then I realize most of the forge is in ruins. This is all my fault.


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So, forest fire, storm spirits, I am guessing it is night now? We were having supper before this started. Queen Elizabeth is with me right now, so Ida will be in this post.



No one really knew what to do. Some of the campers headed back to the cabins, others walked around aimlessly. Chiron was talking to Cassandra from the Hermes cabin, the rest of us were pretty much standing there dripping with water and mud. 


I stood there like everyone else, humming and trying to dry off with a towel one of the counselers handed me. I saw some kids trudging towards the forge. I walked over to Finn, wondering what had caused the fire."Hey, what happened exactly? One minute we were fighting storm spirits, next we were fighting a fire," I questioned.

"That's what I want to know." He sighed.



After talking to Ida, I felt better about things. She could cheer you up just by talking to you. She looked kind of nervous, so I reassured her by saying I would talk to Chiron. I jogged up to Cassandra and Chiron, and I heard Cassandra say:

" ...Scary, they just appeared, just like last time, Chiron I-" 

She stopped talking when she saw me. Okay, do I just go up and talk to them?

"Umm, Chiron, I heard something about a forest fire. What is going on?"

I admit, I hardly ever really talk to anyone except Ida at camp. Sometimes I talk to Jenny, but not often.

Chiron looks straight into my eyes. I was mesmerized by all I saw in them, battles, deaths, risings, fallings, beginings, and ends. He takes a deep breath before answering me.


Dun dun dun...!

Okay, where is Twyla right now? I'm a bit confused about stuff. 

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(February 14, 2015 - 6:34 pm)

Twyla is in the Big House, unconscious.

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(February 15, 2015 - 11:48 am)

I am changing Ida's age to fourteen, and Finn is 15. Okay?

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I am fighting the fire when I heard a strange sound. I turned around and was immediately lifted into the air. i take out my bronze sword and slash up. The thing disintegrates and I am dropped through the air. The trees rush towards me and just as I start falling through them I am stopped. My arms had been above my head and they had caught on a small but firm tree branch. I pull up and climb onto the branch. It bends a little but not too much. I am lucky that I spent so much time climbing trees. With little difficulty I manage to climb out of the tree. I retreave my sword from where it got stuck in log. then I run off to camp. I burst into the big house just as Chiron is tells Finn " ... it was Twyla. She has the fire power." Suddenly he senses me and whirls around. "How long have you been there?" he asks."I got in just now," I reply, "and I have something to tell you."  It can wait; please, go to your cabin." I run out of the big house and back to the Athena cabin. When I get there I notice a note lying on my bed. I pick it up and read it. It is written in a hasty scrawl. It says, " Jenny, please tell the Athena cabin that I have found the spy who let the monsters in. It is Philu." That is it; the rest of the note is empty.  I look at the floor for no reason and see scuff marks on the always clean floor. Just then someone else runs in the door almost knocking me down. I look up and see... 

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Finn just asked Chiron what was going on. Chiron had been talking to Cassandra before Finn talked to him. Jenny ran in, then went to her cabin and found a not on her bed, right? Where is Helena right now? Can she be the one running into the Athena cabin?


I nodded. Okay, it was Twylla. Who was Twylla again? Ummmm... I don't think I have ever seen her, much less talk to her. Just as I was going to ask Chiron something like; " Who is Twylla?" which would have sounded kind of dumb anyways, Jenny raced up the steps of the big house and stood on the porch next to us. Her dripping brown hair swug back and forth excitedly. She said something like "Hi Finn," to me, but I was to busy trying to remember who Twylla was.

She said something to Chiron, then bounced of the steps toward the cabins. 




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I walked back to my cabin, but tripped suddenly. A boy grabbed me by the arm to steady me, and I thanked him profusely.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Finn," he said. "Hey, aren't you the Poseidon kid?" 

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(February 15, 2015 - 7:46 pm)

Actually, Helena is also unconscious in the Big House because of a mysterious force that somehow attacked her.

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