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PJO RP!!! I think a lot of people have read this series so i am going to make an RP about it. Here is the format.



Son or Daughter of



Weapon ( they can be magic)


My person:

Name Jenny Wishmery

Age 12 and three quarters

Son or Daughter of  Athena 

appearance long brown hair, cloudy gray eyes , blue jeans black sweatshirt

personality smart, agile, a little bit cheeky, loves figuring out mysteries in books

weapon long bronze sword and shield

other her father died in a train crash and has lived at camp half blood since she was four. 

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I made a noise that was half frustrated grunt, and half frustrated sigh.

we were at the bottom of half blood hill now, and all just staring out into space.

" Anyone got a cell phone? We can call a taxi." Nenya asked.

Ida replied " we don't even know where we are going!" As I began to yell about the dangers of using phones outside of camp.

" I got one," Frank stated, pulling an iPhone 4 out of his pocket.

" Whoa!" Twylla exclaimed. "Is that an iPhone 6?"

" Nope." Frank answered.

" What's the need of calling a taxi? I can drive. I'm turning 16 in three weeks." I questioned.

" Where would we get a car to drive?" Helena countered.

Frank shrugged. " Car Max?"

" Let's just keep walking, so at least we are getting somewhere." Ida said. We all followed her example and walked towards the nearest road.

" Do any of you have enough money to buy a car?" Someone behind me asked.

" How about renting one?" Twylla skipped past me to talk to Helena.

" I still think we should call a taxi." Nenya muttered.

" Hey! I know!" Ida yelled. She then whistled and six Pegasi tumbled out of the sky, looking a bit nervous about being outside of camp.

" Climb aboard!" Ida gestured at the Pegasi.  




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Okay. I am laughing really, really hard right now.

BTW, you do mean Nenya who got the pegasi, right?


There's a mad scramble as we all try to get to the strongest and most beautiful pegasi; guess who lost.

My pegasis is quite behind the others, but it seems nice. Solid, at least, and friendly. 

Unfortunately,  Nenya must not be very good at controlling Pegasi, because they flew right back over camp.

First the sirens blare, and almost all the campers are out of their cabins. Next I hear a bow; great. Chiron's still possessed. And then... the harpies attack.


"Get the pegasi to leave!"  shouts Frank.

"I'm trying!" shouts Nenya. "They aren't listening!"
"What?" I say. "Nenya, you're doing just fine!"
"No," says Nenya, "They're lying right to the forest! Use your eyes!"
"I am!" I say. "Mine is leaving!"
"Tell it to come!" she says.

"You do it! I don't know how to speak to horses!"
Nenya says something in Horse and my pegasus automatically turns around, chasing after the others as we are attacked by Chiron and the harpies and flying into the forest.

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Oops, yeah I guess I did.


One thing I actually was good at in camp was horse riding. Flying horses, to be specific.

I urge my Pegasus towards Nenya, but Helena had it under control. We race out of camp in a serving, Mad, hurry. Confused campers gather their weapons, expecting monsters, but we were already gone. In the dark night, I doubt anyone could see what was really up in the sky. In a panic, we focused more on getting away from camp then where we were going. After a while, I got really sleepy. Why would riding on a Pegisus during a rather chilly sumer night make me tired? Please only ask me questions I can answer. Of course, since I slept, I dreamt.

My dream was kind of blurry, it was of a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a thin, pink hoodie and looking out of a window. She appeared to be in some kind of loft, the house kind, not the barn kind. Then the dream got even more blurry, and when it cleared, I was in a field of wheat. Ugg. I knew what was coming. Sure enough, my Mom, Demeter appeared, wearing a woven green-brown dress, and simple sandals. Her light brown hair was tumbling behind her. 

" sit down, have some cereal." The wheat around me seemed to bend and weave  itself into a chair and a table. Demeter placed a bowl on it. I was expecting the sugary store-bought cereal and milk, but I was not-to-much-surprised to see real cereal. Like grains and stuff. Which suited me much better than store-bought cereal.

" I see your on an aimless quest."

Right to the truth, mom.

" South Carolina is nice this time of year."

" What?" my dream-self asked.

"Open air in some places, fields, gardens. It makes a good destination for your quest."

" Why South Carolina?" This had to be important, and I would not let her talk in riddles.

" Oh! Look at the time. Zeus will be angry if I stay longer.  I must be going!"

She floated away with the rest of my dream.

" Finn! Wake up!" someone called from somewhere in the distance. " It's raining!"

I snapped awake, spitting Pegusis hair out of my mouth. It was just raining lightly, and it probably would not last very long. We were flying over a small city, and I could see that morning would be here in the next few hours.

" Where are we?" I called out to Helena. 

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Lol! Great joke Rose! Encore!

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Thanks :) 

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I posted part of the story, it will probably post soon, but just in case it does not, we made it over the top of the forest, Finn fell asleep, and had a dream from his Mom to go to South Carolina.

It is fine if it is just taking awhile to post, I just wanted to give a summary in case it did not post. 

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I'm a bit jealous of you guys, having an awesome quest and all...Oh, wait! I'm to scared to be jealous!


