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PJO RP!!! I think a lot of people have read this series so i am going to make an RP about it. Here is the format.



Son or Daughter of



Weapon ( they can be magic)


My person:

Name Jenny Wishmery

Age 12 and three quarters

Son or Daughter of  Athena 

appearance long brown hair, cloudy gray eyes , blue jeans black sweatshirt

personality smart, agile, a little bit cheeky, loves figuring out mysteries in books

weapon long bronze sword and shield

other her father died in a train crash and has lived at camp half blood since she was four. 

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Umm... flying horse, not ledge.

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Oop, sorry. Dumb brain.


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Sorry I haven't posted. Admin, is there a limit to how long a post can be?


It's hard to believe I've only been at camp 2 days. (2 days,right?) I feel so useless. And my mom is Demeter? That's so lame! What am I supposed to do? Make a wheat field around the enemy? There's a boy in my cabin. His name's Finn. He seems nice enough. Actually, he's not here right now. I wonder where he went.

Anyway, last night I had a weird dream. Apparently it's a common occurence among demigods. In the dream, I saw a woman walking through a wheat field."Who are you?" I asked. In reply, she sald "You should eat more cereal." So I'm guessing this is my mom. She made a cat sculpture out of wheat and handed it to me, saying "South Carolina is nice this time of year." 


So, I'm going to go on a solo Quest to SC, and meet up with the others. Is that okay with you? 


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My cousin, Queen Elizabeth, (I love saying that!) said just yesterday that Finn should not die, and then Finn and Ida could grow up and get married. I said no. What do you guys think? Should I kill Finn? Should we just lose Finn but he is not dead? Or should I keep him alive and forget Ellie? 

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Can you keep him alive until after my charrie meets him? Because, then, if he dies/disappears, my charrie can bond with the rest of the questers. Or you can keep him alive, because my character can become friends with him and he seems important. Sorry. Not very helpful. I just like stating my opinion.

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Never mind.

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I think your opinion is very helpful :)


I am waiting for someone other than me or Queen Elizabeth to write something. 

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Your wish has been granted!


Coldness. Dreams. Are they dreams? They feel like dreams.

I am in a cavern, one that is falling apart.

Then I'm in a field, with a lady, who says something I can't hear. She turns around, sees me, and says something along the lines of "You're not supposed to be here" before the field turns black and I'm falling.

A dark, shadowy creature approaches. Maybe human. More cold. I tremble.

An army, closing in on me. Helplessness. I can't move. Why can't I move? I should be able to move.

Children, playing a game. They tell me to join in. I want to, but I can't. I can't move. Don't they see?

Paaaaain. No more dreams, just a roaring, raging fire. Consuming me. Eating away at my very essence. I want to die. I should die. Why haven't I died?


Sorry that this doesn't make much sense, but I kinda modeled after the dreams I have when I get really sick. Just...more sinister. 

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With Ida and I both riding on one Pegasus, it was getting tired faster. We really needed to give the horses a rest, and I looked anxiously forward at Helena, leading the flying group. She was the leader of this quest, and it was her call to land or not. We were pretty far above the ground, where the air was a bit thin, because the safe covering of last night's clouds had drifted away. I was aware of Ida's head resting against my back. We were all pretty sleepy; the snatches of rest we were able to get in the air were tumultuous and restless. We were flying in some sort of formation:

Helena in front, Frank and Twylla right behind her, Nenya and Jenny behind them, and then Ida and I on the same horse. Nenya looked really nervous. She kept looking around for storm clouds and flickers of lightning, but the day was clear, so far. (She is afraid because she is in Zeus's domain.)

Ida lifted her head.

"Finn," she said tentatively, "I had a dream about... my Dad an-and one of my sibblings..." She paused as if searching for the best thing to say next. "And- something evil."

I didn't know what to say, but Ida understood. I watched Nenya and Jenny talk to each other in low voices, both looking rather exasperated. I wasn't paying attention to them, I was following the rhythmic patterns of wind that brushed Ida's long hair across my shoulders...

My eyes blew open. I realized that I had fallen asleep. The others were talking in loud voices.

"We need to stop; the horses need a rest!" Nenya yelled ahead to Helena.

"This is hopeless," Jenny mumbled just loud enough for me to here. "We will never be able to get to South Carolina from New York."

I was starting to believe she was right.

"Okay! We will land - erm - now?"

"Yes!" Frank exclaimed, plunging downward. "I'm hungry."

