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PJO RP!!! I think a lot of people have read this series so i am going to make an RP about it. Here is the format.



Son or Daughter of



Weapon ( they can be magic)


My person:

Name Jenny Wishmery

Age 12 and three quarters

Son or Daughter of  Athena 

appearance long brown hair, cloudy gray eyes , blue jeans black sweatshirt

personality smart, agile, a little bit cheeky, loves figuring out mysteries in books

weapon long bronze sword and shield

other her father died in a train crash and has lived at camp half blood since she was four. 

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I am lost.

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Well, yes, I had a stressful day. But it's an average demigod day, and so I don't feel any different than normal.

Until twelve o' clock. That's when the pain strikes again.


I must have been screaming, because suddenly there are many campers at my door, most of them looking highly disgruntled. And Chiron's right there. But it's strange. He doesn't look worried. In fact, he looks... sad. Offended.

"Helena," he whispers, "why did you say that?"
"Say what?" I ask. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Of course you do," says Chiron. "Everyone heard you say that the monsters will rise again. Everyone heard you say that when Kronos starts stirring, you will be with him."

I realize that my body is drenched in sweat. And I also realize that every single member of Camp Half Blood is looking at me like I am a spy.

"Chiron," I whisper, "I didn't say that. I promise. I didn't, I really didn't."

"Prove it!" shouts a camper. I look around. It looks like it's coming from Luke, the leader of the Hermes cabin. And for some reason, he looks smug.

"We'll deal with this in the morning," says Chiron. He shuts my door, and I collapse, sobbing.

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Queen Elizabeth, I am writing this assuming that you don't know you are a child of Hades. This is before Percy, and after Thalia's last stand, so no one knows there is another child of the big three at camp. Is that OK? This means you will be in the Hermes cabin.


The door bangs open and Ida runs in. " I am so glad you were okay! What is going on?"

She rushes over to the chair that I was sitting in and tackles me. Ida is so overprotective sometimes. Possibly because I was her only friend. "OW!" I cried. "Watch the shoulder!"

She examines my shoulder; "You need nectar for that, Finn." I ask her about her night while she searches the cabin for nectar. 

"Luke led the Hermes campers back to the cabin for the night. I couldn't sleep, and I heard the noise of a battle. When I arrived at the Athena cabin, the battle was over and Nenya told me no one was in there. She went to look for you and I followed. I finally met Jenny near the big house, she told me that there was a spy at camp, and she hadn't seen me in the comotion that followed. I was confused and worried about you. I even asked the Demeter cabin, they said they had not seen you."

more later 

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Um, admin? I posted a part of a story last night and sent it in and it isn't here. Do you know what happened to it?  



No, I'm sorry I don't know, Will. Everything older than this comment has been posted. Did you look on a back page? Or was it on this thread? Send it again, if you can.


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OK, thanks!

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Finn was talking to Ida in the Athena cabin.




Ida stopped telling her story to take a breath. I yawned. I sooooo wanted to crawl into my bed in the Demeter cabin and be lulled to sleep by the earthy smell of a garden. I was also so hungry I could eat a whole field of my mom's wheat. Ida noticed my yawn and said "Let's go see what is going on now, we will talk to Chiron, get something to eat, and go back to our cabins to rest."

"What time is it? I asked sleepily.

" 8:47 AM," Ida replied.

I followed her out the door. The morning was crisp and cool, pink and yellow light fell across the U shape of cabins like shear ribbons. The fire in the brazier at the center of the U sent up smoke into the pale sky. Everything was peacful and quiet. My mind returned to the scuffle in the cabin, I needed answers. Was it about the spy? What was going on? My ADHD had led me to bust in the door without scouting out, finding info. What had happened to Nenya? Was she OK? I shook my head to clear it, and trotted after Ida. Together we walked to the big house, I was more exhausted and confused than I had ever been in my life. Before the spy, life at camp had been pretty easy, even for demigod standards.

"Finn, where are you going?" Ida snorted as I wandered towards the direction of Thalia's pine. Oops. I ran the rest of the way to the big house. When we arived, I clonked my nose on a supporting piller of the porch. Ida laughed as she knocked on the door, then grew sober.



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"Well," says Chiron. "Helena, what you said last night-"
"I didn't say it!"

"Okay, I understand that, but it was your voice. So we are going to say you said it.

"Anyway, what you said last night did not sound like you. Had anything happened?"
"I tried to tell you! There's something attacking me!"
"Really?" Chiron looks unsurpirsed and maybe a bit... doubtful? Really. This is not the Chiron I know.

"Listen, Chiron," I say, "First of all, I'm not lying. It attacked me in the Big House too. I was attackd with overwhelming pain. And second, are you feeling all right? You're acting a bit... strange."

"I'm acting normal!" snaps Chiron. Snaps? He really isn't acting like himself.

"Chiron, you should lie down. Really."
"Quiet. Now-"
"Chiron, I can't talk to you when you're acting like this. Bye."
I run away from the porch and tell the campers that something's wrong with Chiron. But none of them believe me.