I try to scream, but my air is suddenly sucked out of me. My eyes widen as I struggle to breathe. Spots dance before my eyes. A tall shadow looms over me, but I can't tell whether it's male or female. I clutch my throat as the stranger approaches, and just as I can't withstand it any longer, I remember.

The pomegrante seeds.

I rench one out of my pocket with the last of my energy and throw it into my mouth, trying not to be seen by the shadow. I force myself to swallow, and feel a renewed burst of life.

But this won't last long.

I need help.



P.S. Clyde says nofa. I know it's no fair, Clyde, but Elenore's a daughter of Hades. She's used to this stuff. 

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Please someone other than me post! St. Owl, Lyra, please post on the Writer's Group too!

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hey, is it ok if i use a pegasis too, because i can't think of anything else to use.


After i run back down the hill i sneak into the pegasi stables. i go to my faverite stall and see my  black  pegasis, Stell. She nickers as i climb onto her back.( Jenny brefers to go riding bareback)then she bounded into the air quickly rising above the clouds. I look down and see five other pegasi flying over camp. An arrow whizzes by narrowly misssing Stells right wing. Being a child of Athena i quickly go over my plan. I will follow them, above the clouds keping out of sight. then, when they land i will help them without being seen, without being seen. when they do find me it will be to late for them to send me back.I am so lost is my planning that i fail to notice the Furies until i am practicly flying through them. I swerve and Stell plumets just missing the tip of the furies whip. Really its so stupid how us half bloods can't go anywhere whithout atracting monsters. Sella dives again and i slash again sending one of teh Furies to T then with the other two very angry Furies on my tail, or Stell's tail i desend beneath the clouds and see the other quiest takersright below me they look up and Fin yells " whats that!?" I pull up suddenly and swerve to the left, suddenly remembering all my training. A few secends later Fin Twyla and Helena join me. we soon defeat the Furies and we are flying again. So much for staying hidden."What are you doing here?" Nenya askes. " What, " i say" do you think i would pass a quiest like this? So whats the plan?

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"C'mon!" Helena called from the lead of our Pegasi formation. " Let's land in the city!"

" What will the mortals think of us? Flying horses? No way!" I exclaimed.

" There will be danger wherever we go. We can't avoid it." Ida swoops in an arc above my head pulling her horse in front of mine. 

Suddenly, a large, moving shadow falls out of the sky, tracing itself across the clouds.

" What's that?" I asked, jerking my head upward.

"What?" Someone, possibly Nenya, yells from behind me.

There are more than one shadow now, mixed with the sounds of screaches.

Helena pulls up to investigate, Twylla and I follow her lead. Nenya tries to join us, but Frank and Ida hold her back. The clouds feel wet and misty on my skin. 

"OW!" I yell in surprise. There is something on my back! With one hand, I yank out my sword, with the other, I fall of the Pegusis. Furies. Two of them. The one on my back lifts me with her claws. She screams something like "die in pain!" and drops me, right as I plunge my sword upward. Yellow monster dust scatters all over me as I land painfully back on my Pegusis. I look around. Frank, Ida and Nenya have joined us, and defeated the other Furie. Jenny was sitting on her own Pegusis in between Helena and Twylla. I should have known she wouldn't give up that easily.

" Okay, Jenny, we are a team now. Let's go get breakfast!" 

" I could use some doughnuts." Frank declared.

" Let's get something healthier." I decided.

" I have Cliff bars!" Jenny jiggled her backpack. " Athena is always prepared!"



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Name: Jessica Seawater




Son or daughter of: Poseidon


Appearence: Short, dark hair, with mysterious sea-green eyes. Average height and size.


Personality: Mysterious and secretive, but at the same time funny and humerous. She has a tragic past, and won't answer any questions related to it. She'll turn her back and walk away.


Weapon (can be magic): A short, celestial bronze sword. When it touches ocean-water, it kind of casts an aura of power that scares the opponent away. Jessica only does this when she really, really has to. She doesn't use a shield.


Other: She has a pure white mare named Blanca.

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I munch a cliff bar and try to collect my thoughts. Every one in camp knew that we had left camp, so we couldn't go back. Not now. 

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Finally I drift off to sleep. In my dream a girl that looks like me is on a floor. A tall inhuman shadow leans over her. ''Where is it?'' the shadow asks. With a jolt I realize it's my father! The girl is almost crying."I don't know!" she sobs. I wake up to find myself falling.


Just going with the tradition. A lot of demigods wake up falling!

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I tell everyone about my dream with my Mom, and we all fly in what we hope is a South Carolinian direction. I notice that Ida is falling asleep on her horse. I let her rest, knowing how tired she is, but I fly beside her to guide her Pegusis. After a minute,  she jolts awake with a shout, and plummets of her horse! I had no time to react, but quick-thinking Nenya reaches out her arm and catches her by the foot. I squeeze my knees against my horse, and dive under Nenya and Ida, who falls on top of me just in time. 

"I couldn't have held on much longer!" Nenya exclaimed.

Ida's Pegusis had flown into the distance in the scuffle.

" Look's like you'll be riding with me!" I tell her as she untangles herself from my body. 

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I wake up from a rare, dreamless sleep to find Ida has rolled off the edge of a ledge. I quickly grab her leg, pulling her back up.


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