"We just had breakfast!" Twylla followed his lead.

I could just hear Frank yell, "Two hours ago!" as he and Twylla became little dots in the great, wide air.

"They didn't even check to see if it was safe," I murmered grumpily.

"Let's go you guys!" Nenya looked relieved that she was getting out of the sky.

"C'mon Finn, we have to land sooner or later," Ida said quietly. I knew that!

"Okay, hold on," I reply, and we join the rest of the half-bloods, soaring towards who knows what.



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Top! Is this thread dead?! How could it be!!

*disappears in anguished rose-petals*

Please post! When you sign up for a role-play, you commit until the RP is over!

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Everybody please post now !

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Okay. Sorry, don't have much time. This one's short.


I think I should leave camp. Now. I mean, my mom told me to come to SC. This must be important. You know what, nobody in this camp seems to care about me anyway. I'll just leave.

I rush down to the arena. A hellhound is sleeping. It cracks open one eye and stares at me. I see my chance and hop on to its back. "Move it, hellhound!" It bucks, but practicing on the climbing wall has made my grip strong. Finally, the hellhound succumbs to me.

Destination: South Carolina (probably Charleston)

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Top! Someone on the quest please post! Lyra? Queen Elizabeth? Will? BHR? Anybody?

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I guess I should somehow wrap this RP up so at least it is finished when it dies. I am so unhappy that it died :( I guess all RPs have to die sometime.


We land in an open, green area right below a rocky mountain. 

"Where are we?" Nenya asked nervously.

"No idea," Jenny replied, "probably still in New York."  Everbody slid of their horse and started to walk around.

"Wait!" Ida called urgently. "I can feel something... someone wanted us to land here. Possibly Hades; I can sense it." I pulled her aside.

"You don't think... about your dream..." I asked, looking up at the forbidding mountain.

"Yes. I do, Finn."

" Wich way do we go?" Frank asked Helena.

"Umm..." She replied uncertainly.

"Listen!" I took charge. "Ida had a dream about one of her siblings. She thinks that her sibling is being held somewhere, and she feels like this mountain might be the place." I realized how silly that must sound, but Ida looked at me in gratitude.

"Let's go-uh-climb a mountain!" Twylla said cheerfully.

"C'mon." Helena nodded and slipped back onto her pegusis. Everbody followed her lead, and soon, we were circling the mountain.

"Here!" Ida called. I flew towards her and looked where she was pointing. A curl of black mist slithered out of a cave in the rock. Silently, Ida and I guided our horses right to it, the others followed.

"We can't get our horses in there," Frank pointed out.

"Great," I sighed, "Nenya, you watch the horses!" 


"Yes, Nenya," Helena agreed. Nenya grunted. I handed my Pegusi's reigns over to Nenya, and darted into the cave. The rock crumbled under my feet, and shadows sent the light cowering in a corner.  

"This way," Ida hissed in my ear.

"Anybody got a flashlight?" Twylla whispered loudly.

"I do!" Jenny declared, "It is always good to be prepared." A thin beam of light began circling the cave walls. Suddenly, we came to a dead end. Behind me, Helena screamed. There was somebody huddled on the floor. I could not tell if it was dead or alive.

"Is she...?" Jenny asked Ida.

"No." Ida bent over the figure. I recognized her as Elenor, a daughter of Hades.

"What should we do?" Frank's voice sounded thinner than usual. Ida opened her mouth, but just then, the whole mountain shook. Red light and thunder blasted into the cavern, rocks shook themselves loose and tumbled onto the floor. A huge figure stared down at us, holding a gigantic sword and glowing with a red aura.

"Go! I'll hold him off!" I yelled.

"No! Finn, You'll be killed!" Ida protested.

"There's no time! Go!" I turned to face the giant figure.

"It is below me to fight with you!" he belowed. I searched my mind for something that could help me defeat him. I could remember no Greek stories about huge, glowing red giants. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the others draw their swords and begin tiptoeing out. I held my own sword shakily, and ran forward, jabbing at the giant's leg. He laughed and lifted his own enormous sword. Ida screamed, and the sound gave me power. I began to run toward the giant, my sword outstretched, yelling at the top of my lungs. Everything exploded into nothingness--a red flash, a roar of thunder-and a rumbling, then nothing.



I feel like crying. Here ends Finn's epic battles as a demigod. If you guys want to revive this RP, I can switch to my other charcter.  

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