After all, I'm thought of as a spy.

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Suddenly a girl named Helena bumps into me. I don't think she's a spy; she's just NOT.

"Helena! What's wrong?" I ask her.

She wipes a tear from her eye. "Ch-Chiron is acting strange!"

I walk into the Big House and immediately notice that Chiron is  pacing and scowling. I start to walk in, but he turns to me first. His eyes are glowing.

"Kronos will rise," he says.

I whistle for Magma and she bounds over, prepared to make a getaway.

His eyes return to normal. "Nenya, what's wrong?" he asks, looking confused.

I tell him what he just said and he pales.



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As Frank walked towards the big house to talk to Chiron, he saw that somebody had beat him to it. A girl about his age named Nenya was standing on the porch having a chat with the Camp head. Nenya looked worried, and Chiron looked-scared? Something wasn't right. Chiron was almost never afraid of anything. Frank strolled over.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Chiron and the girl both looked up.

"Oh, we where just-talking. That's all. Now Nenya, I really can't talk right now. Frank, I apologize." With that he turned and went back inside.

"That was weird. Something's not right. Will You help me figure this out?" said Nenya.

"Well, sure-but how will we do that?" Frank considered Nenya a friend, but he hadn't known her very long. So he was a little bit hesitant.

She smiled evily. "Let's do a little spy work."


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Finn and Ida went into the big house for answers.




I felt like I needed to be quiet. Something was certainly wrong. I followed Ida around the big house until we came to the sick room. Ida gripped the wall and peered into the room, then she turned to me and put a finger to her lips. There were three people in the room; one was a boy lying with his back towards us. Chiron was pacing the floor beside another bed. He blocked my veiw, so I couldn't tell who was in it, but I heard a girl's voice. 

"His eyes!" Ida whispered frantically. "look at Chiron's eyes!" She was right, there was something different about them, but I couldn't place it. He looked agitated. Chiron never looks agitated.

"There is something stirring that shouldn't be." Ida breathed.

"What are you talking about?" I demanded.

Ida grasped my arm and pulled me away. We ran out the door and onto the porch, she led me around to one side of the house. I was going to say something like: "are you crazy?? What are we doing??" but before I could say anything, I shivered. A sudden cold seemed to wash over me. I realized it was coming from Ida. I suddenly saw Nenya race up the big house steps. I went to greet her, but Ida held me back. Her arm was ice cold. I heard the loud clop-clop of Chiron's hooves, and something that chilled even the inside of me.

"Kronos will rise!"

My eyes wide I faced Ida. She seemed to be struggling with something, forcing something to the ground. Then the cold disappeared and she straightened up.

"There was an evil presence here, something old and powerful."

I just stared at her.



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I sigh as I frantically try to put out the dummy. A brand-new one, too, and it's supposed to be fireproof. I sigh and turn when I hear Chiron's voice.

"Chronos will rise!"

I was right. There's some kind of mind-control monster here. I run around, looking for someone I can trust. I find myself at the back of the Big House with two people I remember as Ida and Fin.

"Go away," snaps Ida. 

"I'm here to help!" I say. "We all know something weird's going on. Chiron acted strange to me, too. He was really short tempered and didn't listen to me, let alone believe me. Honestly, something attacked me!"
"I don't doubt it," says Fin. "Chiron just said something about Chronos rising."
"You know what I think?" I say. "I think we should host an expedition of trusted campers to search for this evil monster. Us three, of course, and could we include Twyla?"

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what about a new prophecy of seven? Because there are too many to do a quest of three. What do you guys think?

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The three of us should sneak out of camp, some people will try to find us, and others will go on authorized quests. Sound good?


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Yeah! OK!

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Finn and Ida and Helena are beside the big house.


Suddenly, I forgot Ida's weird/cool things she said and did. I was excited. A quest! But... if we were trying to find out what is going on, we can't tell Chiron, I thought. Ida smiled.

"We could sneak out of camp!" She is sometimes ever-so-slightly-mischievious.

My face lit up again and my eyes questioned Helena.

"Okay!" she declared. "We will have to stock up on Ambrosia, nectar, money, both Greek and mortal, without anyone getting suspicious. But what about Twylla?"

"Four is risky... but if we really have to, I'd say we need as many as we can get without too many people." As I said it, I knew it didn't make any sense. Whatev. I was excited!

I couldn't tell with Ida, she looked excited, but you never know.

"It's decided. We will leave the night after tommorrow!" Helena exclaimed.

I heard voices on the steps. It sounded like Nenya, and some other boy. I nodded at the two girls, and we dispersed. Right as I was running back to my cabin, the breakfast horn sounded. It was much later than usual, but with all the stuff going on, it would take a while to get back on track.

I followed the streams of tired campers, already planning for the escape.


Okay guys, Finn will probably get killed on the quest, then my second charrie can take over. When Helena, Ida, and I disappear, some of our friends get restless and come to find us. By the time we get back, new trouble has arrisen, and some other people will go on authorized quests. Then everyone will have a turn. We just can't get too many quests at one time. 

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